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Genex Logistics Got Covered in BharatBenz (On page no. 8, 14 & 15 )
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Genex Logistics Got Covered in BharatBenz (On page no. 8, 14 & 15 )


Genex Logistics has been covered in an Industry magazine (BharatBenz). It is a magazine of Mercedes Benz trucks. It is a quarterly magazine and the title for this quarter is Diversify, become a 3PL …

Genex Logistics has been covered in an Industry magazine (BharatBenz). It is a magazine of Mercedes Benz trucks. It is a quarterly magazine and the title for this quarter is Diversify, become a 3PL player.

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  • 1. smarttruckingJanuary-March 2013 Powered by BharatBenz Built for India BharatBenz DIVERSIFY, BECOME A Light Duty Trucks 3PL Player Why Truck Branding is a smart move for your business
  • 2. January-March 2013BharatBenz Powered by BharatBenz Message(Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd)Editorial BoardBrand Communications - BharatBenzMaxposure Media Group India Pvt. Ltd.Head Office: Unit No. F2B, Second Floor, MIRACorporate Suites, Plot No. 1&2, Ishwar Nagar,Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110065Tel: +91-11-43011111, Fax: +91-11-43011199Publisher & COOVikas JohariCEO & Managing DirectorPrakash JohariCFOKuldip SinghExecutive EditorKabeer Sharma Dear Smart Trucker,Information With this issue, we complete our first anniversary, and what a year it’ been. We’ve gone from being cautiously optimistic in the first issue to being overwhelmed by your feedback for the third issue. As a token of our gratitude– we’ve created an issue befitting of an anniversary for you.Smart Trucking is the quarterly magazine of BharatBenz, anew truck brand from Daimler India Commercial VehiclesPvt. Ltd (DICV). Smart Trucking magazine is printed and Several of you have wanted to know just what it entails to become apublished by Vikas Johari on behalf of MaXposure Media Third Party Logistics player, how to go about becoming one and what itGroup India Pvt. Ltd. (MMGIPL) for BharatBenz and would mean for your business. You’ll find answers to all your questionspublished at MMGIPL, Unit No. F2B, Second Floor, MIRACorporate Suites, Plot No. 1&2, Ishwar Nagar, Mathura in our cover story this issue. We’ve also done an exhaustive feature onRoad, New Delhi - 110065, India. All rights reserved. The warehousing because the answer to sustainable growth lies in growingwriting, artwork and/or photography contained herein may from being just a Fleet Operator to being an end to end service provider.not be used or reproduced without the express writtenpermission of MMGIPL and DICV .The views and opinions You will also find inside a feature about an extra revenue avenue you canexpressed or implied in Smart Trucking are those of the look at tapping for your modern fleet – Truck Branding and an issue thatauthors and do not necessarily reflect those of BharatBenz is of utmost concern to you – Fleet Safety.(DICV) or MMGIPL. All efforts to be accurate have beenmade while compiling the content of this magazine, but weassume no responsibility for the effects arising there from. Looking to blow off some steam after a day of managing logistics and monitoring the movement of your fleet across India? We’ve put together aFOR ENQUIRIES | MMGIPL feature on truck-based simulators and video games which will let you doTel: +91-11-43011111, Fax: just that. Add to this the fact that following the runaway success of the HDT range, BharatBenz is now ready to revolutionalise the LDT segment of Indian Transport with the launch of state-of-the-art, specially engineered for India LDT trucks makes this a really special issue.Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.Unit 201, 2nd Floor, Campus 3B, RMZ MillenniaBusiness Park, No. 143, Dr. M.G.R Road, Perungudi, Enjoy the issue and remember to write in with your feedback.Chennai - 600096, Tamil Nadu, India Tel: +91-44-45996000,Website:, Team BharatBenzE-mail: JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRU CK I N G | 1
  • 3. Contents 04 10 162 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 4. 32INSIGHT 04 | 3PL: Backbone Of The Economy Become a 3PL player, diversify your business10 | Give Your Business The Warehouse Boost The final piece of the logistics puzzleBRAND POWER16 | Did We Bring In A Change? Fleet owners and 38 drivers talk about their BharatBenz experience26 | The Next Milestone In Your Empowerment Introducing built-for-India BharatBenz Light Duty TrucksSTOPOVER32 | Are You Game Enough? Check out the best truck games the virtual world has 44 to offerS MART MOVES38 | Mobile Billboards 26 Fleet operators can strike gold by using trucks as moving billboards 44 | Safety, The New Buzzword Truck associations, fleet owners and truck manufacturers take up the cause of fleet and driver safety JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRU CK I N G | 3
  • 5. 3PL: Backbone of the ECONOMY By becoming a complete solutions provider to his clients, a fleet owner can expand his business and play a significant role for the economy words Ridhima AhluwaliaINSIGHT 4 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 6. The four path system to makeyour business efficient. The firststep is reliable modern trucks;second use of container trucks toutilise space wisely. Then comesthe Hub-and-Spoke model forsystematic delivery and finallywarehouses where goods arestored safely JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRU CK I N G | 5
