Solar Enrgy Training and Classes Catalog 2011


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Solar Enrgy Training and Classes Catalog 2011

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Solar Enrgy Training and Classes Catalog 2011

  1. 1. SOLAR ENERGY INTERNATIONAL 2011 training catalog • solarenergy.orgSEI alumni WorkshopsWhere are they now? & Courses 20th anniversary training catalog | 2011 has What SEI 1 to offer ...
  2. 2. contents Where were you in 1991? 8 4 welcome 6 update 8 training U.S. Dept. of Energy solar 18 online campus PV training in Colorado. 20 timeline 26 22 facilities 26 outreach Then Denver Mayor, and 28 staying connected 29 mission now Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper (left) visits our Solar Schoolbus. 37 30 alumni 32 team We were just getting started. 37 members 39 resourcesrenewable energy solar training online courses Hands-on solar PV training in Costa Rica. sustainability International | (970) 963-8855 2 Solar Energy hands-on workshops outreach 20th anniversary training catalog | 2011 3
  3. 3. welcome welcomeFrom our While we are celebrating, we are also renewing our commitment to From our This evolution has allowed Solar Energy Internationaldirector remain leaders in RE education. There is much more work to chairman to expand our educational offerings and participant base do to make renewables into our that now includes those trainingJohnny Weiss “conventional” energy source Donald E. Phillipson to be professional installers,H T instead of just an “alternative.” designers, and builders as part ooray and greetings from At the same time, aggressively hink back to the year 1991. of mainstream businesses. For Solar Energy International! marketed, lower quality RE training Except for a few vanguard example, today’s photovoltaics Welcome to our 2011 programs are moving in to compete. wind farms and solar arrays, courses include a heavy dose ofcatalog of hands-on workshops and We encourage everyone to shop electric grids in the U.S. were fed by grid-tied technologies, as thatonline courses. Today there is good carefully and do their research power produced almost exclusively knowledge is essential in today’snews: renewable energy (RE) education is at last before committing to any training service. from burning coal and natural gas, nuclear fission in setting where utilities and states encourage distributedbecoming mainstream. While new training programs Solar Energy International’s thriving online reactors, and water flowing through turbines at huge electric power generation from RE resources.abound, Solar Energy International continues to training programs enable us to provide quality cost- dams. A few scientists were just beginning to express From our very beginning, SEI has consistentlyset the acknowledged high standard for in-person, effective training to more people around the country concerns about potential “global warming” caused by tried new ideas for workshops, courses, andclassroom training, hands-on labs, fieldwork, and and the world. In this past decade, our instructional human-induced changes in the gases present in the educational materials. Those ideas have includedonline curriculum. and support staff has grown as dynamically as the earth’s atmosphere, especially carbon dioxide. different subject matters, teaching methods, and We are proud to contribute to this mainstreaming photovoltaic industry. Our instructors continue to Technologically, businesses and individuals were workshop locales. Some ideas were successful and canof renewable energy with more than 15,000 alumni help us stand out as the recognized benchmark in trying out new communications methods called the be traced to current offerings. Others were not andwho have installed many solar, wind, water power, energy education services. We are encouraged that the “Internet” and “cellular telephones.” In this setting, were abandoned. One recent successful idea is use ofand sustainable building projects. Our long-standing U.S. Department of Energy has selected Solar Energy two Colorado Mountain College instructors – that “fledgling” 1991 technology called the Internet.nonprofit mission to help others learn about International to be part of its national program Johnny Weiss and Ken Olson – bravely started an Today, our online courses are a vital and expandingrenewable energy has never wavered. We believe to help colleges develop the capacity to conduct organization devoted to teaching renewable energy aspect of our educational offerings.renewable energy is now more important than ever renewable energy training around the country. (RE) and sustainable building technologies. Solar Energy International welcomes andfor the environment, the economy, national security The future is very exciting for both SEI and Solar Energy International was born. embraces all changes that allow us to accomplish ourand our legacy to future generations. renewable energy education. Like never before, During our first decade, most people attending educational mission. In my 18 years of association Solar Energy International remains dedicated to people worldwide realize that energy efficiency, solar, workshops could fairly be described