Detox & Purification in 21 Days

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How and why you need to detoxify your blood.

How and why you need to detoxify your blood.

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  • 1. Detoxification &PurificationSelf Healing ProgramPurification of Body/MindPurification of Heart/Spirit
  • 2. Why do I need to Detox?What is involved?When?How often?
  • 3. Detoxification & PurificationSpiritual DetoxEmotional DetoxInformation DetoxMetaphysical DetoxElectro-magnetic Radiation Detox
  • 4. Why?Our air is pollutedOur water is pollutedOur soil is pollutedOur food is pollutedThus: your body is a toxic wastedump!
  • 5. When do You need toDetoxify?3 days every month7 days when the seasons change21 days once a year40 days once every 4 years
  • 6. Some of the ways to DetoxFruit FastWater FastOne meal a DayRaw food fastVegetable Juice FastWater, lemon juice, cayenne
  • 7. How do I get started?Self assessment of Physical bodySelf assessment of NourishmentPsycho-puncture EvaluationAttend Health Retreat
  • 8. Juice Feasting &Food TherapyJuice Feasting Detoxifies filters ofSpleen, Kidneys and LiverFood therapy supersaturates the bloodstream with nutrientsFood therapy is based on TraditionalChinese Medicine diagnosis ofHot/Moist, Hot/Dry, Cold/Damp orCold/Dry
  • 9. PurificationFruit FastWater FastOne meal a DayRaw food fastVegetable Juice FastWater, lemon juice, cayenne
  • 10. The Best Way is the 7 DayJuice Feast!Agar-agar powderCayenne/Garlic capsulesStool SoftenerChlorella tabletsBee Pollen
  • 11. Liver HealthLiver detoxifies the bloodFilters out dead blood cellsConverts toxins to water soluble forKidneys to excreteUnhealthy liver converts toxins tofat soluble and stores in body fatYour brain is 50% fat!
  • 12. Kidney HealthFilters all body fluidsRecycles hormonesRecycles bone fragmentsToxic overload poisons heart
  • 13. Spleen HealthControls Lymphatic systemManufactures blood cellsSends fluid to kidneysSecretes digestive enzymes
  • 14. Digestive HealthCells are addicted to sugar, salt, fried,dairy, bread and animal fat.Cells reproduce every 36 hoursFasting minimum of 3 days breaksaddiction
  • 15. Fasting can Save your LifeGives the lymph glands, Kidneysand Liver a restBurns dead cells, diseased cellsand damaged cells for fuelBurns fat and releases storedtoxinsAllows the body time to self repair
  • 16. 5TransformationsRetreat3rdWeekend Monthlyexcept August & DecemberStarts 6 – 9 pm FridayContinues 9 am – 8 pm Saturday9 am Sunday ends 3 pmMonday Night follow-up 7-10 pm
  • 17. Online Registraton
  • 18. 21Days to Wellness
  • 19. Love Chinese MedicineBoca Raton Fl561.502.6200