  • 7. A s international trade grows cent). This is largely due to poor quality and supply chains expand, of infrastructure and the unorganised road smarttrucking January-March 2012 Powered by BharatBenz there is now an absolute transport sector. focus on reliable, low-cost and rapid delivery channels. This is what is prompting everyone from Manufacturers need flexible global firms who to set up factories in India and cheaper links to suppliers in remote areas to smaller start-ups to seek out organised and the intensifying competition for new partners who are financially stable, dependable markets means the finished goods need to be and who want to be partners in the business, delivered to the customers very often – on rather than just be a transporter. According to short deadlines. Moreover, many start-up Indiastat Database, KPMG Analysis, the 3PL companies might not have the resources to sector in India is witnessing an annual growth RISE OF THE Efficient Fleet Management invest in a logistics system of their own. Add of 30 per cent which is in sharp contrast with Super Highways: Almost There to this the fact that getting a different partner the 10 per cent growth which the sector is for each stage of the supply chain is both seeing globally. India’s 3PL market is projected Changing the industry by introducting cumbersome, as well as susceptible to more to witness a CAGR of around 26 per cent in modern trucks in India constant breakdowns. This has led to the move 2011-2013, resulting in a revenue opportunity towards Third Party Logistics (3PL) becoming of nearly `24,451 crore ($4.6 billion) by 2013. even more pronounced as more and more manufacturers outsource all stages of their This is also beneficial for the fleet operator smarttrucking April-June 2012 Powered by BharatBenz production except marketing, sales and high- because it gives him the possibility of level management. Hence, these companies diversifying his business. Moreover, it gives also need best possible logistics to handle him a perennial source of income since he their extended supply chains. is billing the client for everything – from transportation to warehouse storage and ENTER 3PL distribution. Third party logistics firms are those companies which take this a step forward and don’t just HOW 3PL WORKS provide transportation of goods, but also offer The 3PL system has been extensively used facilities such as consolidation, forwarding, in Europe and America, and now in countries STAck, RAck & customs brokerage, warehousing, fulfillment, like China, which have become major Pack Them Radial Revolution A High Powered Yatra distribution, less than truck services and manufacturing hubs. In China, where a few practically any trade-related services that hundred factories that manufacture a large Intelligent utilisation of space maximises their customer needs. Moreover, using 3PL portion of the world’s garments, consumer revenue generation and the answer to this are container trucks companies gives manufacturers the ability to electronics and other products, the logistics track their shipments real-time by using GPS infrastructure is quite primitive, especially monitoring and other measures fleet operators as you move inland. The major retailers and use to manage their fleet. Vikas Mittal, MD, manufacturers outsourcing to these factories McCain Foods India, believes that the need are using their relationships with large 3PLs smarttrucking October-December 2012 Powered by BharatBenz to have a specialised logistics partner is even to control their overseas vendors’ logistics more significant for an expansive country as performance. A few large 3PLs firms under India, where logistics accounts for as much as US or European buyers handle the logistics 13 per cent of the GDP (`6,750 bn) compared from the factories to the final destination. This with the US (9 per cent) or Europe (10 per is increasingly true as more companies have started using India as a hub for production for South-East Asia. Global sourcing and growing competition among manufacturers have made Guru Eliyahu Goldratt, Management Guru material movement more complex, giving riseINSIGHT to third party logistics players. According to RISE OF “The objective of the supply chain is estimates, Japan (80 per cent) accounts for a The Hub The Pro-active Approach Driving in a change to ensure the right amount of the right high proportion of 3PL to the overall logistics product is in the right place at the right activity compared with India (9 per cent). The Hub-and-Spoke model is the time, with minimal investment and cost effective delivery system which operating costs.” maximises efficiency and revenue By outsourcing their logistics activities, manufacturers are not only concentrating 6 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 8. WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR ROAD TRANSPORT?This ensures that the entire cycle from the supplierto manufacturer then the distributor to retail shop iscoodinated efficiently so that the product reaches theconsumer on time. This mode of transportation