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Phuser Loves Slideshare
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Phuser Loves Slideshare

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Slideshow about how Phuser has integrated Slideshare

Slideshow about how Phuser has integrated Slideshare

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  • 1. loves… Phuser loves…
  • 2. Take two great websites 1. Phuser - the website which makes it easier for teams to work together using private shared spaces
  • 3. 2. Slideshare.net - the website for sharing slideshows online, like PowerPoint, PDF and Keynote
  • 4. And put the best features of one inside the other inside
  • 5. Let’s find out why this is so useful … Meet Paul and his team
  • 6. They work on a project with their client, Charlie All happily using for project plans, meetings and files.
  • 7. Paul wants to show Charlie a private slideshow about the project. He has heard Slideshare is great for this! Paul could sign up to Slideshare and then upload the slideshow Signup!
  • 8. But then Charlie would have to sign up to Slideshare too… And so would everyone else in his team .
  • 9. And even then, the slideshow and feedback would be in one place And the rest of the project plans, discussions and files would be in another
  • 10. Luckily there is an answer to this problem: Slideshare inside Phuser While using Phuser, Paul just adds the Slideshare Activity and uploads the slideshow
  • 11. No new accounts for Charlie and the team. And everything is still in one place Saving everyone time . So everyone in Paul’s team can immediately see and comment on the private slideshow in Phuser but using the great features of Slideshare
  • 12. The team website which brings everything and everyone into one place Simple.