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PostGIS para Empresas - Apresentação feita por Jody Garnett (OSGEO) no Geolivre 2009 Conference

PostGIS para Empresas - Apresentação feita por Jody Garnett (OSGEO) no Geolivre 2009 Conference



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    Postgis for Enterprise Postgis for Enterprise Presentation Transcript

    • PostGIS for Enterprise Jody Garnet Thanks to: Simon Greener Paul Ramsey Mark Leslie Friendly Survey - Introduction 1
    • What is a Spatial Database Spatial Data Types Spatial Indexing Spatial Functions 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 2
    • What is a Spatial Database? Spatial Data Types Point a single coordinate of two to four dimensions 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 3
    • Line String Spatial Data Types Linestring a set of two or more coordinates linear interpretation of path between coordinates 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 4
    • Linear Ring Spatial Data Types Linearring a linestring with three or more coordinates the start and end points are the same 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 5
    • Polygon Spatial Data Types Polygon a set of one or more linearrings one ring defines the exterior boundary remainder defines the holes in the polygon 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 6
    • Multi Geometries Spatial Data Types Multi-geometries (Multipoint, Multilinestring, Multipolygon) a set of like geometries 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 7
    • Spatial Indexing Spatial Data Types Spatial Indexing R-tree Quadtree Grid-based 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 8
    • Spatial Functions Spatial Data Types Spatial Indexing Spatial Functions Construction Serialisation Predicates Analysis Accessors Builders Aggregates 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 9
    • Total Length 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 10
    • ST_Intersection 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 11
    • ST_Intersection 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 12
    • ST_Buffer 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 13
    • ST_Buffer 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 14
    • ST_SIMPLIFY “Denormalisation” of feature types into multiple tables based on known or expected access patterns Roads are visualised with different style classes and rendered at different scales 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 15
    • Spatial Extensions for PostgreSQL Spatial Extensions for PostgreSQL Provides Spatial Data Type Provides Spatial Indexing Provides Spatial Functions 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 16
    • PostgreSQL for Spatial Spatial Extensions for PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Extensions for Spatial ACID transaction guarantees Enterprise reliability Crash recovery Hot backup Replication SQL support 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 17
    • PostGIS History • Developed in 2001 by Refractions Research – to assist Refractions in their data processing tasks Friendly Survey - Introduction 18
    • Growth • Initially just an indexed load-store extension to allow concurrent access to data • Functions added based on Simple Features for SQL (using GEOS which is a port of JTS) • PostGIS 1.0 provided fast / lighter Geometry object Friendly Survey - Introduction 19
    • PostGIS Roadmap • Geography objects (spherical geometries) • Raster-in-db • curved geometry support • News update - PostGIS is now in OSGeo Friendly Survey - Introduction 20
    • PostGIS Clients Year Support 2001 MapServer, OGR 2002 GeoServer, QGIS 2003 Safe FME 2004 Ionic Red Spider, OSSIM 2005 CadCorp SIS, GRASS, uDig, OpenJUMP 2006 ESRI Interoperability Extension, gvSIG 2007 ESRI ArcGIS Server, Manifold, GeoDjango 2008 FDO, MapGuide, AutoCAD MAP3D 2009 MapInfo, GeoConcept Friendly Survey - Introduction 21
    • Institut Geographique National, France National mapping agency of France Stores high-res topographic data 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 22
    • GlobeXplorer • Provides web-based access to petabytes of imagery • PostGIS is used to manage metadata and search for relevant imagery 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 23
    • LISAsoft • (my employer!) Reverse Store SnapMaps Buddy Mokbee Geocoder Locator Finder Data Service Mobile Applications GeoServer PostGIS TileCache Publication Services 20/10/2009 Introduction to PostGIS 24
    • Team CIMAR : DARPA Grand Challenge Friendly Survey - Introduction 25
    • Standards • Level playing field – Open Geospatial Consortium – International Standards Organization – W3C Consortium (XML/SVG) • Simple Features for SQL / SQL Multi-Media Extensions Friendly Survey - Introduction 26
    • Simple Features for SQL Friendly Survey - Introduction 27
    • Implementations • Can DB handle 100M spatial features? • Spatial transactions • PostGIS? Yes • DB2? Yes • Oracle? Yes • SQL Server? In progress • MySQL? no! Friendly Survey - Introduction 28
    • Enterprise Friendly Survey - Introduction 29