alsoreduces expenditure cost. Manufacturer produces the goods Supplier Distributor provides the raw material transports finished goods for production to the retailers, transports back unsold goods Consumer receives the product Retail shops are where final product is availableon their core business operations, but also global presence, is Transport Corporationachieving cost-efficiency, improving delivery of India (TCI). After 50 years of extensive Benefits of being a 3PL playerperformance and enhancing customer experience, TCI moves 2.5 per cent of India’s • Business expansion: Fleet ownersatisfaction. For instance, a company which GDP by value and is the proclaimed market gets a perennial source of income byhas a transportation spend worth `1 crore leader of the Indian logistics industry. Mr Jasjit providing additional services like freightby tying up with a 3PL company which has Sethi, President and CEO of TCI SCS, explains, forwarding, goods storagea spend of `100 crores will be able to have “The services encompass small parcels toa lower transportation cost due to increase over-dimensional cargo, express movement to • Higher Profits: By providing variousin business. Moreover, 3PL companies are warehousing. The enabler has been an intrinsic services apart from basic goodscatering to the manufacturers by extending to infrastructure – network of road, rail and sea; transportation, the fleet owner canthem facilities such as specific packing, cross distribution centres to cargo hubs coupled with command a premium for the value-addeddocking, auto replenishment systems and real- an IT network that’s amongst the most robust servicestime tracking of shipments. and widespread in the logistics world.” • Increase efficiency: By working closely3PL IN INDIA Eyeing the lucrative market, some of the with his clients for managing the entireOne of the leading logistics and transportation largest Indian Industrial conglomerates like supply chain, the fleet owner can plan hiscompanies in India, that provides integrated Reliance, Tata, Mahindra and Mahindra, TVS resources much in advancesupply chain and logistics solutions with a Group and Essar Shipping, who have started JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRU CK I N G | 7
  • 9. offering logistics solutions to other Indian Another example is Genex Logistics that companies, have turned these logistics division focuses on value creation through process into profit centres. Other major players like innovations. Its 3PL solution has been Gati, Safexpress and Blue Dart have also beneficiary for a leading apparel and fashion started offering 3PL services. DIESL (Drive retailer. Genex Logistics is considered as India Enterprise Solutions), a Tata group an appropriate partner because of their rich company, jointly owned by Tata Industries experience in 3PL services. and Tata International, is a leading provider of integrated logistics solutions, with over 176 As is clear by Genex and FSC’s experience, warehouses connecting 4,000 towns across the best example of the need for logistics is India. DIESL operates more than 4.4 million sq in the apparel sector. Customer needs in the ft of warehouse area, covering around 90 per sector are very dynamic and the retailer had to cent of the country’s districts and managing respond to change in demands very quickly. In over 1.25 million transactions per month. Mr. order to ensure customer satisfaction, supply- Ajay Chopra, CEO of DIESL explains, “It’s not chain solution is the need of the hour to ensure about stuffing your goods in a warehouse entire range of activities from sourcing to sales or a truck, it’s about providing multi-scaled, are well-synchronised within shortest possible integrated systems driven solutions that add time. This high-level service efficiency has to be value to your supply chain.” coupled with least possible operational costs, which is the biggest challenge for a retailer. Future Supply Chain is another example of a successful 3PL company. Its centre in Bhiwandi “As a 3PL provider, we spotted the gap that caters to food and FMCG sectors while its state of the art distribution centre at Nagpur connects with the other side of the providers, and have been able to create solutions around 3PL offers all processes 400,000 pieces of apparel per day. The company has warehousing storage capacity this that are not only specific, but also integrated ones covering end-to-end activities,” Genex trade related of over six million sq ft spread across strategic locations in India. Express transportation Logistics’ Director Mr. Mansingh Jaiswal said. facilities like services of Future Supply Chains are provided pan-India through its hub-and-spoke model CHALLENGE FOR THE FLEET OPERATOR The challenge for the large fleet operators customs and the company’s International logistics cater is how to implement an efficient system that brokerage, to exports and imports. “We associate with would deliver goods to their destinations our customers to provide optimal supply chain on time while achieving a sizeable profit warehousing, network through a hub-and-spoke model and other services to enable shortest time-to-market margin. FedEx and UPS have successfully implemented the hub-and-spoke model to distribution etc and lowest cost-to-market,” Mr Anshuman Singh, attain a