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Hydrologic Information Systems and the CUAHSI HIS Desktop Application
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Hydrologic Information Systems and the CUAHSI HIS Desktop Application


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The U.S. National Science Foundation supported Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Sciences (CUAHSI) Hydrologic Information System (HIS) project includes extensive development …

The U.S. National Science Foundation supported Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Sciences (CUAHSI) Hydrologic Information System (HIS) project includes extensive development of data storage and delivery tools and standards including WaterML (a language for sharing hydrologic data sets via web services); and HIS Server (a software tool set for delivering WaterML from a server); These and other CUASHI HIS tools have been under development and deployment for several years and together, present a relatively complete software “stack” to support the consistent storage and delivery of hydrologic and other environmental observation data. This presentation describes the development of a new HIS software tool called “HIS Desktop” and the development of an online open source software development community to update and maintain the software. HIS Desktop is envisioned as a local (i.e. not server-based) client side software tool that will run on multiple operating systems and will provide a highly usable level of access to HIS services. The software will provide many key capabilities including data query, map-based visualization, data download, local data maintenance, editing, graphing, data export to selected model-specific data formats, linkage with integrated modeling systems such as OpenMI, and potentially upload to the HIS server from the local desktop software. As the software is presently in the early stages of development, this presentation will focus on design approach and paradigm and is viewed as an opportunity to encourage participation in the open development community. Indeed, recognizing the value of community based code development as a means of ensuring end-user adoption, this project has adopted an “iterative” or “spiral” software development approach which will be described in this presentation.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Hydrologic Information Systems and the CUAHSI HydroDesktop Application Jiri Kadlec, Daniel Ames, Tevaganthan Velupillai Idaho State University Some Slides Courtesy of the CUAHSI HIS Project Team
  • 2. Talk Overview • Hydrologic Information System • HydroDesktop Application • MapWindow GIS Components • Community Development
  • 3. What is HIS? • The CUAHSI* Hydrologic Information  System (HIS) provides web services,  tools, standards and procedures that  enhance access to more and better data  for hydrologic analysis. • *Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc.
  • 4. Water Data Water quantity  and quality Soil water Rainfall & Snow Modeling Meteorology Remote sensing
  • 5. HIS System Overview USGS Dat Web HIS Central a Service HIS Central Metadat Data  a Registration Catalog EPA Dat a Data Access Data Discovery  Universities And Access Dat a Hydro Desktop HIS Servers Users
  • 6. Data Archives Real‐time Sensors HIS Server • Built for  HIS Server Observations Data Model Database SQL  data Server – Storage WaterOneFlow – Loading Web Service ODM Tools – Analysis – Publication • HIS  Outside Users Local Users
  • 7. Getting Water Data (the old way) Different Query Pages Different Query Responses
  • 8. Web Pages versus Web Services smx Uses Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Uses WaterML
  • 9. HTML as a Web Language HyperText Text and Pictures Markup Language in Web Browser <title>Texas Water Development Board</title> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "‐//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html> <head> <meta name = "Robots" content = "index,follow"> <meta name = "Priority" content = "home,twdb,homepage"> <meta name = "Author" content = "Texas Water Development Board,  Agency Number 580"> <meta name = "Title" content = "Texas Water Development Board"> <meta name = "Description" content = "Texas Water Development Board  Home Page"> <meta name = "Keywords" content =  "water,drought,rain,conservation,groundwater,surfacewater,lake,reservoi r,hydrology,geology,desalination,TWDB,loans,grants,wastewater,sewage,C lean Water,Drinking Water,State Revolving Fund,planning,State Water  Plan,GIS,Geographic Information Systems,Mapping,data">
  • 10. WaterML as a Web Language Streamflow data in WaterML language Discharge of the San  Marcos River at Luling,  June 28 ‐ July 18, 2002
  • 11. HydroDesktop Client Application
  • 12. HydroDesktop GIS Capabilities GIS •Add shapefiles to map •Change symbology and  labels •Print and export map •GIS toolbox and Modeler Hydrology •Search for data •Download data •Display time series •Export data
  • 13. HydroDesktop Data Search Search Criteria •Where? (geographic region) •What? (variable – keyword) •When? (time range) •Who? (data providers) Example: Air Temperature in Quebec Province
  • 14. HydroDesktop Data search – select region Region selection •Draw bounding box •Select polygons •Select Country •Select State •Select County •Select Watershed
  • 15. HydroDesktop Data search – select keywords
  • 16. HydroDesktop Data search – Search Results Air Temperature - Quebec
  • 17. HydroDesktop Data Download
  • 18. Hydrodesktop Table View • List of time series (legend) • Data values table • Export to text file / csv/ Excel
  • 19. HydroDesktop Building blocks Web Service API Layer Database Access MapWindow HIS Server Actual Data GIS Web Services Dababase Component s HydroDesktop Metadata Main HIS Central Cache Web Service Database Application Plug-in Interface Metadata plug-in Graph View plug- Search plug-in in
  • 20. MapWindow GIS Components • Map • Legend • Toolstrip • Toolbox • Progress Handler • Plug-in Manager
  • 21. MapWindow Components - Map • Drag – drop components to the form in Visual Studio or SharpDevelo p
  • 22. HydroDesktop Plug‐in  Development Existing plugins •Metadata Fetcher •HydroModeler (Open MI) •Graph View •Advanced Search
  • 23. HydroDesktop Collaborative  Development A web‐based collaborative software development environment was set  up on This site includes a discussion forum, wiki, source code repository and versioning system, and bug/issue tracking system.  
  • 24. Thank you for your attention