as counter- with SEI, I have observed two constants. First, theproviding practitioners with the knowledge and skills wind, water power and sustainable building are the culture folks, such as homeowners purposely living “international” in our name is not just a word butto help free the planet from a deepening dependence way of the future. Decision-makers are beginning to off the electric grid or those wanting to go into reflects a spirit within Solar Energy International andon fossil fuels. Solar Energy International continues understand that the brief age of abundant and cheap business to provide alternatives to total reliance on action to the extent feasible. Second, even though ato have the dedication and talents to train both oil, gas and coal is nearly over. It’s been a wild ride, large public utilities. Particularly, with respect to variety of people have joined or left over the years,industry professionals and those just becoming but now is the time to get sustainable. In the coming electric power, a counter-culture attitude was fostered Solar Energy International has always had a staffinterested in RE technology. Our charitable outreach decades, we plan to help every interested person in part by the hostility of many public utilities toward and cadre of instructors incredibly dedicated to ourprograms also proudly reach thousands of kids, learn about and implement renewable technology. grid-tied small electric power generation. mission of helping others to use renewable energywomen, Native Americans and international students. We plan to also focus on the training of trainers Since the late 1990s, public utility and general resources and sustainable building technologies There are more reasons to celebrate this year. It is and curriculum development as renewable energy public attitudes about renewable energy and through education and technical assistance.Solar Energy International’s 20th year of training and education continues to grow exponentially. Come sustainable building have evolved rapidly into greater I expect these constants will remain as SEI moveseducating people in the practical use of renewables. join us! Together we will create a bright future. acceptance and even promotion of these technologies. into our next 20 years of educational endeavors.4 Solar Energy International | (970) 963-8855 20th anniversary training catalog | 2011 5
  4. 4. update update20 years in Help from Jane Koger Homestead Ranch Advisory Board our friends Donald Aitkenthe making Jane attended the Women’s PV workshop in 2000, after which she Union of Concerned Scientists had an all-women’s crew, including J. Douglas Balcomb participants from the workshop, install Solar Energy Research Institute a 2kW PV system on her organic cattle Pliny Fisk IIIS O ranch in Kansas. She then built a straw olar Energy International ur Board of Directors bale house, using power from the PV Center for Maximum Potential is well known as one of the system and straw she grew herself. Building Systems and Advisory Board longest-running renewable Joe Jordan are composed of Jock Jacober NASAenergy education and skills experienced professionals who Jacober Brothers Construction Alex Hillingertraining organization in the U.S. In bring a wealth of knowledge to PV instructor Jay Peltz (right) with U.S. Dept. of Energy’s 2010 Jock is a local builder and on Colorado’s Good Chemistry2011, Solar Energy International our organization. Meet them here. Train-the-Trainers workshop participants in Paonia, Colorado. Western Slope specializing in straw bale Barbara Kerrcelebrates 20 years of providing construction and green building. Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Centerrenewable energy education for a Thomas A. Lawandsustainable future. photovoltaic textbook, which has led the industry as Board of Directors Mark Kavasch Brace Research Institute During the last two decades, Solar Energy the definitive guide to solar design and installation. Jeff Dickinson Reese Henry & Company Phillip LivingstonInternational has been a leader in providing hands- More recently, the U.S. Department of Energy Biospaces and Sustainable Design Mark is a partner at Reese Henry & Co. Sungrid Innovative Energy Solutionson workshops and online courses in solar, wind and chose Solar Energy International as one of nine Jeff is an architect, energy consultant and specializes in business consulting, Amory Lovinsmicro-hydro electric energy and sustainable building organizations nationwide to provide Train-the- and author who has been a Practitioner tax planning, tax compliance, IRS Rocky Mountain Institute of Sustainable Architectural Design resolutions, financial preparation,technologies. In 20 years, we have provided our Trainers workshops to community college instructors, Maureen McIntyre Alternatives for the past 20 years. He internal accounting controls and audits.diverse set of workshops to more than 15,000 people through DOE’s Solar Instructor Training Network. McIntyre Communications Inc. has designed and built passive solar,from all 50 U.S. states and 67 countries. In 2009 we Finally, Solar Energy International is launching a free Richard and Karen Perez strawbale and Earthship homes. Ed