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PGQM Example PP 2b PGQM Example PP 2b Presentation Transcript

  • Subject Leadership and Monitoring Part of the PGQM examples series 2b. The subject leader formulates clear and relevant targets to guide teaching in the school. Subject monitoring has a clear impact on pupil progress, addresses staff CPD and supports transition processes. Image from Bryn Coch Primary Gold 2011
  • Download the full framework wording here BRONZE SILVER GOLD Your influence as a subject leader
  • How have you identified & met staff training needs? E.g. Staff meetings? Courses? INSET? Have you reviewed resources? E.g. Are they: updated & relevant? Suitable for pupils’ needs? Making a positive impact on learning? How well does your leadership sustain, develop and embed the subject across the school? How do you monitor the subject? E.g. Observations? Pupil portfolios? Questionnaires? Planning Docs? How do you know your leadership is effective? How does your leadership impact on pupils’ enjoyment & achievement? How is it focused?
  • Parents visit the school regularly to support geographical learning and provide an enjoyable activity. Here a Dad shows pupils (Reception) a map of Europe as he tells them about Heathrow airport, his job as an airline pilot and answers their questions, as part of their topic on London. Photograph 36 Cross reference: 1a 1b 2b 3a 3c 3d The importance of field work in the curriculum is indicated in this photograph of prize winners in Blue Class. (Year 3) Photograph 39 Cross reference: 1a 1b 2b 3a 3d Also Photograph 19 & work sample 9 show more of children’s interest and attainment. Extracts from Unicorn School Silver 20011 to support 2b On Curriculum Provision
  • Orchard House School Silver 2011 Impacts of leadership
  • Pupil Outcomes Children shared knowledge and understanding of Kenya (place), they used maps, atlases and globes to locate key places. They collected relevant data from a variety of sources and communicated their own understanding using geographical vocabulary . Why was it chosen? This piece was chosen as it shows how children work independently to research a contrasting locality from a developing country. It allows them to look at how their lives differ from others around the world. It also shows that Geography is cross curricular and how advanced the children’s ICT skills are. Year Group Year 6 Unit of Work Kenya Context Children have been studying all aspects of Kenya, at the end of the topic children were asked to produce a Powerpoint presentation ‘selling’ Kenya as a tourist attraction. They used the information learnt during the Geography topic as well as individual research. Bryn Coch Primary School Gold 2011 Impacts of leadership
  • Context Children in KS2 are given the opportunity to develop their pupil voice. They set their own learning targets and plan a piece of work themselves before carrying it out. In Year 3 the children decided to make their own learning logs about Natural Disasters. They researched the topic, decided how they wanted to present their information, and presented it to the class at the end of the week. Pupil Outcomes Children show knowledge & understanding of different localities & environments, associated weather patterns & effects of these extreme meteorological events. They have the opportunity to present their information in a variety of ways & express views on the effects of nature on our world. Why was it chosen? This piece of work shows that children are able to further their knowledge and understanding of topics and that children can do this in relation to Geography. The children here researched the topic and make a large booklet about Natural Disasters with pictures, flaps, and even a quiz. It was an exemplary piece of work and shows how much children enjoy Geography. Year Group Year 3 Unit of Work Natural Disasters Bryn Coch Primary School Gold 2011 Impacts of leadership
  • Since becoming the subject leader and applying for the PGQM I have enjoyed becoming more involved in the subject. Through completing online CPD courses and looking at the geography curriculum I feel that I am beginning to have an impact on some of the geography in school. I have introduced staff to the mapping element of geography and this has been implemented throughout school in different ways. (appendix 5). As already mentioned I have completed on line CPD courses through the GA as a result of this teachers are beginning to look at new ideas for example, emotion mapping using the school and local area that brings in the element of psyche. All staff have attended an orienteering course (appendix 11) and as a subject leader I have led a staff meeting to provide advice on global planning and the mapping across school. If staff have a problem with geography then I will try to help or find out information wherever possible. We are very lucky to have a Deputy Head that has a good knowledge and understanding in geography and provides help to both myself as subject leader and staff. Coatham CE Primary School Bronze 2011 ON CPD
  • At the beginning of this school year all classes were given a globe and now have access to up to date atlases. Staff are aware of useful websites that can be used and again as mentioned earlier as a school we have access to espresso. Coatham feels that transition is an important part of the school year and gives dedicated time for all teachers to meet and discuss children’s needs and progress. A topic is chosen and each class works on it with their new class teacher. Geography is a feature of the transition whether it be the lead subject or linked through other subject areas. Through monitoring the geography that takes place in school we are now beginning to address the element of critical thinking although I realise this is an area we need to monitor and develop further. Coatham CE Primary School Bronze 2011 ON RESOURCES ON TRANSITION ON NEXT STEPS
  • PRIMARY SUBJECT LEADERSHIP These pages provide further support for non-specialist primary geography co-ordinators and subject leaders. You'll find information and resources about your role and responsibilities, a staged plan for taking over as geography co-ordinator, tips on what should be in your subject leader's file plus book reviews, weblinks and activity ideas Subject Leadership in the Primary Phase This CPD course for primary geography is aimed at helping primary subject leaders and school management teams to 'lead' the development of geography in the curriculum. By engaging with the course, you will be able to develop and extend your geographical expertise in both stand-alone and inter-disciplinary contexts. You will better understand how quality geography can contribute to excellence and enjoyment, the wider curriculum and whole school ethos. There is no requirement to work through each unit sequentially and it may be more appropriate for you to choose units from the menu which are suited to your current stage of development. However, if you are new to co-ordinating geography, you'll probably want to begin with Getting Started . Examples of Action Plans , Work Scrutiny and Planning Documents can be downloaded from the PGQM vle