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Neuron Intellectual Property Management Presentation - October 2011
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Neuron Intellectual Property Management Presentation - October 2011


Neuron® is a web based and smart client enterprise business software platform which has specifically been created to manage Intangible Assets, including Intellectual Property, within medium to large …

Neuron® is a web based and smart client enterprise business software platform which has specifically been created to manage Intangible Assets, including Intellectual Property, within medium to large organisations both locally and internationally. Neuron manages and tracks the entire intellectual property lifecycle from new ideas and products, to research and development, to the protection or disclosure of research and development outcomes and finally commercialisation initiatives relating thereto. Throughout this process, Neuron addresses portfolio analysis, compliance, risk and strategy alignment to ensure that maximum value is derived from the organisations\' intangible assets.

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  • 1. Intellectual Property ManagementIdentifying, Developing, Protecting and Commercialising Innovations Presented by: George Rudman, October 2011 © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 2. Summary of Presentation• Introduction to Australis®• Australis® IP Management Consulting• Neuron® IP Management Solution• Australis® Specialised Outsourced Services• Australis® Value Proposition © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 3. Modularity © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 4. Introduction to Australis®• 16 Years of IP Management experience (Est. 1998)• Specialised Resource Company in the area of: • Intellectual Property Management • Intellectual Property Management SoftwareIP Management initiatives involve a combination of both consulting andsoftware• Associated Services include: • Innovation Management Consulting • Ideas Management • New Product Development • Programme & Project Management • Contract Management • Business Analysis & BPR • Change Management • Due Diligences • Feasibility Studies © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 5. Australis® Introduction• Public and Private Clients • Agricultural Research Council (11 Institutes) • Department of Correctional Services (436 Correctional & Community Correctional Centres) • Innovation Fund • Human Sciences Research Council • Department of Science & Technology • Steinhoff Africa • Steinhoff International (17 countries) • SA Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) • Other © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 6. AUSTRALIS® IP MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Specialist IP Management Resource Company © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 7. Intellectual PropertyLifecycle Management © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 8. Intellectual Property Management• IP management functions include: • Ideas Management/ New Product Development • Research and Development Management • Novelty, Patentability, IP Infringement, Invalidation, IP Landscaping, White Space Analysis and IP Disclosure Services • Portfolio Analysis • Identification of Existing Intellectual Property • Assessment of Current Uses of Intellectual Property • Intellectual Property Analysis • Strategic alignment of IP with business • Stakeholder Management © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 9. Intellectual Property Management• IP Strategy Development and Alignment with Business Strategy• Market and Industry Analysis incorporating Licensor and Licensee Analysis• Assistance with IP/ Technology Commercialisation and FTO (Licensing-In and Licensing-Out)• Risk Management• Competitive Intelligence and Market Research• Valuations• Contract Management• Revenue (License Fee and Royalty) Management• Litigation Management• Accounting, Reporting & Tax Strategies• IP Training and Awareness © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 10. Assets requiring Management• Registered & Unregistered Intellectual Property • Patents, Trade mark, Design & Domain name Registrations, Copyright & Plant Breeder Rights, • Research & Development Projects, Third Party Proprietary and Confidential (Trade Secrets) Information, Documents, Drawings, Competitive Information & Presentations etc.• Agreements • NDA, Deed of Assignment, Licence Agreement, R&D Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Employment Agreement, etc.• Human Capital • Employees, Key Personnel, Third Party Companies, Third Party Individuals, Inventors, Applicants, etc.• Other Intangible Assets • Distribution networks © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 11. Assets requiring Management• Commercial • Products, Valuations, Litigation, R & D Costs, Budgeting, Investments, Licence and Royalty Revenue etc.• Strategies, Policies, Best Practices and Procedures, Gap Analysis, Implementation and Training © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 12. NEURON® IP MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Specialist IP Management Resource Company © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 13. Neuron® IP Management Solution• Neuron® is an enterprise software platform that assists, automates and streamlines common intellectual property management functions. It helps you to safeguard intellectual property assets and make better decisions about those assets, thereby deriving maximum value from your intellectual property portfolio.• Neuron® electronically manages an organisation’s registered and unregistered intellectual property from ideas to commercialisation.• Neuron® comprises of a number of modules, toolkits and product suites that when collectively and innovatively applied to an organization delivers maximum return on its intellectual assets © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 14. Neuron® IP Management Solution• Neuron® uniquely manages information and documentation relating to the IP Lifecycle within an organisation and provides a collaborative environment wherein internal and external stakeholders are able to securely interact with the information in a controlled, productive and efficient manner. Communication between the stakeholders and subsequent auditing is critical and Neuron® provides multiple options in communicating system information either in real time or based on user defined reminders or alerts. © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 15. Information Management Module• Information Storage • Manual Upload • Email • Fax • Fax Navigator™ (Optional) • SmartIndex (Win XP & Win 7 32bit) • Microsoft® Outlook (Win XP & Win 7 32bit) • Microsoft® Office (Win XP & Win 7 32bit with Office 2007/ 2010 32 bit) • Novell® GroupWise 8.0 (Win XP & Win 7 32bit)• Integrated Document management with versioning and archiving • Customised document workflow (Optional)• Information Retrieval • Advanced Filtering & Grid Sorting • Search Functionality • 360º Relationship Linking Tool © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 16. Information Management Module• Information Manipulation • Export to Microsoft® Excel• Information Messaging • Email platform enabling the emailing of records to contact or distribution lists internally within Neuron® or externally • Alarms (Date and time) • Reminders (Date, Field condition or customised) • Task allocations with Document Attachments • Meetings through the Neuron® Scheduling Module (Calendar interface) • Automated system alerts (IP Assistant)• Information Reporting • Reports (Scheduled and ad hoc) • Automated distribution of reports to distribution lists • Digital Dashboard (Optional) © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 17. 360º Relationship Linking Module• Single View of data relationships (information and documents)• Information Linking• Document Linking• Party Linking• Technology Linking• Risk Limking• Strategy Linking• Analysis Linking © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 18. © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 19. Administration Module• Neuron® provides for a fully customisable hierarchical structure of data • Regions • Countries • Companies • Divisions • Other• Security applied to Roles, Access Lists and Workspaces• Access rights can be allocated down to document and record level• Deletion Management• Full Audit Trails © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 20. Other Neuron® Modules• Neuron® Ideas Management/ New Product Development• Neuron® Strategy Module• Neuron® Analysis Module• Neuron® Risk Module• Neuron® Intellectual Property Training Module• Neuron® Integrator (Neuron® Integration Layer) © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 21. Neuron® Integration• Neuron® can easily be integrated with existing corporate/ legacy systems to ensure controlled access is provided to all relevant information thereby realising tangible returns on research and development expenditure and reducing enterprise risks etc. © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 22. AUSTRALIS® SPECIALISED OUTSOURCED SERVICES Specialist IP Management Resource Company © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 23. Engagement Flexibility• Australis provides consulting flexibility• Australis provides technical competency and systems (back office management and support) I n v o l v Consulting e Technical m e n t Time © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 24. Australis® Intervention Methodology © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 25. Australis®’ Outsourced Services• IP Management Consulting • Migrate current and future IP related information, documentation and systems to Neuron® • Populate, manage and structure information, documentation and systems • Update and maintain information, documentation and systems • Reporting • Reminders and Alerts © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 26. Australis®’ Outsourced Services• Email management in relation to IP• Ongoing IP Management advice• Ongoing IP Training• Ongoing Neuron Training• Providing and maintaining a collaborative environment• Providing IP related R&D services © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 27. Australis®’ Outsourced Services• Assist in making informed decisions• Assist in managing risks• Assist with IP analysis• Assist with strategy alignment• Assist with high level Programme and Project Management• Assist with Licensing and Technology Transfer © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 28. Australis®’ Outsourced Services• Technical Services • Neuron® Installation • Neuron® Implementation • Neuron® Maintenance • Neuron® Hosting • Neuron® Customisation as required © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 29. Australis®’ Outsourced Services• IP Management Software Solution • Implementation of the Neuron® Intellectual Property Management solution to manage: » Registered & Unregistered Intellectual Property » Agreements » Human Capital » Other Intangible Assets » Commercialisation » Budgeting and Finance » Strategies, Policies, Best Practices and Procedures © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 30. © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 31. AUSTRALIS® VALUE PROPOSITION Specialist IP Management Resource Company © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 32. Australis® Value Proposition• Significant increase in invention disclosures• Increased quality and strategic alignment of disclosures• Improved decision making (time saving) regarding whether to disclose or protect• Increase in patent filings from invention disclosures and a reduction in non-strategic filings because of quality research and analysis• Improved and greater value R&D outcomes• Identification of licensable versus non-licensable IP © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 33. Australis® Value Proposition• Improved strategic alignment of all intangible assets with business• Improved management and control of proprietary and confidential information• Improved retention and transfer of knowledge• Reduction in litigation costs as a result of improved risk management of intangible assets• Reduced time to create IP valuation estimates because income and expenditure are tracked• Enhanced support for IP valuations © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 34. Australis® Value Proposition• Operational cost reductions as a result of improved analysis of intangible assets (eg. Non-strategic renewals etc.)• Increased operational efficiencies as a result of proactive messaging and tasking• Increased licence revenue because of qualified research support and targeted commercialisation• Increased licence and royalty collection as a result of improved contract management• Reduction in IP budget as a result of improved management and control of intangible assets © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 35. Australis® Value Proposition• Compliance with financial and operational requirements through reporting• Improved IP awareness and competency of human resources reduces risk and improves operations• Improved stakeholder relations because of collaborative environment and transparency• Provision and management of the Neuron® Intangible Asset Management solution• Provision of IP consulting services to ensure that maximum value is derived from Neuron® © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited
  • 36. Questions © 2011 Australis Comm (Pty) Limited