Marstonhad our most successful year, training nearly 3,600 online Introduction to Renewable Energy course that Home Power Magazine High Country Newspeople in the United States. promotes renewable energy technologies to all who Ed is the former publisher of High Randy Udall Don Phillipson Country News, a regional newspaper Association for the Study The core of our organization’s reputation is built want to learn about this emerging field. Phillipson Sustainable Energy Options Don is a lawyer specializing in civil covering public land and natural of Peak Oil-USAon our Renewable Energy Education Program, Even more unique is the fact that Solar Energy resources in the western United States. litigation. His work has involved water Sam Vanderhoofthrough which we’ve offered hundreds of hands-on International provides our expertise and training He and his family live in Paonia, Pacific Renewables Group rights, patents, trade secrets, contracts,workshops and online courses. With 17 Institute to people of all ages, from around the world, and antitrust claims often relating to Colorado, where Ed has recycled several Neville Williamsfor Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ)-certified and in less fortunate communities. Through technology. downtown commercial buildings. Standard Solar Inc.trainers and 24 North American Board of Certified our Outreach Programs, we work globally with Robert WillsEnergy Practitioners (NABCEP)-certified solar grassroots international development organizations, Johnny Weiss Solar Streaminstallers teaching for us – more than any other solar nationally with Native American communities, and Solar Energy Internationaltraining organization – Solar Energy International’s regionally with school groups. With our International Johnny has been a full-time renewableinstructors are on the forefront of renewable energy Development and Native American programs, we energy educator for more than 20 years. He is a co-founder and executive Energy analyst Randy Udall,education and solar training. promote sustainable community development that director of SEI. Johnny works with co-founder of the Association Our highly qualified PV team members improves quality of life for rural communities here in Native Americans and on international for the Study of Peak Oil-USA,and contract instructors wrote and published a the United States and abroad. rural development projects. is a SEI Advisory Board member.6 Solar Energy International | (970) 963-8855 20th anniversary training catalog | 2011 7
  5. 5. In 2010, SEI joined with Salt Lake Community Solar Electric Training College and the PV201L: Solar Electric Lab WeekUtah Solar Energy For 20 years, Solar Energy International has been (Grid-Direct) enhances PV101 through a nuts- at the forefront of solar photovoltaic (PV) training. and-bolts, hands-on installation workshop. Students Association to SEI employs more than 30 instructors who work in will install, commission, test, and operate multiple form the Rocky the PV field and constantly strive to keep up-to-date grid-direct PV systems, featuring a variety of Mountain Solar with new technology, trends, and regulations. mounting types and balance-of-system components. Training Provider Most Solar Energy International instructors group, as part of are North American Board of Certified Energy PV202: Grid-Direct Design and the NEC, the U.S. Dept. Practitioners (NABCEP)-certified and Institute for in-person and online, is an advanced grid-direct PV Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ)-accredited. To workshop. PV202 focuses heavily on the National of Energy’s Train- stay ahead in this ever-changing field, our PV team Electrical Code and system design calculations. the-Trainers constantly updates curriculum to reflect ongoing It also features sections on commercial PV, grid initiative. developments in the industry, and invites industry interconnection, 3-phase services, disconnects and experts to conduct technical and curriculum reviews series fusing, inverter selection, installation best Leaders in to ensure the highest-quality learning experience. practices, and troubleshooting. PV101 and PV202 In 2010, Solar Energy International performed are musts for anyone in the grid-direct business. a major overhaul of our curriculum, and expanded offerings to make workshops more specific to people’s PV203: Battery-Based Design, in-person and goals in the industry. And because our courses build online, builds on PV101, with a focus on stand-alone Training upon one another, there is a path for every skill level and grid-tied with battery back-up systems. PV203 and interest – from do-it-yourself homeowners to comprehensively covers the many different types of professional designers and installers. PV systems that use batteries, and how to design and install code-compliant, battery-based systems. PV203 Solar, wind, micro-hydro, sustainable building and rural can be taken directly after PV101. PV101: Solar Electric Design development. Solar Energy International knows training. and Installation (Grid-Direct) in-person workshops and online courses focus on grid-direct A t Solar Energy International, we believe • Solar Thermal systems, the most common