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In today's commoditized business climate, the one thing that will set you apart from the rest is how well you build and nurture your leads. Learn how to establish an effective lead generation system to increase the number of quality leads from your website to grow your sales. This discussion will uncover ways to capitalize on existing website traffic and how to maximize online marketing initiatives and ROI. This discussion is not to be missed and will provide you with real insight into how to effectively manage your online prospect relationships, and how to improve your sales success.

Filmed at the Real Estate Technology Toronto meetup, GTA's largest discussion group for real estate professionals, on July 13, 2010.

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  • Sales Funnel:Visitors – Demand Generation Tactics – Marketing to drive website trafficLeads – Lead Conversion and Qualification – registration, contact information and needs identificationCommitment – Your follow-up and their decision for use your services
  • -Buyers and sellers are heading online in droves.-based on these average numbers you will require 100-200 leads per month to close 1-2 sales per month (these are leads, not prospects)
  • Demand Generation – the focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in your services (i.e. increasing the amount of website visitors and traffic to your website)-necessary components of an online demand gen. strategy-Create an online brand*Demand Generation will only get you so far and is the starting point to maximize your web site/property’s potential. The next step is converting these visitors into leads..
  • Lead Generation – gathering visitor information and converting them into leads (registration, mls, cma, subscriptions) -this requires a call for action from your website visitors -Talk about Con’s of these tools…lead into more effective conLead Conversion or Qualifying – converting these leads into valid sales opportunities -follow-up phone call -Con’s of phone call follow-up of unqualified leads
  • -Live Chat has been traditionally viewed as a great way to provide immediate online customer service and support...and it absolutely is. But what it really is excellent atis, website lead conversion. -In fact many ecommerce sites have reported an increase of up to 50% in sales through providing live chat software as a standard part of customer service. Also, nearly 70% of online shoppers are willing to engage in live chat from a trusted website. -Live chat has worked for ecommerce based websites and it can provide the same results for serviced based websites, in-terms of, customer service, marketing, and online branding-Shorten cycle – time to respond, qualify on the spot, always best to qualify on the spot and follow up immediately before someone else has
  • In most instances, very little in the way of software is hosted on your own site. You are provided with a few snippets of code to add to your pages, along with a button. The code signals the live chat server, hosted by the service provider, when somebody visits your site. The chat service then sends a signal to software installed on your desktop computer, or in some cases via online application, to alert you to the face that you have a visitor. From there, you can watch in real-time as the visitor moves throughout your site. At any point, you can pop open a window to offer customer service and support.Tracking components of live chat applications can also help you to understand more about your site and the way that people interact with it. You'll be abel to more accurately gauge at what common point that people end to leave your site - very important!By allowing your customers to ask questions on their own terms and get answers immediately, and empowering them to ask pre-sales questions they want, you optimize the chances that they will become a customer.
  • Answer not properly answered – customer has to repeat themselves (very frustrating)-be sure to read questions and provide accurate informationWaiting online is worse than ever (used to receiving information fast)-30 second rule; no longer than a minute or they will likely lose the chatLimitation of canned messages -be sure to provide as many customer scenarios as possible 4) Proactive chats can drive away visitors if you are too aggressive and pushy -wait more than 3 minutes5) Popup blockers, lag, weak connection -good provider, 14 day trial, chat with a provider from their website6) Availability and access -online when they are, always be alert and ready to engage and answer questions 7)Placement of chat buttons
  • RETechTO 121LiveAgent with Justin Shum

    1. 1. “Effective Online Lead Generation for Today’s Realtor”<br />Justin Shum, Co-Founder<br /><br />
    2. 2. Sales Funnel<br />
    3. 3. Sales Leads<br />80-90% of home buyers and sellers start their search online (realtors, listings, etc.).<br />Average website conversion (unique visitor to lead) is 5%.<br />Average closing rate (lead to sale) is 1%.<br />To close 1-2 sales per month, you will need 100-200 leads per month!!<br />
    4. 4. Demand Generation<br />SEO, sponsored search (AdSense)<br />Social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)<br />Web portals, Blogs<br />Email Campaigns <br />
    5. 5. Lead Generation<br />Website:<br />Registration (membership)<br />MLS (property search)<br />CMA (property evaluation)<br />Subscriptions (exclusive content)<br />
    6. 6. Lead Conversion<br />Converting with Live Chat:<br />Real-time, two-way interaction<br />Highly personal<br />Builds trust and increased connection<br />Shorten sales cycle<br />
    7. 7. Live Chat<br />How it works..<br />Hosted solution (no software needed)<br />Add code to your website<br />Real-time monitoring <br />Proactive and reactive chats<br />
    8. 8. Engagement Rules (Live Chat)<br />Never make your customers repeat themselves<br />30 Second Rule<br />Be cautions with canned messages<br />Be cautious using proactive chats<br />Use good software<br />Be available when needed<br />
    9. 9. DEMO<br />