Medical Qigong and Psycho-Spiritual Anatomy


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The Taiji Pole is the energy spine that connect to lower chakras to the Crown Chakra

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Medical Qigong and Psycho-Spiritual Anatomy

  1. 1. Taiji PoleThe Spiritual Anatomy of Qi Gong
  2. 2. Taiji Poleenergyfield is theinner coreof theenergybody
  3. 3. Taiji Pole energy fieldIt is cylindrical in shape and runs thelength of the head and trunk of thebody. It is this energy field that allowsthe physical incarnation of theconsciousness to take place.It is described as a“pulsating field of white light
  4. 4. The light from theTaijiresonates in theUpper and LowerDantians and flowsfrom the GoverningVessel as a Sea of(+) energy and fromthe ConceptionVessel as a Sea of(-) energy exitingfrom the MiddleDantien.
  5. 5. The Taiji pole is thecentral channel ofthe Caduceuscorresponds to thecentral nervous systemSacralBonegeneratesLowerNatureGod OpensSeat of theSoulHigher NaturePain in NeckPain in Low Back
  6. 6. 3 Elixir FieldsThe 3Dantians ofQigong aretranslatedas theElixir fields
  7. 7. are theUpper,MiddleandLowerDantian.The 3Dantians
  8. 8. are theJing,QiandShen.Also knownas The 3Treasures
  9. 9. Taiji Pole flows fromSun to EarthThe positive poleenergies are resonantwith the electromagneticenergies of the Sun andSolar System. The negative poleenergies are resonantwith gravity and magneticenergies of the Earth.
  10. 10. Taiji Pole posture is Wuji☯Wuji in Chinese martialarts refers to an erectposture of equilibrium,which may be describedas the most balancedand relaxed posture thatcan exist midwaybetween the states ofYin and Yang
  11. 11. Taiji Pole posture is Wuji☯To fully understand the kinestheticexperience of the Wuji posture, one musthave an understanding of the triplewarmers since they play a critical role inthe stability of spinal posture.☯In Qigong theory, the Triple Warmerenergy centers are documented as truephysical energy depots, and the Upper,Middle, and Lower Dan Tians aredistinguished as discrete bioelectric
  12. 12. Taiji Pole connects Lower Dantian The Lower Dan Tian is rootedinferiorly through the perineumCV 1 (Huiyin). The root chakra CV 1 (Huiyin)describes the meeting point ofthe four Yin vessels supportingand rooting the body: YinLinking, Yin Heel, Penetrating(Chong Mai), and ConceptionVessels.
  13. 13. Taiji Pole connects middle Dantian The upper half of the body, althoughphysically functioning as a single entity,in Qigong theory, is composed of twointerrelated energy centers, the Upperand Middle Dantians. The Middle Dantian, physically existingat the diaphragm level, is influencedsignificantly by the heart, whichprovides the emotional spirit (Xin). The Upper Dantian, comprises thehome of the Spirit (Shen) and providesthe wisdom (Yi) to stabilize theemotional spirit (Xin) of the heart.
  14. 14. Taiji Pole connects 14 energy GatesOf the 14 Qi Gates, thereare 8 main portals of Qientry and exit representedin ancient texts by the 8trigrams. Of these 8 gates 4 are major: GV 20(Baihui), CV 1 (Huiyin), CV7 (Yinjiao), and GV 4(Mingmen); 4 are deemed minor: CV22 (Tiantu), CV 15 (Jinwei),GV 24.5 (Yin Tang), andGV 10 (Lingtai).
  15. 15. Taiji Pole connects 14 energy Gates Of these 7 paired gates, 2 axispairs are considered the mostimportant: CV 1-GV 20 (Huiyin-Baihui), and CV 7-GV 4 (Yinjiao-Mingmen). The CV 1-GV 20 (Huiyin-Baihui)path is connected through theThrusting Vessel (Chong Mai).This encompasses the majorpathway of movement of Qibetween the Upper and LowerDan Tians through the TaijiPole.
