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  • 1. Exploring genre Family
  • 2. What is a family film? A family film has been defined as: "A family film is a film genre that is designed to appeal to a variety of age groups and, thus, families. To attract these diverse audiences, film makers often create works that operate simultaneously on several levels of appeal.[citation needed] Comic songs might appeal to younger children, for example, while wittier jokes and pop culture references attract adults."
  • 3. Genre conventions in a trailer Video was not exported from SlideRocket
  • 4. Oz Playful music attracts younger audience Humour appeals to an older audience somewhat educational No strong language or violence suitable for a wide audience Usually involves some form of conflict which is family based often has a happy ending
  • 5. Could I produce a family film trailer? A family film has a broad availability of storylines as it can involve almost anything as long as it is suitable for young children. When creating a family film market research would be essential as it is so broad. I will need to look at how I can tailor my film to appeal to both children and adults. This may include the music/score, editing techniques, mise en scene and cinematography being used specifically to appeal to part of the audience. A family film, is not essentially a genre, but a type of film, therefore most genres can be family films if they do not contain extreme violence/ language or other scenes that are deemed unsuitable for children. It is unlikely for my film to do any of these things, therefore I will need to research a family market after concluding this in my initial ideas.