It's a Ning Thing

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Social Networking - why use it ?

Social Networking - why use it ?

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  • Interesting, Alan - I'm with the all the way, as you know... do you know Sefton have set up a ning following my INSET there last week - not a lot there at present, mind...
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  • 1. It’s a NING thing... Virtual ‘professional’ networking for Primary Geography Champions Sheffield Alan Parkinson Secondary Curriculum Development Leader Geographical Association
  • 2. “ Social networking”
  • 3.  
  • 4. “ Social networking”
  • 5. Professional networking
  • 6. The Networked teacher.... Then and Now (Alec Couros)
  • 7. Networking as CPD
    • Picked up tips for websites, TV programmes I’d missed, events, publication of reports that are relevant
    • Discovered that people are at the same event, or in the same city that evening
    • Got an instant answer to a technical query
    • Worked collaboratively on a project with other teachers in other schools, some of whom I had never met
    • Got feedback / gave feedback on CPD sessions attended
    • Reflected on lessons that had been taught, and considered different approaches
    • Asked other teachers to comment on suggested activities
    • Thought about possible specification choices
    • Gained resources and shared resources
    • Spent time / saved time ?
  • 8. This much is clear...
  • 9. Every teacher should also be a learner. The Social Web makes this possible at a time and a place to suit everybody.
  • 10. Twitter “What are you doing...?” 140 character limit
  • 11. The Ning...
    • September 2007: created NING for 6 th form geographers – lesson resources added at the end of each lesson
    • Homework tasks uploaded and responses added
    • Students discussing tasks and sharing ideas and websites they had discovered.
    • Each student had their own HOMEPAGE: familiar feel to other social networks...
  • 12.
  • 13.  
  • 14.
  • 15. Over 240 members
  • 16.
  • 17. What can you do ?
    • Sign up and you have a member page, which can be customised to suit you.
    • Start a discussion, or contribute to a discussion
    • Make a blog post, or add a comment to an existing blog post
    • Join a group dedicated to an area of interest
    • Keep in touch with the teachers in your Geography Champion network !
  • 18. How do I do it ?
  • 19. This presentation available on Slideshare also: Slideboom (User name GeoBlogs) You will all be given a USER GUIDE
  • 20. My contact details alanparkinsonatthega [email_address] GeoBlogs GeoBlogs