Cultural Healing of Ancient Egypt, Tibet, Taoist, Amerindian


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Ancient Egyptian/Taoist/Buddhist Philosophy expressed through Cultural wisdom

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Cultural Healing of Ancient Egypt, Tibet, Taoist, Amerindian

  1. 1. PreventingSickness, SufferingOld Age & prematureDeath8 Fold Path of Self-Disciplineto findHealth & Happiness
  2. 2. PHYSICAL BODY❧Bones❧Joints❧Muscles❧Organs
  3. 3. 10 Paired Organs5 Yin Storing Energy☯Lungs☯Spleen☯Kidneys☯Liver☯Heart5 Yang Digestive☯Large Intestines☯Stomach☯Bladder☯Gall Bladder☯Small Intestines
  4. 4. ENERGY BODY☯Tendino-Muscular Meridians☯Regular Meridians☯Extra ordinary Meridians☯Auric Field
  5. 5. 12 Paired Meridians☯ Lung Meridian☯ Spleen☯Kidney☯Liver☯Heart☯Pericardium☯Large Intestine☯Stomach☯Bladder☯Gall Bladder☯Small Intestine☯Triple Warmer
  6. 6. 4 Pairs Extra OrdinaryMeridians☯Conception Vessel☯ Yin Defensive☯ Yin Linking Channel☯ Belt Channel☯ Governing Vessel☯ Yang Defensive☯ Yang Linking Channel☯ Thrusting Channel
  7. 7. 4 Doors to Health
  8. 8. 3 Elixir Fields of EnergyBetweeneyebrowsCenter ofCircleBetween nipplesCenter ofCircle4 fingers belowbelly buttonCenter of CircleSPIRITEmotionENERGYSpirit/MindHeart/MindBody/Mind
  9. 9. Spiritual Pain❂ No feelings of love orconnection❂ Chronic depression❂ No value for self or family❂ Denial that anything iswrong❂ Hatred or persecution ofothers (even in joking)
  10. 10. Energetic suffering♨Easily Fatigued♨Lethargy♨Weakness♨Easily chilled♨Shortness of Breath♨Loss of voice♨Loss of sex drive, ED
  11. 11. Mental DissatisfactionNegative Thoughts &Internalized Feelings createPAIN & SUFFERINGwhich lead toAVOIDANCE which createself medication & addiction
  12. 12. Physical PainConflict in the SPINEManifests asPhysical PainPain in Low BackLower NaturePain in NeckHigher NaturePain in mid backDisregarding self
  13. 13. Emotional Pain〄 3 Poisons -Anger/Avoidance/Attachment〄 3 Demons -Power/Possession/Perversion〄 7 Deadly Emotions - fear,anxiety, sadness, rage,depression, grief, worry〄 6 Greedy Thieves - cravingsensation, sights, smells,sounds, touch & taste
  14. 14. Pain is self-perpetuatingWhich one do you treat first?Physical orEnergetic PainEmotional PainPsycho-SpiritualPain
  15. 15. Always treat PhysicalFirst!!!☯ Chi Gong combines Breathing,Meditation & Exercise☯ Juice Feasting Purifies Blood☯ Massage is Age Reversal Acupressure☯ Acupuncture is Psycho-Spiritual balance
  16. 16.☯ Taoist Healing Philosophy☫ Native Healing Philosophy☥ Kemetic Healing Philosophy❋ Buddhist Healing Philosophy
  17. 17. Taoist HealingPhilosophy☯ Harmony of 3 Treasures –Jing (body/mind), Qi(heart/mind) & Shen(spirit/mind)☯ Medical Qi Gong☯ Food & Herb therapy☯ Acupuncture & Massage☯ Sexual Wisdom
  18. 18. Cultivate Jing, Qi & Shen
  19. 19. Purification of Central Channelaka Taiji PoleThe cause of all disease isUndisciplined habits ofeating and drinking thatcreate dirty water inCerebro-spinal fluid thatlubricates the spine.
  20. 20. Fasting &Internal Cleansing❀ Juice Feasting❀ Food Therapy❀ Vegetarian Cooking❀ Raw Food Prep
  21. 21. Sexual Wisdom❃ Anatomy of Taiji Pole❃ Chakra alignment &attunement❃ Spiritual Awareness,Connection, Elevation❃ Dual CultivationMicrocosmic Orbit
  22. 22. Emotional Balancing❂ Psycho-puncture❂ Acupressure Tapping❂ Medical Qigong❂ Emotional Release Dancing❂ Drumming Meditation
  23. 23. Medical Qigong☯Breathing☯Meditation☯Internal Exercises
  24. 24. Ear Reflexology☯Ear Self Massage☯Ear Acu-Magnets☯AET– Auricular Electro-therapy
  25. 25. Native American Healing✳Sweat Lodge –Detoxification✳Peace Pipe –Purification✳Medicine Wheel – AnimalGuidance✳Medicine Dance
  26. 26. Amerindian Spiritual Healing♀Empathic response♀Loving Kindness♀CompassionateUnderstanding♀Non-Judgment♀Forgiveness
  27. 27. Kemetic Healing PhilosophyBalance☥ Ma’at – Living Truth & Justice☥ Tehuti – the Observer☥ Khepera – Daily renewal☥ Ankh Udja, Seneb – Life,Health and Strength
  28. 28. Kemetic Healing☥ Soul Sweat☥ Affirmations/Prayers☥ Blue Lotus Dance☥ Color Therapy
  29. 29. Dances of Wisdom☥ Soul Retrieval Dancefor Spiritual connection☥ Emotional Release Dancefor emotional balance☥ Chi Gong/Chakra Dancefor physical balance
  30. 30. BuddhistPsychologicalHealing❁ Medicine Buddha Meditation❁ 6 Virtues- Antidote to Suffering❁ 8 Fold Path of Self-Discipline
  31. 31. 6 Virtues Antidotes1 Generosity2 Ethics/ Self-Discipline3 Patience4 Joyous Effort5 Concentration6 Wisdom
  32. 32. 8 fold path of self-discipline1. Right understanding2. Right thought3. Right speech4. Right actions5. Right livelihood6. Right effort7. Right mindfulness8. Right concentration
  33. 33. Awaken yourInnate Healing Abilitiesin Boca RatonHouse of LifeIncorporate the above healingmodalities into your healingpractice or self-healingprocess
  34. 34. The House of Life☥Healing by Donation☥Become an ordainedHealth Minister at thePrince of Peace Healing Temple
  35. 35. Prince of Peace Healing Temple☥ Call for Consultation 561-502-6200