competitive logistics advantage. MD and CEO of Future Supply Chains, explains. Not only does this method of distribution THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS PLAYERS Genex Logistics, Director, DIESL, National Operations Head, Mr.Mansingh Jaiswal Mr.Vikram Mansukhani “As a 3PL provider, we spotted “Our bouquet of offerings,INSIGHT the gap that connects with the coupled with extensive experience other side of the providers and over the last 10 years is backed have been able to create solutions by internationally benchmarked around this that are not only IT systems. This has helped specific but also integrated ones establish DIESL as a leader in covering end-to-end activities“ Indian Logistics Industry“ 8 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 10. contributor to improve processes in supply chain at Dabur has been the technology.” Future Supply Chains too offers state-of-the- art distribution centres with multi-level racking MHEs, RF guns, etc, and uses a GPS-based vehicle tracking system. The usage of a fleet management system is an important aspect of the 3PL, and is employed by everyone – from TCI to Future Supply Chains – since monitoring such a large fleet and ensuring its efficiency becomes a critical part of the services offered to the client. Moreover, active fleet management through GPS systems (which pass on the information about fleet movement to a centralised control room) ensures you know fleet availability to take on new orders, reduce turn-around time and, at the same time, can provide real-time updates to your clients about their orders. By becoming a 3PL player, a fleet owner, not only gets a perennial source of income, but also increases his profit margin due to morereduce transportation cost, it also improves medium fleet operators who can integrate value added services that he provides. Hethe cycle times and reduces inventory. themselves into the hub-and-spoke network of has also moved up the value chain and thusExpress & Logistics (EXL) is one of India’s a large fleet operator and act as their spoke. It plays an even stronger role in the economy.first companies to create a hub-and-spoke is a smart solution to meet the transportation Also, since he is working as the completedistribution model in an industry, which is still demands of a booming nation. solutions provider, he can integrate with hisin the early stages of development. According clients strategies. This enables him to plan histo Indiastat Database, large fleet operators, FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS resources in a much more efficient way. He cantoo, have started experimenting with the Technology remains the buzzword when anticipate more loads, thus buy better trucks,hub-and-spoke model, which has resulted in it comes to 3PL. Recently, DIESL roped in plan his requirement of funds and drivers wellincrease of their market share from just 2 per Tata Consultancy Services for `100 crore in advance. This ensures that his fleet is nevercent in 1994-95 to 11 per cent in 2010-11. technology upgrade. Mr Atul Agarwal, AGM, short on carrying loads and is utilised to theThe model can be practiced by small and supply chain for Dabur agrees, “One common optimum.  yz Future Supply Chain, MD and TCI SCS, President and CEO CEO, Anshuman Singh Mr Jasjit Sethi “We associate with our “The services encompass customers to provide optimal small parcels to over- supply chain network through a dimensional cargo, express hub and spoke model and other movement to warehousing.” services to enable shortest time-to-market and lowest cost- to-market” JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRU CK I N G | 9
  • 11. Give your business the WAREHOUSE BOOST A warehouse is an essential element of a 3PL Player and is an opportunity for the fleet owner to move up the value chainINSIGHT words Manik 10 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 12. A s the Indian transport and the Indian transportation sector is focusing logistics sector spreads on, requires goods to be transported from the its wings, the onus is on manufacturing facilities to major hubs where the Indian fleet operator they are unloaded, assorted, tagged, and then, to develop into a provider transported between smaller centres, from of end-to-end services, where they complete their last mile. In thisrather than a mere provider of transportation feature, we focus on warehouses and howservices. With a renewed focus on adopting setting them is the last piece of the puzzle,the hub-and-spoke system to spread network, making you a complete service provider.increase fleet utilisation and enhance revenues,warehouses have become an integral part of WHY DO WE NEED A WAREHOUSE?supply chain. The hub-and-spoke model, which According to a KPMG report, driven by the JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 1 1
