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Conference 2013 presentation on landscapes

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SAGT Presentation

  1. 1. “For anyone that likes wild and beautiful scenery there is nothing in Britain to equal the grandeur of the Bens and glens of Scotland…” Poucher, 1964
  2. 2. SAGT
  3. 3. Alan Parkinson Teacher of Geography @ King’s Ely Freelance Geographer & Author Education Director, Explorer HQ
  4. 4. Work here…
  5. 5. Digimap for Schools • Brave in 2012 • Wrote resources for Secondary – currently updating them & preparing new materials…
  6. 6. Pixar Film – since 2005
  7. 7. Which mountains to choose from ?
  8. 8. The Cuillins Cioch Inaccessible Pinnacle Digimap for Schools
  9. 9. John Muir Trust “Going to the mountains is going home…”
  10. 10. John Muir Trust
  11. 11. From the specification • Use a range of mapping skills in geographical contexts in the UK • Presenting geographical information, in detail, in at least two ways • Describing in detail, key features of one landscape type in the UK • Giving detailed explanations of the formation of one landscape type in the UK • Glaciated upland
  12. 12. Physical Geography • • • • • Scale Location and distribution Formation – timescales and processes Changing nature over time Impact of human activity
  13. 13. Noel Jenkins
  14. 14. Questions Question Grid ? Is? Present Did? Past Can? Possibility Would/coul Will? d? Prediction Probability What? Event Where? Place When? Time Which? Choice Who? Person Why? Reason How? Meaning Question Focus:- define, describe, analogy, explain, comment, classify, compare and or contrast, cause, effect, sequence, create, analyse, evaluate, generalise, predict JOHN SAYERS Might? Imaginatio n
  15. 15. The Cairngorms • • • • ‘Alpine’ climate and flora / fauna Glaciated and periglaciated landscape Management of visitors / habitats A living landscape…
  16. 16. Wordle (because no lesson is complete without one…) @RobMorris @GeogDog @ChristineKelt @Christopherpyle @Brileyriley @DavideRogers @AyrshireGeog
  17. 17. Geograph – image download…
  18. 18. Google Earth
  19. 19. The Living Mountain Nan Shepherd
  20. 20. Geographer… Going deep… Spending time… Is there scope for that ?
  21. 21. Robert MacFarlane
  22. 22. Mountains of the Mind As late as 1791 William Gilpin noted that 'the generality of people' found wilderness dislikeable. 'There are few,' he continued, 'who do not prefer the busy scenes of cultivation to the greatest of nature's rough productions.' Mountains, nature's roughest productions, were not only agriculturally intractable, they were also aesthetically repellent: it was felt that their irregular and gargantuan outlines upset the natural spirit-level of the mind.
  23. 23. Studying an area • • • • • • Google Earth… KML files – Munros etc. 3D landscapes – flying through and annotating Images Stories from personal experience… Apps
  24. 24. DISTANCE project • £800 000 project to introduce the idea of ‘the internet of things’ • Weather and mood • Activity and performance…
  25. 25. wrapper.html
  26. 26. Going for a walk…
  27. 27. The Old Ways • Transcript of a short passage from the book simplified • A walk across the Caingorms, including the Lairig Ghru • Start: Blair Atholl • End: NH956047
  28. 28. Activities • ‘Follow the walk’ • Identify landscape features • Consider issues with the activity / things that might need amending for your students or school context / additional resources that might be needed • Have a go at annotating the route, and adding pictures of the area • What additional activities could be added in.
  29. 29. Topicality (over the winter)
  30. 30. Assessment Design some badges for skills that have been developed… Criteria for awarding them
  31. 31. Mountains in a Box…
  32. 32. Example…
  33. 33. Grabbing mountains with SketchUp • Noel Jenkins adaptation of an idea I had…
  34. 34. Curate a page… •
  35. 35. OS Create a Map • Shop allows creation of map image – don’t have to order it (though Ken would like it if you did  )
  36. 36. Liesel Pfeffer Mountain collages
  37. 37. Facebook pages for landforms Tony Cassidy
  38. 38. Home Profile Inbox Friends Settings Logout Search Seven Sisters are fed up of being single! Wall Info Photos Boxes I’m getting so cross with teens carving messages on me!! Ads Share View photos View videos Information Hi. We are the Seven Sisters. We’re all single except for one! The 5th one; she's married to Beachy Head. We live in Seaford. We erode up to 30-40 centre meters each year, ouch! Friends Recent Activity Commented on Beachy Heads status, “Loving the sun” So true! The 5th sister: Love Him  It’s about time you sisters had a good night out! Fancy a drink?  Groups I’m terribly sorry! They just love my meanders  Cuckmere Beachy Head Golden Galleon Older posts By Maddy – thanks to Liz Smith
  39. 39. Landscape haiku Birthday cake on a table The dog can’t reach it But nibbles round the edges Val Vannet
  40. 40. Questions
  41. 41. Thanks • Add your name to the list for a Dropbox invite to lots more resources that I didn’t have time to show you… •See you in 2014…