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My presentation 14

  1. 1. Video was not exported from SlideRocket Alternative trailer research Downton Abbey
  2. 2. Music, sound, voice over The music relates directly to the message that the production team are trying to get across with the lyrics "watching you" playing every time a clip of a character's eyes is present. This has reinforced the fact to me that music must have a good link to what is on screen. The music sounds somewhat spooky, which could be linked to the manor-house setting. What can be noticed is that when the tempo quickens the higher-action scenes appear on screen such as running, fighting and horses cantering across a field. The voice over is just dialogue between the characters giving the perspective audience an idea of what the drama series are about. It becomes clear it is about "unpublished secrets" and "The English being curious about other peoples lives". The use of dialogue, I have learnt is common
  3. 3. Genre and narrative The genre is introduced at the beginning when the equivalent to the Universal ident- the ITV drama ident tells the audience that the trailer is advertising that of a drama. It some becomes apparent that it is that of a period drama due to the manor house setting and the costume worn by actors. A little information is given about the storyline, which is common in trailers, in this trailer through the dialogue/speech between characters. It is this speech that tells the audience that "untold secrets" are to be a key theme of the drama.
  4. 4. Cinematography and special effects The cinematography varies with both close up and long shots as well as a variety of establishing shots, high angle shots and extreme close ups. Showing a range of shots is important in a trailer to show that the film/drama is diverse and that action is always occurring. There are no special effects in this trailer. This could be due to the genre, whereby alien space ships and massive car crashes would not be expected. Special effects and CGI may be used simply to neaten up shots somehow rather than to create any sci-fi scenes, for example.
  5. 5. Selection of titles Like most trailers it opens with the production companies ident, in this case ITV and is followed by crediting the writer, and the fact that she is an Oscar award winning writer. This is similar to The Great Gatsby, where awards are mentioned. This could give the drama credibility of being a good television series. It later goes on to display the series title at the very end, along with the release date. The structure of this trailer for a television drama series, in fact is not much different from that of a film.