Media research 1st


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Media research 1st

  1. 1. Media Research• 1st Half
  2. 2. The model on theThe mast head is clearly visible in a front cover coversbright red colour; this attracts the most of the page andaudience and lets them know what is the only model onmagazine it is. it, this will stress that he is the main focus of this issue this again is a technique used to try and attract its audience. Mid shot is used to show fully who it is. Rolling Stone have A list celebrities and famous people on the front cover, another selling point. Other articles that are mentioned and covered within the magazine are displayed here, to show the audience what else lies within the magazine.A clear whitebackground isused to make themodel stand out.It also contrastswith the redmasthead, makingit even moreclearer. The main sotry or topic is displayed in large bold and bright writing. This enables the audience to know what and who stars in the magazine.
  3. 3. Masthead is bright and bold and stands out clearly, letting the audience know who they are. Use of a symbol to show the audience what else is inside. The plus symbol is used to show what else is inside the magazine, this is a good technique used, it makes the reader feel more understood.The magazineclearly states whothey are focusingon in this issue.Again the font islarge and bold andclearly stands out.Again big namessuch as 50 andSoulja will attractaudiences. Two main models cover the The language used here clearly majority of the page. Both these shows its target audience, 16 – 24 people are famous and well know in year olds, I say this because the the rap and hip hop scene. word ‘Hater’ is used by many 16-24 Audiences will see this and want to year olds. However you would go but the issue simply because Soulja further in saying that it is targeted Boy and 50 Cent are on the front at a select group, people who like cover and are covered in the rap, hip hop and gangsters. magazine
  4. 4. Masthead is bright bold and largely displayed so the audience can clearly see what magazine it is. The coulour if the font changesThe main story reguraly, thisor topic is helps keep theclearly stated; magazine alivethe writing is in nad amusing. Thebig bold letters grren words areand stands out. mostly other artists names, so the reader can shortcut and see who else features in the magazine. One main model on the front cover clearly the main image, standing in the centre of the page, like the other magazines the model is famous and well known so the magazine is likely to sell.
  5. 5. Masthead is smaller than theprevious magazines; however it stillstands out and is clearly visible. There are four main models on the cover page. This is more than usual however they are a band. They are all dressed in elf costumes, this is portraying that it is a Christmas edition. Not only does the mast head stand out but NME have also made it suit the time of year, in this case the time of year being christmas, so they have topped the masthead with snow. This allows the audience to feel more christmasy and also see that the magazine respects thatOther topics and stories within the Unlike the other magazines I havemagazine are displayed here. The analysed this magazine has ‘a lotfont is bright and stands out so the going on’. There are numeroustarget audience can clearly see the pictures. The magazine wouldcontent. clearly stand out on the shop shelf.
  6. 6. Masthead is bold and brightly coloured so clearly stands out, attracting its target audience. Model on the front cover looking directly at the audience, making them feel moreMusicians name is involved.clearly stated, thislets the audienceknow who themusician on thecover page is. The background of the magazine is brown and looks more professional. Giving the magazine a more professional look and a better reputation Additional information and topics are shown here. A variety of colours are used here. This may grab the audience’s attention even more.
  7. 7. Issue Number Main image CaptionOther mainarticle Main article Page numbers Website is displayed here Date and name of magazine
  8. 8. Date and issue number Contents page is clearly displayed at the are clearly shown here. top of the page Main image is displayed on front cover this image would signify the main topic and people who star in this issuePage numbersare clearlydisplayed inbright redwriting.The magazinespecial is clearlystated here thecolour of thefont is differentfrom the rest ofthe magazinesignifying thearticle Another important and relevant section is displayed here, it is in a box and features another image,
  9. 9. Contents title is largely and clearly displayed at the top of the page, showing the reader clearly. The style and organisation of the font seems to be amusing, this interests the reader. The font used is small, however varies and stands out clearly to the audience One object is brightly displayed here; this will catch the attention of the audience. Contents seem to be small and tiny compared to the model; they seem to be overshadowed by the model image.Main image covers the majority ofthe page; this suggests that themodel on the page features withinthe magazine. This will attract thereader, if there is a big name in themagazine.