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My Social Album provides an easy way to collect photos from our friends. When we go travel with our friends, we also take a lot of photos, our friends do it so. When we come home, we want to collect some photos we like from our friends, and we also want to share our photos to my friends. In the past, we need to download the photos from our friend’s album and then upload it to our album. Our hacks use the Wretch API to implement a direct copy method to get photos from friend’s album to ours.

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My Social Album

  1. 1. Yahoo! Kimo Open Hack Day 2009 My Social Album by MPCLab
  2. 2. Scenario • Go travel with friends • somebody bring their camera • Take a lot of photos • we are in different camera • Upload to Wretch Album to share • we want to share our photos • we want to collect photos we like
  3. 3. When we come home.. • “please send me the photos that include me”(who are you?) • “please send me the photos that I like”(who knows...) • “everybody send to A, and then burn it to dvd”(too slow...) • “upload to FTP”(slow and need to download and pick...) • “upload to wretch album and to collect the photos I want”
  4. 4. In the past, we need to.. • go to our friend’s album • click right button to download the photos • sometimes we need to close the javascript because our right button is locked • save the photos in our PC • go to our wretch and then upload...
  5. 5. It’s a troublesome business!! If there are n photos, we need to download n times and then upload n photos
  6. 6. Main Idea My Album My Friend’s Album Wretch API ‘Yahoo!’ ‘Open Hack Day’ Copy Some Pictures I Want!!
  7. 7. Use the Wretch API and YUI3 get photos from friend to our album just need one action!!
  8. 8. Use Shift Key to select one or more photos
  9. 9. Drag it to your album
  10. 10. The photos will copy to your album!
  11. 11. You can zoom in or zoom out to see more clear
  12. 12. Friend Recommendation We also use Wretch API to get friend link to compute the friendship, and output some friends that we maybe interesting in! My Friend Me My Friend’s Friends Recommend
  13. 13. Conclusion My Social Album based on Wretch API, so if we copy the photos from our friends, just like we upload photos. so our friends will see this action, too. (from Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger or Yahoo! Profiles, etc.) It’s is easy to use and make more interaction with our friends.