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Media studies storyboard

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  1. 1. Storyboard { George Griffiths
  2. 2. The first shot we aregoing to have in theopening is a panningup shot of our Maincharacter, Will, tied toa chair and strugglingslightly. The lightingwill be low key toraise enigma to wherethe character is. Thereasoning for himbeing tied to a chairwill also raise enigma.The shot will be about5 seconds long. The second shot we intend to have will be an over the shoulder shot of the main character being slapped by the professional bad guy. We have debated about this shot type and may change it on the day depending on how filming looks. It will last about 3-6 seconds including a small piece of dialogue.
  3. 3. The panning shotwill simply be apanning shot toslightly set the scenefor where this istaking place, inside aabandoned building.We are going to filmtwo versions of it,one starring theprofessional bad guywalking away fromthe main character.This shot will also below key, showing it isstill inside the samebuilding. The next shot will be a mid shot/two shot of the professional bad guy and the imbecile bad guy stood next to each other. This may turn into just the imbecile bad guy as the previous shot could just become the professional bad guy by himself, so it would show him walking towards the imbecile. The lighting in this part will be slightly brighter than the rest, to slightly show that this bad guy is almost the comic relief.
  4. 4. The next shot will be a shot ofthe room where the maincharacter was tied up, exceptnow he is gone. This justexplains the next scene of theguy running away while stilltied to a chair. The shot wontlast very long and we maycontinue it with a shot of oneof the bad guys exclaiming“Hes Gone!” The shot afterwards will be a extreme long shot of the main character running through a field while tied to the chair. The fact he is running through a field shows that he is in the middle of nowhere.
  5. 5. The next scene will be amontage with fast cuts,it will be the two badguys loading their gunsand preparing to chasethe main character, themajority of these shotswill be low keylighting, to show thatthey are still inside thebuilding, and last nomore than a fewseconds. The shot afterwards will be a long shot of the main character running again, however when he gets closes to the camera, he falls down.
  6. 6. The next shot will be aclose up, with themain character rippingthe tape off his mouthand throwing theropes down. The facthe has escaped showsthat he is good at whathe is doing as well asthe fact it raisesenigma as how hemanaged to escapefrom the chair. The next shot will be a long shot of the beginning of the chase, with the two bad guys seeing the main character and chasing him through a field.
  7. 7. Afterwards there willbe another montage, ofthe chase this time, wehave mostly plannedout the montage butwill most likely comeup with more ideas onthe day when we seethe place where we arefilming. The next shot will be the professional bad guy watching the main character as he runs away. Still outside.
  8. 8. The next shotsinvolve the useof the zip wireat the park inOsgodby. It is akids zip wirebut we aregoing to film itlike it is notthat, from lowangles, makingit look action-y. EDIT: We chose not to include the entirety of this scene as it did not come together as we anticipated.
  9. 9. This is the scenewhere theaudience seethat it is a smallzip wire, wemay film it withthe children’spark in thebackground tomake it evenmore obviousthat it is a kidszip wire. The next shot is a two shot of the bad guys looking at each other confused after looking at the main character. EDIT: We chose not to include the entirety of this scene as it did not come together as we anticipated.
  10. 10. We will then have atracking mid shot of themain character runningaway from the camera,before a tracking shot ofthe professional bad guyrunning towards thecamera. Afterwards there will be an over the should shot as the main character turns and looks at the two bad guys, we may not involve the imbecile bad guy in this scene to make it more seriously. EDIT: We chose not to include the entirety of this scene as it did not come together as we anticipated.
  11. 11. We will then include along shot/panning shotof the standoff, beforethe professional badguy starts sayingthreats to the maincharacter. These shotswill most likely be highkey lighting,depending on theweather. We have twodifferent places wherewe could shoot thisscene, so we will shootat both places anddecide in editing whichone is the best.
  12. 12. In this final scene, itwill be a close up ofthe main characteras he turns andwinks at thecamera. We havefelt that this couldbe really bad orquite good. If wefeel like the scene isbad we will reshootit with an alternateidea.