PV people learn by doing. Our Solar PV Become a part of the burgeoning solar hot water system installed today in the U.S. and Renewable Energy Education and radiant heating industry or learn to design a PV101 covers the fundamentals Programs offer a full spectrum of online system for your own home. of electricity and photovoltaic courses and hands-on workshops in locations • Wind Power systems, site analysis, mounting around the world. From solar training to wind Learn to design, install, troubleshoot, and and grounding, safe installation and power education, participants learn to design, maintain residential wind power systems. commissioning procedures, and build and maintain renewable energy systems • Micro-Hydro Power numerous other topics. The in-person workshop, which and energy-efficient, sustainable homes. Solar Learn how to site design and install a includes PV101 PREP, is especially Energy International offers training in: micro-hydro system. interactive, with lecture segments • International-Rural Development followed by applied exercises; the Learn to help improve the quality of life for workshop also includes hands- • Solar Electric PV (Photovoltaics) people in the developing world, or in lesser developed on labs. For more hands-on Learn the technical ins and outs of solar electricity. areas of industrialized nations. experience, follow PV101 with • Sustainable Building • Renewable Energy for Educators Solar Energy International’s Learn to design and build sustainable, efficient, Teachers and educators learn to implement one-week hands-on Lab Week. U.S. Dept. of Energy Train-the-Trainers hands-on workshop participants comfortable and beautiful homes. renewable energy curriculum into their classrooms. at Solar Energy International’s PV lab facility in Paonia, Colorado. 8 Solar Energy International | (970) 963-8855 20th anniversary training catalog | 2011 9
  6. 6. Solar Hot Water Training “Solar Energy International’s curriculum makes Why choose Solar Energy International for solar hot water education? Our instructors have the most complex systems understandable PV205: Economics of Solar: extensive field experience and are passionate about through their knowledgeable instructors that Making the Financial Case teaching. Our solar hot water program offers an is a rigorous interactive workshop unparalleled combination of hands-on knowledge show their commitment to teaching on every designed to help dealers, installers, and and technical expertise. level of knowledge. SEI is a head above the rest.” salespeople understand and make the Solar Energy International has 20 years of most accurate and compelling financial educational experience within the expanding ~ Charles Byers, Solar Hot Water Design, 2010 case possible for the value of PV systems. solar industry. We began offering solar thermal The class is focused on residential systems, workshops in 2001. Industry experts thoroughly tax rules, incentives, and best practices. review and update our curriculum to keep current Examples cover many states, but emphasis with continually evolving equipment choices, system is on the local region, and how to make design standards, and best practices. ST101: Solar Hot Water Design a strong economic selling through a and Installation is a five-day workshop that teaches thorough economic analysis of simple the theory, design considerations and installation payback, total lifecycle payback, internal strategies necessary to install and maintain a solar hot rate of return, cash flow analysis, and water system. Passive solar water heaters, drainback appraisal resale value. systems, antifreeze systems, and photovoltaic powered systems are all discussed in depth. Pool heating systems and an introduction to space heating Our newest PV offering! systems are covered as well. Also included are safety considerations, code compliance, system sizing, and PVOL206: Solar Business and understanding solar collector performance in a variety Technical Sales has been developed of climates and applications. Lessons learned from from the ground up with a strong focus decades of experience address solar collectors, pumps, on business principals. This online blowers, controls, storage tanks, heat exchangers, course is for those working in the solar maintenance and more. Installation techniques like industry or hoping to work in solar sealing roof penetrations and collector racking details sales. Through insightful presentations are part of the program. This workshop includes U.S. Dept. of Energy Train-the-Trainers PV101 and instruction from working experts in the field, hands-on labs (assembling solar water heating and workshop in Paonia, Colorado, in 2010. SEI’s PV206 Solar Business and Technical Sales pool systems, wiring controls, soldering copper course covers marketing and sales techniques you tubing and using site analysis tools and software)PV301L Solar Electric Lab Week (Battery-Based) will need to be successful. Concepts discussed in or real-world installations and tours of workingallows students to apply the theory learned in PV203 detail include: customer qualification, solar site solar a variety of battery-based systems ranging from analysis, creating conceptual