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Mansingh Jaswal, Founder, GeNex Logistics got quoted in this newsletter which captures the experiences of entrepreneurs in Supply Chain & Logistics industry in India, who left their cushy jobs to realize their dream.

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  1. 1. Vol.1 No.19 / March 2012 Supply Chain IndiaResigned! Ramesh Kumar, Publisher & Editor-At-Large
  2. 2. Arvind Ambo, Senior Vice President, Credence Logisitics, is in a interaction with the end-users in India. And succeededmurderous mood. So also someone at Gati Ltd. Over the past few immensely. Until their arrival on the Indian horizon, logisticsweeks, I was inundated with authentic inputs that senior meant just transportation and it was not a ‘respectable’ industry.executives who were once touted as the backbone of theseorganizations and who would help achieve the scripted big No doubt, the likes of DHL, FedEx, UPS, Panalpina, Schenker,dream goals have quietly put in their papers and moved out or in Kuhne + Nagel were present for long. But they were in differentthe process of moving. When you track the industry such as league with thrust on freight forwarding for outside India. Notlogistics, still in its infancy that is yet to get the respect it within. The likes of Gati, Credence and several others when camedeserves, it pains a lot to know the gem of talent that you have about gave a lot of hope. Naturally, the news about seniorsinteracted with over the past two years have deserted for greener leaving these companies, I strongly felt, would affect their planspastures. What’s happening? under implementation.Coming back to Arvind, a respected new breed of logistical That brought me back to the issue of “Executive Exodus”. Whileindustry professionals in less than five years, he was fretting and the rationale of “leaving for greener pastures” wasfuming when I tweeted last week that Harsh Saksena, a veteran in understandable and acceptable, it helped me rewind my dialoguesurface transport, who was part of Credence Logistics, left to join with owners on professionalizing their organizations. “HowDHL Le Muir. Well, he was not the only one to bid good bye to dependable these professionals are, tell me?” demanded aCredence. Other topnotch seniors who scooted out include chairman of most respected logistics company in his spaciousSuryanarayan Singh, rail logistics specialist, and Hitesh Gossain, chambers. “Show them a Rs.1,000 jump in their monthlythe senior most and No.2 to CEO Pradeep Tewari,when I did a paycheck and I guarantee that they would jump,” he argued.cover story for Logistics Times (co-founded with two colleagues) There is no loyalty to the organization where they work. Forgetin January 2011. Second tier executives – hands and operational about life long loyalty. Not even time bound, goal-orientedheads such as Ram Vihari also quit to join APL Maersk. commitment.More than Arvind, I was perplexed. Why so much desertion?Everyone of them whom I have called up to cross check their exitconfirmed and explained that they decided to move out for‘better career prospects’. Understandable. Arvind felt mytweeting may cause damage to the reputation of his companyand gave vent to his feeling in a strong email. As luck would haveit, the very next day happened to be Pradeep Tewari’s (March 3)birthday, I called up him to wish and clarify that my intentionthrough tweets was not to damage Credence’s image but tocapture happenings in the industry. The soft spoken CredenceCEO, who would have been a professor but for the quirk of fatethat drew him to logistics, explained that he never stoppedanyone who wished to leave “for better prospects” and elaboratedon what his company is upto. Yes, there are challenges to beconfronted and he was hopeful of surmounting them all. Therewas no remorse in his voice. Not accusatory in tone. Thanks,Pradeep!In a similar way got to know that Sameer Khatri, Gati’sinternational operations head, has put in his papers. Sameer,confirmed his proposed exit. Once again, he was someone whomI had met among several other the crème-de la-crème of Gati fora cover story mid-2010. So I know this company seniors insideout. Big plans approved by founder and managing director There are two sets of deserters. One lot goes to work for betterMahendra Agarwal have to be executed by these blue-eyed men paymasters. Another lot wants to test their own businessof highest talent. But … there again, executive exodus. instincts as entrepreneurs. Fortyish Mansingh Jaswal, founder- owner of GenEx Logistics, is a prime example. “The urge isRight hand man, Harry Lagad, left to join Toll Logistics of always there to start your own. Career path planning certainlyAustralia with Singapore as base to enlarge business scope in kicks in. After that, what? After that, what? … Beyond a point,South Asia, including India. Globally renowned cold chain your growth is stunted. That’s when you look around, examineexpert Pawanexh Kohli, heading Gati’s cold chain, left for your business potential, your capacity, your risk-taking abilityArshiya International a few months ago. (Pawanexh, moved out and take a plunge,” explains the bespectacled MDI (Gurgaon)from Arshiya also recently!). Howard-Scott James, the Brit who alumni while sipping lemon tea at Radisson coffee shop on ahad served the British Army as Logistics head, before touching Saturday evening. I listen in rapt attention as GenEx supremodown India and work with Gati as Chief Supply Chain Officer unspools over two and a half hour exposition on where he isalso left to start his own consultancy. heading. I feel happy for him. What if, he were to fail? I ask him. He is ready to face failure, pat comes reply. I salute that spirit.Two respected companies, whom I was tracking, losing out the Unless you experiment, how will you gain experience? he askstop notch team and naturally I was concerned. …. Concerned is rhetorically. It is his own money. Gutsy guy.too strong word. But, on second thoughts, that is the right wordbecause these bunch of experts were trying to pump inrespectability into logistics industry with their exposition and
  3. 3. Mansingh has entered and exited the portals of Expeditors, DHL because - there is a huge shortage of talent at every level.(India and Singapore), BLR Logistics over a span of 15 years and However, these young talent is greedy and aspire to rise in thelast November floated his own GenEx Logistics with a clear focus shortest possible time. This certainly would create hiccups foron freight forwarding, contract logistics, warehousing & companies. So, executive exodus will become a permanentdistribution in the retail space. Six crore Rupees turnover in the feature. It has to be factored in while bluepencilling growthfirst financial year is what he is assured of this year. I can see the strategy.spark in his eyes. Hunger for growth. “I could have remainedworking for someone, but decided to explore my potential,” adds Plans may go haywire. That’s where the shrewd planners –he. owners and their band of loyalists(!) – have to factor in this short-termism of the young talent. Exciting times are ahead.Howard Scott James, ex-Gati, runs his own consultancy and finds Projects are galore. Businesses are willing to outsource more jobshis hands full with opportunities. Honestly, he does not have to 3PLs. Super execution plans are drafted with hypotheticaltime for a cuppa with me for over five months. How, when are managerial strength. It’s a risk. But rewards are mouth-watering.we meeting? A tight rope walk, indeed.But there are companies where senior executives have stayed put The final, authentic, word came from a professional CEO, notfor more than a decade, despite the owner-driven culture. A owner: “Men may come, men may go. But business will continue.senior most executive, next only to owners, says that his stay is Yes, there will a minor turbulence. What’s life without suchfine with the organization, because “I enjoy 100% freedom to challenges? Perhaps this exit will usher in better talent. Whodecide”. No over the shoulder or micro-managing by the foreign- knows?”educated owners. By the way, this suave CEO has been deliveringconsistently in his sphere of operation. In another logistics Yes, who knows?company, seniors have been there for much longer than a decade,micromanaged by the chairman. “I am comfortable. I have nocareer ambitions and at the same time, my interests are fully Send your feedback to ramesh@konsultramesh.comtaken care of by the organization. Why should I worry?” asks aNo.2 in this company. Understandable.The logistics industry is definitely growing. It is attracting talentin small doses. In the days to come, it will draw a lot more Follow @konsultramesh on Twitter for regular updates