X Factor Questions


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X Factor Questions

  1. 1. Write a headline for a report in a local paper. X Factor
  2. 2. What other topics could you relate today’s study to? X Factor
  3. 3. Can you identify the environmental issues that may relate to this topic in the form of a mind map? X Factor
  4. 4. Write an exam question based on this topic… X Factor
  5. 5. Describe how the content of this lesson today may link to geographical content studies in previous lessons. X Factor
  6. 6. What primary data could you collect to highlight/disprove today’s theories/explanations? X Factor
  7. 7. Identify key place names and key specific facts relevant to this topic. X Factor
  8. 8. Write a revision sheet based on what you have learnt today. X Factor
  9. 9. Write a poem describing what you have learnt in this lesson. X Factor
  10. 10. Describe one image you could use to retain the geographical knowledge you’ve learnt today. X Factor
  11. 11. Apply the concept of development and/or interdependence to today’s lesson X Factor
  12. 12. How could you mime/model today’s topic? X Factor
  13. 13. How does today’s lesson relate to Citizenship? X Factor
  14. 14. Why was today’s lesson important? X Factor
  15. 15. How could today’s topic be used in a soap story plot? X Factor
  16. 16. What have you NOT learnt in today’s lesson that you might have expected to learn? X Factor
  17. 17. Write about what you have learnt today in another person’s perspective? X Factor
  18. 18. How can you associate what you have studies today with something in your own life? X Factor
  19. 19. Why have you siad/done the tasks in the way that you have? What has influenced your thinking? X Factor
  20. 20. Identify 4 different groups of people who could be affected by today’s topic. X Factor
  21. 21. What impression have you been given of the place you have studies in today’s lesson? What other ways could this place be represented? X Factor
  22. 22. Where have the sources come from which you have used in today’s lesson? Why is each source significant? X Factor
  23. 23. What physical and human processes can you identify which are important to today’s lesson? X Factor
  24. 24. What has today’s lesson meant to you? X Factor
  25. 25. Would you like to live in the part of the world you have studies in today’s lesson? Explain your answer? X Factor
  26. 26. Is today’s lesson an example of Geography studies at a local, national or global level? How could you link this topic to your local area? X Factor
  27. 27. Identify some important key geographical concepts to the activity you have just completed. X Factor
  28. 28. Take one geographical concept and explain how the activity you have completed relates to this concept. X Factor
  29. 29. What was the most difficult part of the task you have completed. Why was it difficult? Explain how you went about your thinking. X Factor
  30. 30. Look through the work you have just completed. Design a diagram to show the main ideas contained in the work. X Factor
  31. 31. Having completed this work, what questions do you think as a geographer you might want to ask? X Factor
  32. 32. What other subjects in school would you study this topic? How might the study be approached differently in those subjects and why? X Factor
  33. 33. Design a mind map to link together important ideas in this topic. X Factor
  34. 34. How would you summarise today’s lesson in one word/one sentence? X Factor
  35. 35. What other information could have helped you to complete this activity? X Factor
  36. 36. If you had been a teacher, how could you have done this activity differently? X Factor
  37. 37. What could I have done differently to improve my work? Plenary!
  38. 38. What was the main point of the question? Plenary!
  39. 39. What information in this lesson is important to remember? Plenary!
  40. 40. Sum up this lesson in one word then explain why you used that word to sum up this lesson? Plenary!
  41. 41. What other subjects would do a similar topic? How might they teach it differently? Plenary!
  42. 42. Who made a valuable contribution and why? Plenary!
  43. 43. Which part of the lesson did you enjoy most and why? Plenary!
  44. 44. In what other way could the work I have done be presented? Plenary!
  45. 45. What homework could be set by the teacher to further my knowledge and understanding of the subject content within the lesson? Plenary!
  46. 46. Which part of this lesson did you find most challenging and why? Plenary!
  47. 47. How else could we have learnt what we did today? Plenary!
  48. 48. Where could I find out more information about this subject? Plenary!
  49. 49. Is there anything else I need to know? Plenary!
  50. 50. How well did I do this lesson? Plenary!
  51. 51. What are the 3 key words which have been relevant to this lesson? Plenary!
  52. 52. What other topics could this work be useful for? Plenary!
  53. 53. How could I improve my work? Plenary!
  54. 54. What big geographical concepts have been important in this lesson? Plenary!
  55. 55. How could I use the work/skills I have learnt today in other lessons? Plenary!
  56. 56. What useful skills have I learnt this lesson? Plenary!