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Georgia alliance for safe roads


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    • 1. Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads Partnership for Road Safety Foundation
    • 2. Scope of the Problem  Growth in registered vehicles in Georgia over the period 2004-2008 increased by 91%.  In 2008, 867 were killed and 9063 injured or disabled in car accidents.  48% of road deaths and 68% of injuries occur in urban areas  The number of deaths during accidents equals to 18.2 deaths per 100,000 people. It is a10 times greater than the best EU countries.  Some estimation shows that, already 20-30% of the beds in emergency rooms of some Georgian hospitals are taken up with road accident victims;
    • 3. Compare to Diseases in 2008 1. Blood circulation diseases – 27579 2. Tumors / cancer – 4661 3. Digest diseases - 1260 4. Respiratory obstruction – 1237 5. Motor vehicle accidents – 867
    • 4. Major Risk Factors  Poorly Designed Infrastructure  Poor Car Conditions  Inappropriate Behavior of Road Participants ( Speeding , Drinking and Driving, non use of Seat Belts and Child Restraints, Pedestrians )
    • 5. Partnership For Road Safety  Founded in 2006 by FIA Foundation with support of Georgian Automobile Federation, Civil Society Institute, BTKK policy research group;  Main goal is to change people’s attitude and behavior towards road safety issue through implementing public awareness campaigns;  Public Opinion Survey on Road Safety Issues  Explore and analyze road safety legislation and initiate necessary amendments
    • 6. Projects and Activities  In 2009, PfRS launched a “Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads” project, with support of USAID, BP, Ministry of Education and Science, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Georgia, Embassy of U.S. in Georgia, Georgian Automobile Federation, Magazine “Auto Bild”, TV Programme “Saimedo Auto”  Sub-projects: Seat Belt Promotion and Youth Road Safety Education  Project is carried out under the auspices of the First Lady of Georgia
    • 7. Seat Belt and Youth Education Reduced the risk of injury by 40- 60% Does not allow to fall out from the car Spreads the impact on the whole body Most effective on low speeds Strengthens road safety culture in general Young people will get greater awareness of road safety and acquire necessary skills They will understand risks which result from inappropriate behaviour on the roads
    • 8. Seat Belt Project  Active public awareness campaigns on seatbelts in partnerships with government, media, businesses and NGOs;  Radio PSAs, Promotional Videos  Posters, cards, leaflets which were distributed in 150 hospitals  Door to Door Campaign, aims spread information on seat belt  Adoption of wearing seat belts on urban roads  Research - 2 % on urban roads, 41% on the highway wear seatbelts;
    • 9. Youth Road Safety Education  Programme was piloted in 48 schools of Georgia in 3 rd and 4th classes, additionally 30 schools will join the project  Totally 20 000 pupils will be involved in the project  New books, film for children and visual tools were created and distributed  According to the pre –post programme research knowledge level of children was increased by 38%  Road safety events were conducted in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Rustavi schools
    • 10. How to tackle the problems  Development of road infrastructure  Increase of technical standards of cars  Investing more resources in public awareness raising on road safety with objective to change the attitude and behaviour  To establish the road safety education training in the secondary schools  To make the use of seat belts mandatory on all roads  Ensure the enforcement of existing laws related to drink driving, speeding and other violations
    • 11. Thanks for your attention! Please visit