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Introducing Geofacets and the Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition
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Introducing Geofacets and the Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition


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A presentation deck introducing Geofacets, an innovative research tool for geoscientists in exploration, and the Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition, a special individual access offering available only …

A presentation deck introducing Geofacets, an innovative research tool for geoscientists in exploration, and the Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition, a special individual access offering available only to members of the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG).

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  • 1. Introducing GeofacetsIntroducing Geofacets unique search and discovery tool AGeofacets-SEG Millennium Edition
  • 2. Today’s Agenda1. Introducing Geofacets from Elsevier  About Elsevier  Challenges for Geoscientists Working in Exploration  How does Geofacets Work?  Live Product Demonstration2. About the Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition3. Q&A and Concluding Remarks
  • 3. About ElsevierServing the metals & mining industry for over 40 years 2010: Geofacets launches 2008: Workflow illumin8 Elsevier is the largest Science and launches Technology publisher in the world, with a market share of 25% of world’s journal 2008: 2004: articles, comprising 35% of all Earth Scopus GeoRef launches on Engineering Science journal content launches as the Village world’s largest GeoRef on 1998: A&I database Database Elsevier buys Engineering Information 2007: 1986 1997: e-books added to 1950 1974 1980 Ore Geology ScienceDirect ScienceDirect Geochimica et 1964 Precambrian J. of African Reviews Cosmochimica Acta Earth Sciences launches online Tectonophysics Research full-text journals database Content 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010
  • 4. Challenges for Geoscientists in the Industry1. Quickly finding relevant information to inform high-stakes decisions → Difficult to find and access content embedded in articles → Too many irrelevant results to sort through → Difficult to stay up to date2. Synthesizing and formatting data in a condensed period of time → Checking reliability/credibility of data → Data are not in readily usable format: • Formatting information (e.g., georeferencing maps) is time consuming and a disruption of the workflow
  • 5. Geofacets is Designed to Address these Challenges
  • 6. Geofacets is Designed to Address these ChallengesLeading companiesaround the world useGeofacets for:→ Enriching scientific analyses and risk assessments for exploration→ Accelerating productivity and efficiency of exploration teams→ Improving discovery of maps, data and analogs NOTE: More maps are added on a regular basis, and additional content partnerships are actively being pursued.
  • 7. The Power of Geofacets is in the Metadata! Extract maps from the article; Assess Identify maps from Index and tag maps with the geological and geographical journal articles attributes to create the metadata attributes of maps Map Source Information Map ID: S0301-9268(06)00277-4_1 Page of map in article: 73 Map Information Map Types: Fault Geological Mineral/Ore Deposit Bounding Geographic Coordinates: Northwest: 7.142327 (lat), -3.345362 (lng) Southeast: 4.731008 (lat), 0.298836 (lng) Estimated Surface Area: 100,000 - 1,000,000 sq km Georeferenced: yes GeoTIFF available: yes Geological attributes include: Original Map Coordinate System: WGS-1984 Recommended Coordinate System for displaying GeoTIFF: WGS-1984 • Map type Areas covered by this map Region: Sub-Saharan Africa Country: Ghana • Surface area coverage Basins: Cote DIvoire Basin, Saltpond Basin, Voltaian Basin • Geological basin • Key word Geographic attribute include: • Coordinates • Region, country • Can the map be georeferenced • Map Coordinate system • Coordinate System of GeoTIFF Because of the metadata we have created and added to our content, Geoscientists can find relevant maps efficiently by using the geographic search feature andrefine results using the unique geo-based search facets (map type, map surface area, basin, etc)
  • 8. With downloadable and georeferenced map images that canbe easily integrated into GIS or presentation software
  • 9. Live Product Demonstration
  • 10. INTUITIVE SEARCH FEATURESDESIGNED FOR GEOSCIENTISTS• Search for maps associated with a region, country or basin via an interactive map interface• Use geo-based search facets to refine results by map type, map surface area, and geological basin.• Use advanced keyword text search to find geological analogs
  • 11. VIEW MAP METADATA,BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATIONAND LINKS TO SOURCE ARTICLES• Each map is accompanied by metadata and other information such as geographic coordinates, map surface area, datum and projection for georeferenced maps, and more• Each map is provided with information about its associated article, including the abstract, a link to a read-only PDF of the article, and a link to the article’s page on the publisher’s website
  • 12. THOUSANDS OF GEOLOGICALMAPS, GEOREFERENCED• All maps are downloadable as image files (in JPG or TIFF format), with a significant portion also georeferenced (in GeoTIFF format) for easy integration into GIS software
  • 13. In Summary: Benefits for Geoscientists CONFIDENCE & SPEEDDecreased risk in overlooking critical geologic insights, and ability to quickly and more confidently address opportunities in exploration EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY Less time searching and formatting content, more time on data analysis and interpretation KNOWLEDGE & INSIGHTEasy discoverability of relevant maps for an area of exploration, which can be hidden in volumes of high quality peer-reviewed content
  • 14. About the Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition
  • 15. Coming Soon: Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition SEG and Elsevier are proud to announce a special Geofacetssubscription offering to the SEG membership available 1 January 2013! For just $49/year, the Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition, provides SEG members with individual access to: → Geofacets’ unique search and discovery platform → More than 3,500 geological maps sourced from over 1,000 articles from SEGs flagship publication and leading journal, Economic Geology → 57% of maps downloadable as .geotiffs for easy integration into ArcMap or other GIS software.
  • 16. What is the geographic coverage of the Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition? North America: 1000+ maps Europe and Scandinavia: Russia: 300+ maps 300+ maps Maps by Subject Area Middle East: <100 maps Asia: Central America: 300+ maps <100 maps Africa: Geology 84% 300+ maps Location 11% South America: 400+ maps Geophysics 2% Geography 1% Australia & South Pacific: 700+ maps Oceans: Paleogeography 1% <100 maps Hydrogeology/ Hydrogeology 1% Oceanography 0.2%TOTAL NUMBER OF MAPS: 3,500+ Pedology 0.1% 1,980+ (57%) are georeferenced
  • 17. Questions?
  • 18. Thank You. Visit to learn more.
  • 19. Appendix: About the Geofacets Corporate Edition
  • 20. What is the Corporate Edition Coverage?
  • 21. Elsevier Content in Geofacets
  • 22. Geological Society of London Content in Geofacets
  • 23. SEPM Content in Geofacets
  • 24. Coming Soon: SEG Content in Geofacets+ On January 1st 2013! → More than 14,000 geological maps sourced from over 8,000 articles from SEGs flagship publication and leading journal, Economic Geology, will be included in the corporate edition of Geofacets. → This includes all Economic Geology map content published from 1905 to present. → Economic Geology was first published in 1905 by the Economic Geology Publishing Company (PUBCO), a not- for-profit company established for the purpose of publishing a periodical devoted to economic geology.