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How has my trailer changed from my storyboard?
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How has my trailer changed from my storyboard?


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. How has my final trailer changed from my storyboard?
  • 2. I removed the news report scene from my trailer not only because it didn’t look right in my film but because I thought it too long a take for a trailer. So that I could give the information from the report essential to my narrative but not bore the audience with a long take I have simply taken the audio which I will put over other clips.
  • 3. Jack (the horse supposed to act for this shot) was misbehaving so I couldn’t get the shot that I needed. This shot acts as part of a reaction shot where my main character Alice has to scream. I then decided to use a shot of the wicked witch looking down into the camera so that the shot worked with the other shot still. I used a low angle shot as if it was from Alice’s perspective and it makes the witch appear more intimidating.
  • 4. I removed these shots from my trailer. This is because the lightning and setting don’t work well with the rest of my trailer. My trailer was also too long so I had to remove some of the shots from it. This led to me making the decision to get rid of some of my least favourite shots.
  • 5. As explained on an earlier blog post, the Hansel and Gretel shots could not be filmed due to problems with the actors. I have overcome this problem in my trailer by taking an extra shot on the Sunday of Alioce dropping bread on the floor.
  • 6. Although I liked these shots in terms of editing I decided they didn’t match the overall look I trying to create for my trailer. With my trailer extending over the 2 and a half minute time allowed I decided to remove these series of shots as they were not as good as some of the others.
  • 7. As for the same reasons as detailed on the previous page I decided to remove these shots through a selection process where I decided which ones were better than others. The shots displayed on the left were those which weren’t as good so I decided to remove them from my trailer.