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Deciding on my final initial idea
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  • 1. Deciding on my final initial idea Name of idea What would work well Limitations/problems Separated - It has a good plot which is typically dramatic and would grip an audience - I could use split screen to show the two characters lives at the same time. This works well with the storyline and may help to boost my marks for editing - Casting 2 sets of identical twins - Casting older characters - Getting a variety of ‘dramatic’ or ‘action’ shots - Being too similar to other stories such as Blood Brothers Imaginary friends - It opens up the possibility for a lot of twists/turns to the storyline meaning a variety of shots in several different locations - Being based on a ‘problem’ it is typical of the drama convention - Main characters are people meaning several emotion-provoking scenes which are essential to any drama - Casting appears to be the biggest challenge with casting 2 young girls and adults as well as additional characters likely to be challenging - Making sure there are a variety of locations and not just a variety of shots. Disaster - An action filled drama which would work well on a trailer due to several emotion provoking and action-filled scenes. - A range of locations/mise en scene would make the trailer visually engaging - Playmobil people will make this idea possible but may prove challenging when movement is required in the shot