App Store Marketing, Done Simply


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App Store Marketing done well can be the difference between a download and a missed customer. This talk is all about providing practical guidance to developers, brands and businesses on what you need to get right and how you should go about doing it.

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App Store Marketing, Done Simply

  1. 1. App Store Marketing, Done Simply
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. Practical App Store Marketing Advice • Understanding how app store marketing works • Knowing which assets form the basis of it • Appreciating what are the best techniques for success • Learning where you can improve with your app
  4. 4. Appreciating The Funnel The process in which users flow through your marketing resources and make the all important decision: To download!
  5. 5. The Main App Store Marketing Assets Keywords and SEO Screenshots and Icon The User App Store Description User Reviews
  6. 6. Keywords and SEO
  7. 7. Why do Keywords matter? • 63% of iOS users search to find apps ( •, optimising keywords equals 3,000 – 150,000 installs per month • Really important to get it right!
  8. 8. What counts towards your keywords? App Name Developer Name iOS Keywords IAP Names 100 char Keywords
  9. 9. Get The App Name Right • Make sure the product name is first and foremost – searchers will only see first few characters on iPhone so needs to be up front • But add an ASO friendly, descriptive tagline – an important keyword helps explain product and boost search results • Not too long though – overly long app names that spam keywords can get banned by Apple!
  10. 10. Use 100 Characters Wisely • Can’t move your ranking up/down search results with keyword manipulation – other factors affect movement (dls, reviews etc) • Looking to create phrases with keywords which are relatively popular • Don’t repeat any words in title! All 100 chars should be used for different words • Quirk – if your app is priced free, automatically adds “free” as a keyword (AppLift blog)
  11. 11. An example App Name: Snaptastic: The Funky Photo Filter App Developer Name: Snap Happy Keywords: Lomography, SLR, Lense, Camer a, Shutter, Exposure, Fun, Film, Picture, Portrait, Print, Shot, Imag e (100 Characters)
  12. 12. Get Outside Help If Necessary ASO specialists can be contracted to help you get it right
  13. 13. What about Google Play? No Keyword field – all about the old school SEO tactics • Main Keyword in App Name, first line of description and sprinkled occasional throughout • Other keywords added in description to bolster search results • Complete the page (icon, screenshots, trailers) • Backlinks – can add full http:// and https:// links into Google Play!
  14. 14. Icons and Screenshots
  15. 15. First Impressions Matter iOS Search Page Google Play Search Page
  16. 16. The Secret To Great Icons? Follow design convention but add a unique, memorable twist Great on the store, great on the homescreen
  17. 17. Screenshots: Your Story In Pictures • Best foot forward – your most enticing image/character/artwork should be up front • Tell a short story – write down in 5 short connected sentences why people should download your app; that’s your marketing text for these screenshots • Communicate with images – use real life actions like swipes to show functionality
  18. 18. Best Foot Forward Badland (iOS) Infinity Blade 3 (iOS)
  19. 19. Tell A Short Story Clash of Clans – one of highest grossing games in App Store history so far (iOS/Android)
  20. 20. Communicate With Images Bump for iPhone Demonstrates the functionality across two screenshots
  21. 21. User Reviews
  22. 22. Controlling the Crowd Difficult to control reviews – even making a great quality, bug free app isn’t enough to impress everyone. “This app is poop! I don't understand what u do in this BORING game.” Swirly Heart
  23. 23. Take Control of What You Can • Ask users to review – insert a pop up/review option in your app during a natural pause when people would want to review • Get your advocates on board – Make sure people who are really enjoying your app are reviewing it • Divert criticism from the review section – send people having a bad time to user feedback or provide in game compensation.
  24. 24. Ask Users To Review At The Right Time • Award winning game The Room asks for a review after each 20 minute long chapter • Embeds it into the level continue screen to make it seem natural • Result: 5000+ 5 Star Reviews
  25. 25. Get good reviews, divert bad ones Yes Are you enjoying the game/app? No Please leave us a nice review of our app We’re sorry to hear that. Please leave us some feedback to help us improve Head to App Store Email developer
  26. 26. App Store Description
  27. 27. The Ultimate Backup Plan • Not the number one asset at all – Screenshots and Icons more important for catching attention; keywords, reviews and dls all more important to Search Engines. • Vital for convincing uncertain “selective” consumers – need to appeal to people who are really unsure/analytical • Inform and sell – give consumer all the information they need to choose and then sell to them.
  28. 28. Getting the description right • Line one matters the most – most visible part, have to really sell your app strengths in that line. • Be creative and understandable – let your company/apps tone of voice come out but keep things in simple terms for mass market • Be informative – list features in easy to read lists with clear headlines, provide support info and any problems/IAPs
  29. 29. Candy Crush Saga: First Line One line, one perfect summary of why you should download it
  30. 30. Candy Crush Saga: Layout/Tone Easy on the eye, simple to read and fun creative at end
  31. 31. Candy Crush Saga: Info Feature list clear and informative, extra details present
  32. 32. One More Thing
  33. 33. App Store Marketing: Not A One Off • Think of these assets as your store front – want to keep the displays tidy, the marketing materials relevant and awards/reviews up to date • Review them every three months – industry moves quickly, graphics and art style will leave you behind if you’re not careful • The Keywords are really important to check – competitors may have moved on your turf or new words enter lexicon (e.g. selfie for Snapsmatic)
  34. 34. Need a hand? Get in touch Email: Twitter: @GeorgeOsborn LinkedIn: George Osborn