design proposals,small, stand-alone applications to complex, grid-tied system costing, incentives and rebates, cost-benefit ST201: Solar and Radiant Heating is a three-daywith battery back-up systems. analyses, financing options, and the non-financial workshop that provides critical information to design benefits of photovoltaic systems. While certain practical and efficient solar and radiant heatingPV204: Solar Sales and Marketing is for both aspects of the PV206: Solar Business and Technical systems for energy and cost savings with comfort ofsolar salespeople and management/owners. We share Sales course will be a review for students who underfloor heating. Become a part of the burgeoningtips for setting up a solid and effective sales team, then have previously taken SEI’s PV204 or PV205, this radiant heating industry and a rapidly emerging solargenerating leads. Topics include solar market segments, workshop offers a broad curriculum based on the marketplace. Topics include radiant heating basicspromotion strategies, lead generation, marketing tools, NABCEP PV Technical Sales Job Task Analysis to help Participants in our Solar Hot Water workshop at and construction details, solar fundamentals, systemand setting up and running sales organizations. These prepare participants for the NABCEP PV Technical Solar Energy International’s new classroom facility designs, collector mounting, heat load analysis, sizingstrategic insights can save, and possibly help you earn, Sales Certification. at Third Street Center in Carbondale, Colorado, collectors, control strategies, installation standards,thousands in avoiding mistakes and increased sales. received hands-on training in 2010. and performance and cost.10 Solar Energy International | (970) 963-8855 20th anniversary training catalog | 2011 11
  7. 7. Wind Energy Training WP201: Residential Wind Jimmy Dean once said, “I can’t change the Maintenance and Repairdirection of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to includes a brief review of basicalways reach my destination.” This is one way to wind-electric system designthink about how energy derived from the winds that principles and practice, andmove across the surface of the earth can be a viable then focuses on maintenance,source of renewable power. troubleshooting, and repair Wind turbines are able to harvest this energy of these systems. This is ansource and convert it to power that can be used to advanced workshop, intended forprovide electricity. Wind energy is “green” because experienced wind-electric systemit produces energy with no pollution or greenhouse users, designers, and installers, orgas emissions. While it’s true wind power is not an for those who have attended SEI’savailable power generating source 100% of the time, Wind Design and Installationwe at Solar Energy International believe it is an workshop. Classroom sessions willintegral part of our energy independent future. complement extensive hands-on Solar Energy International teaches wind work. Workshop participants willworkshops in Paonia, Colorado, and Guemes Island, work on real-world wind-electricWashington, including: systems, including tilting down a tower, climbing and working on freestanding and guyed towers, Wind workshop participants in Paonia, Colorado. and working on wind turbines and balance of systems components. Approximately half of this Micro-hydro system example during hands-on training. WP101: Wind Design and Installation teaches workshop is hands-on work. participants to design and install residential wind MH101: Micro-Hydro systems that range from 10 to 70 feet in diameter Micro-hydro Design and Installation and produce up to 100 kWh. The workshop covers “I took the micro-hydro Training covers design considerations as system sizing, site analysis, installation and safety they apply to both low and high course on Guemes Island issues, and hardware specification. Learn about the head micro-hydro systems. The different available residential wind turbines, how they and it was an outstanding Micro-hydro is often called focus is on core concepts applied work, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. experience with a the holy grail of small-scale to a range of hydro applications, renewable energy systems. including preliminary system WP102: Homebuilt Wind Turbines guides valuable balance between Energy can be derived from sizing for mechanical and participants through the process of building a small technical detail, conceptual micro-hydro systems 24 hours a electrical power generation of 50- wind turbine from scratch. Brief sessions each day day, year-round. For those with watt to 100-kilowatt capacities. understanding and in-field a reliable water source on their on wind generator theory are followed by shop Topics cover safety procedures, sessions. The workshop group will construct one to experience. The excellent property, micro-hydro might be system components, AC and three working wind generators. Approximately three- organization of this course the most cost effective option. DC systems, site analysis, battery quarters of this workshop is hands-on construction of Micro-hydro systems convert storage, maintenance, hybrid wind