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webinos is an EU-funded project aiming to deliver a platform for web applications across mobile, PC, home media (TV) and in-car devices.

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Webinos Project

  1. 1. The bi Th webinos i i i i initiativeSecure Web Operating System Application Delivery Environment.www.webinos.orgJan 2011
  2. 2. What webinos is about Today: apps are the new web web.• Motivated by HTML is the lowest common denominator Tomorrow: the web will become the new app* Web apps will come with device access and cloud access• Webinos is an industry driven, technology research and development project with very clear deliverables.• It is focussed on the development of future internet.• It defines and delivers key enablers for the future Web Operating System to drive portability and secure use of web applications across platforms (mobile fix TV automotive) (mobile, fix, TV, – “Single service for every device” – 2
  3. 3. What webinos will enable• Webinos user stories to enable applications and services across domains Home media PC Mobile Automotive Device Feature Integration Smart device integration, shared GPS receiver, dictionary, etc. Sharing Sharing of music, events and other content Media consumption Video-on-demand, citizen-2-government Navigation Seamless navigation, holiday planner Development and Deploym. Cross domain appstore, create apps, cover apps Others Context sensitive triggering, manage privacy policies, profile management, multi device gaming e-health, e-learning management gaming, e-health 3
  4. 4. What webinos will deliver• A web platform designed to allow apps to run across mobile, home media, PC and automotive comprising – Terminal specifications – Open source platform developments – Proof of concept applications and demos• Plus eco-system building in form of – workshops and seminars, k h d i – research publications and – liaisons with industry standards 4
  5. 5. How webinos will intercept with existing platforms• Webinos is about Web-based development and execution• It will not replace but sit on top of low-level operating systems• Webinos is designed to be commercially and technically agnostic of underlying OS – leasing to growth• The reference implementation shall be provided on at least 2 operating systems NWRT Java ME Dalvik Flash Silverlight WebWorks 5
  6. 6. How webinos compliments industry activities • Webinos will • developing web extensions that will allow applications to be de e ed over e eb paradigm and over u p e devices delivered o e the web pa ad g a d o e multiple de ces • focuss on cross-platform compatibility and security • complement WAC and W3C activities • Driven by a number of the same parties Interaction between webinos, WAC and W3C (DT, TIM, Telefonica Samsung (DT TIM Telefonica, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, NTT Docomo) Ericsson • Both are about support of web applications short term Research on long term web-app Commercial webinos will use andContext evolution & delivery of terminal ecosystem in build on existing W3C platform application delivery & WAC specs Immediate – fullyDelivery 3 years, with first results available operational by Q1 webinos deliveriestimeline after 1.5yres 2011 can be fed back to and further used Handsets, home media, PC, by WAC and W3CDomain Handsets automotive medium term Led by Operators, manufacturers,Members software vendors, research Led by Operators institutes 6
  7. 7. How webinos will achieve its mission • The webinos project will progress its deli eries in a phased approach ebinos ill deliveries approach. • Individual work packages are driven by different companies • The first platform release and apps are planned 1.5yrs after launch, i.e. Mar’12 Key, concrete Deliverables Use case definition / requirements Landscape analysis Concepts, architecture and key enablers Open Source Platform specification & development Application development Eco-system development Standardisation Industry alignment September 2010 – August 2013 14.09.2010 7
  8. 8. Where webinos is right now Official start; Kick-off meeting; PR & signficant coverage and interest Scenarios and use cases System and API specifications Assessment of existing Platforms Development of the system Assessment of Open Source A t fO S Governance and IPR models Requirements and State of the Art User Expectations on security and privacy 3rd party engagement activities External communication Sept Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May 2011 today tddirect project activitiessupportive project activities 8
  9. 9. Who is driving webinos• Today – 22 founding partners from 9 countries who committed resources for 3 years to deliver webinos – Academic + industrial – Non-polarised – Cross-domain• Tomorrow – Open (source) community of academia, industrial and , developers driving and using the developments 9
  10. 10. Further engagement• The 22 founding members have legally committed responsibilities, finances and resources for 3 years• There is a strong intention to enable further parties to engage in webinos across the different work packages – use cases requirements platform and application cases, requirements, building etc.• The legal entity for the Open Source Project is still to be established• To enable participation in the interim, – deliverables will be shared on the website for information and comments as applicable – dedicated discussion fora are enabled – webinars and expert discussion circles will be arranged • for more details please see the back-up details, back up• If intestered, please – talk to webinos members – see the website for latest information – see the website for events where to meet webinos delegates – send an email to hello@webinos.org to be kept up to date 10
  11. 11. Stay in touch Newsletter: http://webinos.org/webinos-newsletter “webinos” group #webinos_projectWebsite: http://webinos.org/ facebook.com/webinosproject 3 new reports are out !!!Get them fromwebinos.org or facebook.com/webinosproject Next Venue: Mobilware 2011, LondonContact: hello@webinos.org 11