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Triclosan news

  1. 1. FAST STATS NfWSWIRE Price of key materials used in population, according to the Centers for 23% healthcare products expected to rise as credit crisis eases To help its 2,300 not-for-profit hospital Disease Control and Prevention. The reas- sessment is the latest signal that the Obama administration is willing to reevaluate thewas how much lower the rate of hospital admis-sions for heart attack was in 2007 compared to members better estimate supply cost in- possible health impacts of chemicals that2002, according to an analysis of Medicare data flation during their budget processes, the have been in widespread use. published in the March 23 issue of the journal Premier healthcare alliance has released the The FDA updated its website, www.fda. Circulation. March edition of its semiannual Economic gov, with information about triclosan, a Outlook analysis. According to insights common ingredient added to many con- from raw materials experts cited in the sumer products to reduce or prevent bacte- 24.4% analysis, in the next 12 months cotton, plastic and oil - three key materials used in rial contamination. In January, Rep. Edward J. Markey, chair- was the decrease in heart attack hospitaliza- many healthcare products - will experience man of the House Energy and Commercetions for white men from 2002 to 2007, whereas price increases as the international economy Subcommittee on Energy and the Environ- biack men experienced a smaller decline (18%). rebounds, the value of the dollar increases ! ment, sent a letter to the FDA requesting in- Black women had a smalier deciine in heart at- and demand exceeds supply. tack hospitaiization rate compared with white formation about the stahis of FDAs ongoing women (18.4% versus 23.3%, respectiveiy). As a result, annual market inflation review of triclosan in consumer products. rates will increase on average between 1.6 In responding to the Chairmans letter, percent and 4.6 percent across categories FDA explained that, in light of animal 228,170fee-for-service Medicare patients were admitted such as cardiovascular services, facilities, imaging and nursing. Premiers existing contracts, excluding foodservice and phar- studies raising questions about triclosans safety, the agency is engaged in an ongoing scientific review to incorporate the most to the hospital for heart attack in 2007 com- macy, are expected to increase by about 1 up-to-date data and information into the pared with 297,653 in 2002. percent on average in the next year, lower regulations that govern consumer products than overall market increases which are containing triclosan. The FDA does not have predicted to be an average of 3 percent sufficient safety evidence to recommend 87,000fewer heart-attack admissions occurred in 2007 during this time frame. The Economic Outlook projects rates of inflation for the ensuing 12 months. changing consumer use of products that contain triclosan at this time. For some consumer products, there is clear than would have been expected had the rate Premier produces a new analysis every six evidence that triclosan provides a benefit. remained constant. months to ensure projections are reflective For other consumer products, FDA has not of changing market trends. The analysis received evidence that the triclosan provides helps alert Premier alliance hospital mem- an extra benefit to health. At this time, the 300,000 fewer heart attack admissions in all occurred bers to market forces that could drive price changes in the coming months and years. It compares Premiers contractual price agency does not have evidence that triclosan in antibacterial soaps and body washes pro- vides any benefit over washing with regular over the six-year period covered in the study, protection against supplier price inflation soap and water. For more information visit than if the rate had remained steady at the estimates to deliver a detailed estimate of ¡ 2002 level. projected supply costs. PressAnnouncements/ ucm207833.htm The analysis includes accurate predictors ! of price inflation through an Inflation Cal- I FDA requires device manufacturers 5. 0. 0 per year was the relative average annual de- culator in Premiers Supply Chain Advisor. The online calculator allows members to to include information on pédiatrie populations estimate their facilitys total inflation impact The FDA announced that they will begin cline in heart attack admissions between 2002and 2007, after adjusting for factors such as age by taking into account individual utilization implementing a requirement that device and gender. patterns and the price protection offered by manufacturers provide readily available Premiers contracts. Visit www.premierinc. I information in certain premarket applica- com for more information. tions on pédiatrie patients who suffer from 1964was the year the U.S. Surgeon General issued a FDA says studies on triclosan, used in sanitizers and soaps, the disease or condition that the device is intended to treat, diagnose, or cure, even if the device is intended for adult which linked cigarette smoking to signifi- raise concerns Very few devices are developed or as- cantly higher death rates for cancer, cardiovas- The Food and Drug Administration said re- sessed specifically for use in pédiatrie cular disease and other ailments. Since then, a cent research raises "valid concerns" about patients, those 21 or younger at the time gradual decline in the percentage of Americans the possible health effects of triclosan, an I of treatment or diagnosis. This effort will who smoke has been accompanied by a steady antibacterial chemical found in a growing I provide a better understanding of which reduction in the death rate from heart disease, number of liquid soaps, hand sanitizers, ! devices developed for use in adults should reported The Waii Street Journai. dishwashing liquids, shaving gels and even ; be assessed or modified for use in pédiatrie socks, workout clothes and toys. ! populations. The requirements, contained The FDA and the Environmental Protec- in the Food and Drug AdministrationSource: "Recent Declines in Hospitalizations for Acute MyocardialInfarction for Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries", Circulation, tion Agency say they are taking a new Amendments Act of 2007, will also improveMarch 23, 2010; 121: 1322 - 1328. http://circahaiournals,org/ look at triclosan, which is so common that the agencys ability to track the numbercgi/content/abstract/121/11/1322 it is found in the urine of 75 percent of the of approved devices for which there is a See NEWSWIRE on page 86 May 2010 • HtAlIUCARt PURCHASING N£WS •
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