turbines. Participants gain hands-on experience brought all these valuable energy from falling water in systems, and case studies. Hands- carving wooden blades, winding coils, wiring, and learning elements together. ” a river or stream into usable on exercises include methods of fabricating a complete wind turbine. The turbine electricity. All that is required flow measurement, determining built in the workshop will produce up to 1,500 watts ~ Leif Kindberg, for a micro-hydro site is a head, and analyzing and in high winds. Participants learn how to adapt this water source, piping, a turbine assembling small systems. Class and other designs for other voltages, and how to scale Micro-hydro, 2010 generator system, and wiring to lectures are combined with siteWind training in Guemes Island, Washington. the design concepts up or down to meet their needs. connect power to the home. tours and lab exercises.12 Solar Energy International | (970) 963-8855 20th anniversary training catalog | 2011 13
  8. 8. Educator Training Rural Development Training selection. The workshop covers typical applications and case study examples. Held at Rancho Mastatal, At Solar Energy International, Renewable energy technologies can greatly improve an environmental learning center and retreat locatededucation is our mainstay. We offer the lives of people in developing countries. Women, in the last virgin rainforest of Costa Rica’s Puriscaltraining for K-12 educators through who spend their days gathering firewood to cook over County. Taught in both English and Spanish.our Solar In the Schools program. Our smoky fires, contract respiratory and eye diseases.educator training courses are accredited Smokeless metal stoves, biogas digesters, and solar RD201: Renewable Energy for the Developingon the graduate level through Colorado’s cookers can greatly alleviate these issues. Solar food World-Hands-on, hosted at Fundacion Durika,Mesa State University. drying can solve problems with food preservation and a private reservation of 18,500 acres in Costa seasonal food supply. Millions of lives lost each year Rica, teaches design and installation of renewableRE101: Teaching Solar Energy to from water-related diseases can be saved by solar water energy systems: build solar ovens with a women’s purification and water distillation. Electricity cooperative, build a methane biodigestor,Kids helps educators learn the secrets can also greatly improve people’s and learn about other technologiesto teaching renewable energy to kids lives by boosting education, appropriate to the developingand is taught by experienced teachers. health care, agriculture, and world. Taught in bothThis popular, accredited, jam-packed Educators collaborate at Solar Energy industry. Though many English and Spanish.hands-on workshop is aimed at K-12 teachers and non-formal educators alike. Participants talk pedagogy and International’s new Third Street Center rural communities willrenewable energy theory while building solar ovens, classroom in Carbondale, Colorado. never have the electric RD203:solar race cars, model wind turbines and more. utility grid, they can Appropriate use the sun, wind Technology for and water. As the DevelopingRE201: K-12 Advanced Renewable Energy many sustainable World inEducator Training features three groups of educators Mexico providestackling three big classroom projects in three days. development projects are fully an overview ofFor educators who have taken RE101 or have an implemented technologiesenergy-teaching background, Solar Energy International with education promotingoffers this intensive hands-on workshop. Past projects and training, small-scaleinclude a model sustainable community with a renewable energy sustainablerenewable energy grid, solar suitcase lighting systems for technologies can energy andthe developing world and natural-building birdhouses. play a crucial role resource in people’s lives. management systems in the developingOur newest Renewable Renewable Energy and world. Learn about ecological water treatmentEnergy for Educators course! Nature Tour is SEI’s all- inclusive, 10-day tour of Costa Rica systems, rainwater catchment, focusing on renewable energy and nature. solar and micro-hydro technologies, andRE102: Solar Suitcase Training build a methane biodigestor for cooking an accredited, graduate-level hands-on workshop Costa Rican naturalist Eugenio Garcia Lopez andteaching WE CARE Solar’s inspiring solar suitcase renewable energy expert Ian Woofenden lead this chartered bus tour. Guides have decades of experience RD205: Sustainable Communityprogram to youth educators. Participants learn Development: Renewable Energy for Ruralto build a solar suitcase: a 40- watt stand-alone in their fields and show the details of renewable energy in a country largely powered by renewables, and the Villages offers hands-on learning in a smallphotovoltaic system intended for distribution to Nicaraguan village, Sabana Grande, Madriz, whichhealth clinics in developing countries. Increase your intricacies of a natural environment more varied than seems possible. has taken up the challenge of becoming a solarability to confidently teach about sustainability, community with Grupo Fenix. Live with families inespecially as it relates to solar electricity, and then RD102: Solar PV Systems for the Developing Sabana Grande who can show you the benefits andrecreate this service learning project with your World teaches design and installation of solar PV obstacles of using solar energy in their community.students during the school year. systems for the developing world in Costa Rica. Install a PV system, build solar cookers with the Workshop participants learn system sizing, site women’s cooperative, and build your own solar analysis, hardware specification, and component battery charger.14 Solar Energy International | (970) 963-8855 20th anniversary training catalog | 2011 15