  • 13. growth in production and consumption, The need for a warehouse arises, also, because value-added services such as ticketing, labelling, organised retail, logistics outsourcing and some goods are produced only in a particular returns besides offering back-end support to goods and service tax, the demand for season, but are demanded throughout the year. the customer and coordinating between the warehousing in India will grow at 6.8 per suppliers and the end-customers. cent annually during 2010-13. The Indian For instance, a Chennai-based company produces industry’s requirement for warehousing space light fixtures which are in demand in Delhi and Warehousing is a win-win proposition for both is expected to grow from 391 million sq ft of nearby areas. In order to ensure that its orders are fleet operators, as well as the manufacturers. storage space in 2010 to 476 million sq ft in delivered to the customers on time, it is unable It ensures that the manufacturers can 2013. This demand is fuelled by the demand by to wait for a full truck load to transport fixtures concentrate on their core business and leave the engineering goods, IT, electronics & telecom to Delhi, which will be both time-consuming as the rest of the work to professional firms sectors, whose demand for warehousing space well as expensive. This is when the warehouse and at the same guarantees fleet operator a is expected to grow by 8.2 per cent and 8.6 per steps in. Now imagine if the same company had permanent and perennial source of business. cent, respectively. transported its light fixtures to a warehouse in anticipation of the demand, these light fixtures However, building a warehouse does present This presents the Indian fleet operator a golden were then assorted, stocked and safely stored its share of problems. For instance, it exerts opportunity to develop his warehousing facilities at a warehouse on the outskirts of Delhi from even greater pressure on the logistics and expand business. where they could be transported according to companies’ need to be efficient in their the demand. At the same time, it might not be operations and mechanise warehouses in order WHO NEEDS A WAREHOUSE? cost-efficient for a small company to develop its to cut costs and reduce losses. Moreover, The modern Indian Warehouse is a far cry from the own warehouse. On the other end of the spectrum fleet operators need to benchmark processes concept of a warehouse or a ‘godown’, which is a could be an Italian company which produces and systems and formulate metrics to meet mere four-walls and a shed. It is now a state-of- shoes that have a market in Mumbai. For the world-class efficiency and productivity levels the-art set up featuring high levels of automation, company to ship these shoes as per demand especially when it comes to dealing with multi-rack, palletisation infrastructure etc. would be a lot more expensive proposition than international customers. Companies need to shipping them en masse, and then supplying to use metrics to measure on-time delivery, order But, at the core of it remains the need to securely their local counterparts as per demand. fulfillment, fill rate etc. store goods, away from natural calamities and safe from theft, in such a way that the products HOW DOES A WAREHOUSE WORK? HOW ‘TRUCKERS INDIA’ DID IT can be efficiently provided to the consumer at TCI warehouses, for instance, offer infrastructure Warehouses are expected to constitute about the given time of requirement. The need for a to unload goods, rack them, store them safely 35 per cent of the total logistics industry warehouse arises due to the time gap between and then load them back onto trucks using in India. Major players in the warehousing production and consumption of products. By forklifts and stackers, when the demand is segment are Central Warehousing Corporation, bridging the gap between production and received. In addition to this, they also boast of State Warehousing Corporation, and Food consumption, a warehouse creates time utility. A IT-driven Warehouse Management Systems, Corporation of India. warehouse enables a firm to carry on production Hand-Held Scanners, well-documented and in anticipation of demand in future and sell their refined processes for receipt, put-away, picking, But, the perfect case study is that of Truckers products whenever there is adequate demand. documentation and even shipping. TCI also offers India. Established in 1950 as M.M.O & Co., the Assam-based firm was retained to undertake logistics and warehousing for Indian Tobacco Company (ITC), then known as the Imperial Tobacco Company. They have now grown to be one of India’s most prominent logistics, freight distribution and warehousing companies and Warehouses need not be acres boast of several blue chip FMCG companies as clients. In 1980, Truckers India emerged wide, but spacious enough to holdINSIGHT as a division and soon expanded its base to cover over almost the entire country. Today, whatever the customers would want the company serves over 1,200 towns and cities in India, with a fleet of around 300 vehicles, a combined staff strength exceeding 250 and a storage space exceeding 7,25,000 square feet (approximately 50,000 sq mt). 12 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 14. How things work at a TCI warehouse2 Bonded Goods Handling 3 Assembly, Kitting and Stock Transfers 4 Transport planning1 Order and Inventory Management Warehouse: A boon to fleet owners • Warehouses ensure that a fleet operator is never short of business and open extra revenue opportunity. • Real time inventory information enables fleet owner to plan his transportation accordingly. • By providing these value added services, a fleet owner can greatly improve his profit margins. 5 Products ready to deliver JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 1 3