  16. 16. Taiji Pole pearls of Posture☯ 1. Grip 10 toes to theground in order to connectKidney 1 to earth.☯ 2. Distribute weight evenlyon the balls and heels of feet☯ 3. Roll pelvis forward☯ 4.Point Tailbone down☯ 5. Stretch lowest ribsforward☯ 6. Lift collarbone☯7. Sink shoulders andelongate neck☯ 8. Let arms andhands fall naturally atsides☯ 9. Touch tongue toroof of mouth☯ 10. Quiet the mind,breathe smoothly andnaturally through thenose.
  17. 17. Balanced posture in Qigong isbest described as a dance☯To be truly balanced in the Wuji state,there can be no tension or strain in theposture. The joints themselves must feelin the position of neutrality withouttension in the ligaments or musclescontrolling them.☯Any tension will result in the restriction ofthe flow of Qi and impede the stability ofthe stance.
  18. 18. WUJI IN QIGONGMEDITATION☯Wuji in Qigong meditation describes alearned meditation state and a transitionpoint in the education of the Qigongstudent.☯Having achieved this meditative state, theQigong practitioner has attained theability to keep thoughts pure andharmonious without emotionaldisturbance.
  19. 19. WUJI IN QIGONGMEDITATION☯Using standing meditation and themovement of Qi, the student can facilitatethe simultaneous downward migration ofthe Shen (Spirit) from G.V. 20 (Bahui)residing in the Great Spiritual Valley(Shen Gu) of the Upper Dan Tian,☯And move the Qi upward from where itresides in the Lower Dantian.
  20. 20. WUJI IN QIGONGMEDITATION☯Both will meet at the furnace of theHuang Ting, an intermediate pointrepresenting the ultimate polarity positionof Yin and Yang.☯It is here that the Embryonic SpiritualBeing (Shen Tai) will be conceived byadvanced Qigong practitioners on thepath of advancement to Enlightenmentand the gift of absolute awareness withthe opening of The Third Eye (Yintang).
  21. 21. WUJI as GreatNothingness☯Wuji describes a midpoint between thepolarities of Yin and Yang.☯Wuji can be discussed both in terms ofthe physical as well as the mental state,and the philosophical duality of Yin/Yangdescribes that theoretical point ofbalance, comprising an almost indivisiblepoint where the differentiation betweenYin and Yang becomes infinitesimal.
  22. 22. Energy Gates are chakrasThe 3 Dantians are connected to the12 major energy Gates or 7 Chakras
  23. 23. The word "Chakra" is Sanskritfor "Wheel of Light".The Crown Chakra is a single Gate foundabove the top of the head and isresponsible for absorbing Heavenly Qiand light into the body as well asenergizing the Taiji core.The Basal Chakra is a single Gate foundin the perineum and is responsible forabsorbing Earthly Qi as well asenergizing the taiji core.
  24. 24. 5 Dual GatesThe front Gates are connected to theConception Vessel and are said to beresponsible for the feelings andemotional activity of humans.The back Gates are connected to theGoverning Vessel and are said to beresponsible for the thought, will anddetermination of humans.
  25. 25. Taiji PoleTaiji Pole connect Hui Yin (perineum) toBai Hui (crown of skull). This openingensures smooth flow of Qi throughSpinal cord and Cerebro-spinal fluid.
  26. 26. Taiji Pole includes Governing Vessel Meridian – Back Conception Vessel Meridian – FrontCoresponds to Central Nervous system
  27. 27. Basis of 4 HumorsThe Basal Chakra associated with the GonadsSacral Chakra is associated with Adrenal GlandsSolar Chakra associated with Islets of Langerhans.Heart Chakra associated with Thymus/Lymph Nodes Throat Chakra associated with Thyroid andParathyroid GlandsBrow Chakra associated with Hypothalamus/PituitaryGlandCrown Chakra associated with Pineal Gland.
  28. 28. Three TreasuresThe Taoist School of Internal Alchemyteaches that there are three types ofenergy known as the three treasures Generative Energy Vital Energy Spirit Energy.