  9. 9. Green Building Training We continuously hear from potential students and alumni who want to know what training they should take at Solar Energy International. Along with solar, wind, and micro-hydro workshops, we recommend branching out to the various related and relevant training opportunities we offer. If you’ve ever wondered how your solar skills fit into the bigger picture of building energy and design, or if your experience in the construction industry Green Building Design and Construction teaches efficiency, could be expanded to the green sector, sustainable building design, and green building technologies. Solar Enery International has the answer. sciences knowledge base and skill sets to share with SB101: Green Building Design and clients and customers in Green Building Design Construction shows how efficiency, sustainable and Construction. For those pursuing Building building design, and green building technologies such Performance Institute (BPI) certification or Home as solar electricity come together. For job seekers, this Energy Rating System (HERS) training and testing, training shows potential employers you see the full this course helps tremendously in preparation.Sustainable Community Development: Renewable home/building as a system and have a 360-degree “This online experience is a great starter course forEnergy for Rural Villages workshop offers hands-on view of how energy efficiency can help home and anyone interested in entering the green building field,learning in a small Nicaraguan village. business owners. Expand your design and retrofit such as HERS raters, LEED for Homes green raters, etc.,” says Erica Sparhawk, Clean Energy Economy for the Region program manager. “It is also great forRD206: Wind Power for the Developing World homeowners or those interested in buying, renovatingteaches wind turbine construction with Blue Energy or building a sustainable home.”Group in Nicaragua. See how local people can beempowered by making them central figures in the design,construction, and implementation of energy systems. SB201: Straw Bale Construction is for anyoneBlue Energy, located on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, serious about building a straw bale home, in thecreates long-term value by linking its sustainable energy planning and design phase, ready to build, or isservices to life-improving energy uses such as clean light, a professional looking to expand design/buildwater treatment, medicine storage, and ice making for fish knowledge. This five-day, hands-on workshop takesstorage. Work with local technicians to build and install a deeper look at the design and detail considerationswind turbines in these rural fishing villages. Tour PV for straw bale construction. Expand knowledge of thesystems for rural applications and learn about low-tech variety of styles and techniques of building with strawappropriate water treatment systems. bales and learn more about the role and application Renewable Energy for the Developing of earthen plasters. In this workshop designedCU100: Renewable Energy and Energy World hands-on training in Costa Rica. for the homeowner new to straw bale or buildingEfficiency in Cuba educates students about Cuba’s professional seeking green design skills, participantsenergy revolution. Meet with NGOs and government PV101: Diseño e instalación de sistemas solares construct a small straw bale structure from theinstitutions, and visit renewable energy sites in both fotovoltaicos, cara a cara o en linea, se centra en sistemas foundation to the roof, and tour straw bale homes.and urban and rural areas. See first hand how Cuba has conectadas a la red, la instalación fotovoltaica más No prior building or design experience is required,become a model of sustainable energy development. Fully común hoy en los EEUU. Este curso está disponible para Straw Bale Construction green building and people of all skill levels will benefit greatly fromlicensed and legal. participantes que hablan español. training in Carbondale, Colorado. the information and hands-on activities.16 Solar Energy International | (970) 963-8855 20th anniversary training catalog | 2011 17
