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Slim version of presentation used at #uwegeog

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Twitter ye not

  1. 1. “ In Britain, teachers are for the most part too scattered and too busy to come together frequently for discussion . They require a medium through which they may readily communicate with one another, exchange experiences and learn the progress that is being made in method or in appliances in our own country and abroad.” (Vol 1., No. 1, p. 1 of “The Geographical Teacher” – the first journal of the GA) James Herbertson, GA President
  2. 2. “ Twitter ye not...” Geographical curriculum making & web 2.0
  3. 4. Image: Andy Riley
  4. 5. Who is this bloke ?
  5. 11. September 2008
  6. 14. Last year...
  7. 18. IPSOS MORI
  8. 19. Google Books...
  9. 20. Something else since last year...
  10. 22. The Corruption of the Curriculum Alex Standish Geography is ‘no longer about maps’ but indoctrinating young people with ‘environmentalism’ in the name of ‘global citizenship’.
  11. 23. Im ” Children are not the same as they used to be…” Slide courtesy of Ollie Bray
  12. 24. Image courtesy of Ollie Bray
  13. 26. Curriculum making Young People’s Geographies Making Geography Happen
  14. 27. 1975 as close as 2045
  15. 28. “ The imaginative and stimulating geography curriculum is skilfully designed to match to the full range of pupils’ needs and to ensure highly effective continuity and progression in their learning.”
  16. 29. “ The curriculum provides consistently high quality opportunities for pupils to develop and consolidate key geographical skills of enquiry , graphicacy and geographical communication.”
  17. 30. “ Field work is well planned and clearly identified as an integral part of the schemes of work. Pupils experience fieldwork on a regular basis , and activities offer clear progression rather than repetition.”
  18. 31. “ The key geographical concepts such as place, space, scale, diversity, sustainability, for example are clearly embedded in the planning.”
  19. 32. “ The contribution of geography to community cohesion and the global dimension is at least good in all major respects, and is exemplary in significant elements.”
  20. 33. “ Excellent links are forged with other agencies and the wider, as well as the global , community to provide a wide range of enrichment activities to promote pupils’ learning and engagement with the subject..”
  21. 34. 'I now realise geography is not just out of a text book, it's about the feeling and atmosphere of a place.‘ Young People’s Geographies participant
  22. 35. Student Experiences Geography: the subject Teacher Choices Underpinned by Key Concepts Thinking Geographically Which learning activity ? Does this take the learner beyond what they already know ? Curriculum Making
  23. 36. I see this a lot: Someone is demoing Twitter. They ask their network why they use Twitter. People respond “it’s the best CPD I’ve ever received” No. It’s. Not. It might be the best Continual Professional  Stimulation  (CPS) you’ve ever received but development is more than getting a bunch of ideas . Development is: [The] act of improving by expanding or enlarging or refining. or [A] process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage).
  24. 37. 700 “followers”
  25. 38. Shelterbox
  26. 39. Flooding in Brazil
  27. 40. Palmares, Pernambuco
  28. 41. Ox-bow lakes...
  29. 42. Town a is down river from town b How can Town b end up down river from Town a ??
  30. 44. A question from my Twitter network Image under CC by Flickr user: Mr.Tea
  31. 45. Yell Maps: 3D
  32. 49. What else could BP stand for... ?? <ul><li>Big Problem </li></ul><ul><li>Big Payout </li></ul><ul><li>Belching Petroleum </li></ul><ul><li>Beach Pollution </li></ul><ul><li>??? </li></ul>
  33. 50.
  34. 51. A slick idea... 4 hours and 40 minutes....
  35. 55. World Cup 2010 Gapminder
  36. 56. Controversy...
  37. 57. How much does he earn a week £90,000 per week from Manchester United. plus £760,000 twice a year for image rights. £1m a year from Nike for advertising. £118,689 every six months from computer game makers EA Sports. £3.55m for twelve books (yes: that's books: 12 of them) £600,000 from Coca Cola for a four year deal.
  38. 58. Sarah McLachlan – “World on Fire”
  39. 60. Postcode portraits
  40. 61. Finding your ACORN type...
  41. 62. Voyage of the ‘Plastiki’
  42. 64. Iceland Webcams...
  43. 65. GA Resource
  44. 66. Job feeds: BB Park Warden...
  45. 67. “ When you have 500 pictures from your vacation in your Flickr account, as opposed to five pictures that are really meaningful, does that change your ability to recall the moments that you really want to recall?” Dr. Elias Aboujaoude Stanford University
  46. 68. 2010 Curriculum for 2021 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Geography “Boot Camp” (inc. GIS) Explorer debriefing... Global stories Producers & Consumers Time capsule: futures Language of Landscapes A world of work & a job for life ? Britain 2010-2021 Around the world in... Weather or not... Geo....... : x-curricular project School’s out... A butterfly flaps its wings... Can you tell what it is yet ?
  47. 70. Mission Explore
  48. 72. The blog...