  29. 29. Lower DantienGenerative Energy or Ching alsospelled Jing is stored in the lower"burning space" known as a tan-tien(elixir field) and when the individual isactively cultivating this area ortransforming sexual desires to becomeempty, it is referred to as "lead floweremerging". This area relates to thesacral or second chakra center.
  30. 30. Lower TantienThis area relates to the sacral or secondchakra center. Represented by 6 petaledLotus
  31. 31. Middle TantienVital Energy or Chi also spelled qi isstored in the middle "burning space" ortan-tien and when the individual isactively cultivating this area or tamingthe emotions, it is referred to as "silverflower emerging".
  32. 32. Middle DantienThis area relates to the solar plexus orthird chakra center, the heart or fourthchakra center and the throat or fifthchakra center.
  33. 33. Upper TantienSpirit Energy or Shen is stored in theupper "burning space" or tan-tien andwhen the individual is activelycultivating this area or taming thoughtsand becoming still, it is referred to as"golden flower emerging".
  34. 34. Upper TantienThis area relates to the third eye orsixth chakra center and the crownchakra.
  35. 35. The Three TreasuresChing orJingCh’i or Qi ShenEnergyitSexuality Life SpiritOrgan-Sourcekidneys lungs, spleen liver, heartElement water air FireCharacter yinyangtai chi Yang
  36. 36. The Three TreasuresChing orJingCh’i or Qi ShenChineseSystemBones Meridians extra meridiansWesternSystemreproductive respiratory nervousGate Location genitals nose, mouth eyesPractice SexualyangQi GonggMeditationEGYPTIAN Strength-Udja Life - Ankh Health- Seneb
  37. 37. Qi Gong is spiritualAccording to the Taoist School ofInternal Alchemy, two of these threetreasures, Chi and Shen, travel by wayof the meridians while Ching movesthrough the bones.The practice of Qi Gong is used todevelop vital energy or Chi becauseDaoists understand that physicalexercise is the root of spiritual practice.
  38. 38. Shen Gong is Taiji PoleSpirit Energy or Shen moves throughchannels known as the "Eight ExtraMeridians". Three of these "Eight ExtraMeridians" include: Governing Vessel runs along the spineConception Vessel, runs down the frontmid line of the bodyPenetrating Vessel (Chong mai), runsthrough the center of the body from theperineum to the crown.
  39. 39. ChakrasThe sevenmajorchakras arelocatedalong theChong mai.
  40. 40. the "Microcosmic Orbit”The circle can go either direction;usually the energy goes up the backand down the front, because the Yangchannel has more of a feel for risingthan the Yin one.You allow the energy to rise up theYang channel, cross the top of thehead, go down and empty into the tip ofthe tongue in the cavity of the mouth,and go down the front.
  41. 41. Microcosmic OrbitThis is called in Chinese "Xiao JouTien" which translates as LittleCirculation Heaven.The translation implies that you are alittle heaven inside the great heaven. Inyour practice, as you use the magneticforce of yin and yang, you become alittle version of the heavenly circulationthat is happening all around uscosmically.
  42. 42. Energy bouncingThe basic standing position allows boththe arms and the legs to act like pumpsin various exercises.That is why it is important to have agood standing position as you jumprope in slow motion.
  43. 43. Qigong StepsIt is said that as the master walks downthe street, when his left foot goesforward, Qi goes up; as his right footgoes forward, Qi goes down. On onestep, the energy rises; on the other, theenergy comes down. This focus ofenergy in the body is called "Chin Tan"or "Golden Ball".
  44. 44. MeditationStanding Meditation is a posture thatsinks the Qi, creating a hollow under theballs of the feet and the armpits. Thisposture allows you to absorb Qi fromthe environment.
  45. 45. 12 EnergyGates orChakras –QiCirculation
  46. 46. Microcosmic OrbitPulls the energy up the Taiji Pole andcycles it through the chakras and chongmai meridian.Qi Gong is the method to balance the3 Treasures and harmonize them.
  47. 47. Zhenwu, lineage holderLung Qing Qigong Master
  48. 48.