  10. 10. primed for The SEI Online Learning Experience ONLINE Welcome to Solar Energy Solar Energy International has built its Online Campus with sound learning theory in mind. As you take an online course with us, you have the benefit of Log on to Solar Energy International’s International’s new Online learning through: Online Campus at Campus. Your time is now. • Streaming video with instructional by Smart Phone to read course exercises, stream course videos, participate in examples and expert interviews. Solar Energy International’s Online Campus, online forums, and watch webinars. • Online forums and discussions. at, provides user-friendly, • Chat rooms for real-time discussions. • Live office hours for student- Are you a Solar Energy anywhere, anytime access to our world-class instructor Q&A sessions. curriculum and highly trained instructors. International alum? • Quizzes with immediate feedback and grading. We want you! Log on to solarenergytraining. We pride ourselves in 20 years of developing solar training and renewable • Downloadable course notebooks for org to add your location to our alumni, offline viewing. student and instructor map. energy curriculum, but what really sets SEI’s training apart from any other • Engaging exercises with easy-to-read organization is our technology. We offer online courses including: graphics and schematics. • PV 101: Solar Electric • Readings and resources authored by Design and Installation industry leaders. (Grid-Direct), including PV101 PREP New Online Alumni • PV 202: Grid- Direct Design and Career Center and the NEC The Solar Energy International • PV 203: Battery-Based Online Alumni and Career Center is here to help our students explore Design the opportunities within the renewable • PV 206: Solar Business energy industry. The center provides: and Technical Sales • SB 101: Green Building • Career exploration • Industry leader interviews Free SEI Online Course! Design and Construction • Job posting resources RE100: Introduction to Renewable Energy • RD 101: Renewable • Resume writing tips • New for 2011! Energy for the This resource provides networking • 10-lesson overview of RE types. Developing World connections for students and alumni as • Get to know the SEI Online Campus. • RE 100: Intro to well as opportunities to explore career • Printable Record of Completion. Renewable Energy (free) opportunities and professional paths • SEI Alumni and Career Center access. • Webinars (free) within the renewable energy industry.18 Solar Energy International | (970) 963-8855 20th anniversary training catalog | 2011 19
  11. 11. Solar Energy International - - A Timeline of Achievements 2003 - SEI sends our first INVEST volunteer overseas. Kim Paradis traveled to Honduras for six months working with Enersol Associates. She helped electrify this school with solar so Not to be missed: SEI is celebrating our 20th 1998 - SEI kicks off our students could use computers Anniversary all year long (if not longer). Women’s Program with a and have other amenities. Call and wish us a happy birthday! (970) 963-8855 photovoltaics (PV) workshop in Tucson, Arizona. Since then, we’ve conducted 23 workshops just for women. That’s more than 350 2005 - The Solar School Bus 1991 - Solar Energy International women trained, thanks to that arrives on the scene to help teach has our beginnings in a collaborative program. And many more women kids about renewable energy and effort between Johnny Weiss and Ken T-shirt design, circa 1996. take our co-ed solar workshops. guzzle some veggie oil. Olson to educate people around the world so that they better use renewable energy and environmental building technologies. The current and most recent scenic SEI T-shirt design. 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 By 1993, Solar Energy This design was featured on SEI International made inroads T-shirts many times over the years. on a broad array of 2005 - In coordination with Honor renewable energy 1998 - A big year for SEI! the Earth and the Western workshops including Solar Energy International 2002 - Solar Energy Shoshone Defense Project, we bio-diesel, micro-hydro, also launched our first PV International is one trained more than 20 Native wind, electric vehicle, course ONLINE, serving of the first training Americans in PV installation and strawbale building and even 44 students and organizations to gain installed a PV system to power the a hydrogen workshop. furthering our positon of accreditation for our PV ranch home of Western Shoshone 2009 - Solar Energy While we haven’t stuck educational leadership 2004 - Photovoltaics: program through the IREC elders Mary and Carrie Dann. International becomes the with all of these as in the industry. Design and Installation workshops, SEI remains organization. As of 2010, SEI Regional Trainer-of-Trainers Manual is published hopeful that all innovative Comparatively, in 2009, is proud to have seven for PV and Solar Heating and and utilized as the technologies contribute to SEI served 1,512 online accredited Instructors and Cooling for a 15-state Rocky A very early SEI T-shirt design. textbook in our PV a greater sustainable future. participants. 10 accredited Master Mountain group through the training workshops. Trainers actively involved in U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Solar teaching our courses. Instructor Training Network. Follow the evolution of logos Solar Enery International has used through the years.20 Solar Energy International | (970) 963-8855 20th anniversary training catalog | 2011 21