Proprietary vs opensourcecloudcomputing


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Proprietary vs Open Source debate in Cloud Computing

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  • Proprietary vs opensourcecloudcomputing

    1. 1. My 2 cents Paul Quickenden, Strategy Manager Gen-i @paulq @geni_ICT A provocative look at the Proprietary vs Open source debate in cloud computing
    2. 2. Setting the scene
    3. 3. There is considerable discussion within cloud circles about Opensource
    4. 4. ..some (including me) predicting that proprietary software is in big trouble
    5. 5. … OSS pundits are building platforms and attempting to build standards
    6. 6. …and some downright vilification of some vendors
    7. 7. Cloud ‘Developers’ are making choices based on their world view
    8. 8. …seeing some of their partners start to go direct… Obviously, AT&T, Peer1, and Hosted Solutions weren't overjoyed about competing with their storage vendor, which is undoubtedly a major reason why EMC shut down Atmos Online.
    9. 9. …hearing some of their peers being caught out by company failures or acquisitions
    10. 10. While being bombarded with FUD…
    11. 11. ..or bringing their own ‘religious’ beliefs
    12. 12. Which are all valid concerns, but they tend to ignore customers and what they want
    13. 13. ..customers have long since abandoned even the pretence of caring about the definitions…. Proprietary vs Open source
    14. 14. …instead they are making decisions using the same trusted criteria they always have …Technology they know and trust …are trained in (and have built their careers around) …have already business cased (and put their heads on the block)
    15. 15. …or taking the least risk approach… “In the enterprise, Private cloud will Mature First, and it will be built on the technology already in the data centre”
    16. 16. Why is there such a big divide? Proprietary Open Source You got open source on my proprietary cloud You got proprietary on my open source cloud
    17. 17. Well… lets view this from an client adoption of innovation Point Of View
    18. 18. Cloud computing is still early in the product lifecycle
    19. 19. Which means there is lots to DO to get the majority clients over the line Source : bullet/ArticleStandard/Article/detail/605695 16% 34%34%13.5% 2.5% 90%
    20. 20. And the key things to ‘DO’ from a client POV are mainly about service reliability “Availability and performance were tied at #2 last year, and are there again this year.
    21. 21. So… how do you build in performance, availability and dependability into your product?
    22. 22. ….you build your products using proprietary, interdependent architectures — This approach gives you control of the entire system… — And this control improves the reliability • Source: Http:// powerpoint/ Good enough line
    23. 23. And you keep at it until you get past the good enough line…. • Source: Http:// powerpoint/ Good enough line
    24. 24. …and competition changes, in order to differentiate you need to provide more choice, customisation and speed. Good enough line
    25. 25. And to deliver these you need modular, open architectures….or OSS 25January 29, 2015©Copyright Gen-i 2009
    26. 26. Where are we seeing this?
    27. 27. Strong growth of Opensource in commodity areas and ….
    28. 28. …Funnily enough proprietary PaaS…which appears to deliver the speed, choice and customisation
    29. 29. Conclusions… — In general, all big debates that the clouderati are having don’t mean much to clients — Cloud might be a new, but all the old rules apply (innovation adoption, profit, channel dynamics, human dimension, who wins and who looses) — The whole debate of proprietary and OS is just a question of timing… and customers dictate that not us. — Watch for when the ‘good enough’ line is crossed… — The customer outcome that PaaS & open source architectures provides are pretty much the same… — Flexibility, agility, customisation — If you are a developer you are going to have to place your bets, but pick a big player… — And expect to eventually compete with them at the high end 29January 29, 2015©Copyright Gen-i 2009