  • 15. The company has further vertically integrated itself, and is creating built-to-suit logistic parks for its clients. With over 260,000 square feet of space already created, they have another 400,000 square feet of space in the pipeline. With the vast experience the company has, in this field. Truckers India has adopted various green initiatives to ensure that its Logistic Parks are sustainable and eco-friendly. It also boasts of an extensive communications and IT network, including a customized in-house fleet management system, coupled with an online GPS vehicle tracking system, and an online accountancy system that helps them keep track of their operation. "Our core competency is in clearing and forwarding warehouses models. At present, we have warehouses in 28 cities across India, which specialise in services such as total material handling, enterprise resource planning (ERP), stock inventory management etc,” Mr. Ankush Gujral, partner at Truckers India shares. Genex Logistics is another company which, besides operating 12 warehouses across India, has also developed a FTWZ (Free Trade Warehouse Zone). An FTWZ for all practical Genex Logistics Ambala warehouse purposes are ‘Integrated Zones’ which are designated a foreign territory for the purpose of carrying on unhindered business. The Government of India then extends facilities like tax, duty deferment benefits, reduction in custom mind while setting up a warehouse. The most landscape in India is witnessing multiple clearance times and excise duty exemptions for essential is its location, which should be both interesting trends, including increasing manufacturers using these FTWZs. well connected, as well as in close proximity of opportunities across many user segments, the manufacturing hubs of the clients. The most emergence of attractive tier-2 cities as Mr. Prakash, a senior official of ONS Logistics, common misconception is that warehouses warehousing locations and several key buying another senior player on the Indian warehousing need to, by definition, be acres wide. They preferences of customers,” Manish Saigal, scene, shares, "We believe in consolidation just need to be large enough to fulfill your Head Transportation and Logistics for KPMG processes. Different packages addressed and your client’s requirements and facilitate India writes in the paper. to the same receiver calls for consolidation. easy loading and unloading of goods. Most This ensures that the customer availing of our of the overhead expenses go into buying, According to him, a boost for the Indian services incurs minimum cost, at the same time, constructing, renting or outfitting a building or warehousing sector could be the onset of GST,INSIGHT the service provider, gets the maximum margin." several buildings. which has potential to revamp the national warehousing network. According to the act, WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND According to the KPMG report, the best areas which is still pending in Parliament, both The Government of India offers subsidies to for developing warehouses are Mumbai, Central and State taxes will be collected at people setting up rural warehouses/godowns National Capital Region (NCR) and Nagpur. the point of sale, ruling out multiple layers of for storage of food/agricultural produce. There Other attractive locations lie in major western taxation that currently exist. Both components are, however, a couple of things to keep in and southern cities. “The warehousing will be charged on the manufacturing cost. 14 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 16. Genex Logistics Genex Logistics is a leading company in transportation, distribution and warehousing. Besides operating 12 warehouses across India, Genex Logistics also has custom bonded warehouses which are used for managing the logistics of wines & liquors, edibles (chocolates and confectionary) and other high value material.These warehouses are built to cater to goods that require temperature or humidity controls, making sure that no products get ruined. Bharti Walmart in Chandigarh doubles up as a retail and warehouse For large fleet operators, warehouses are an investment as they double up retail hubsThis will benefit individuals as prices are likely the geographical diversity of India and warehouse a one stop shop. Another marketingto come down. Lower prices will lead to more remain competitive. trend which is more in tune with internetconsumption, thereby helping companies. subscribers is gaining traction – again, with For larger fleet operators, the warehouse small orders being shipped worldwide fromWAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS and distribution service will prove to be a various warehouses.Warehouse management systems (WMS) great manage warehouse resources efficiently. For large fleet operators, the warehouse andWMS are generally associated with larger RETAIL HUBS AT WAREHOUSES? distribution service is a great way to conductand more complex distribution operations. These days, a large number of individuals and business as it is a sensible investment whichHowever, even smaller and mid-size companies small-scale businesses order smaller quantities will increase their profit margins in a big way.are increasingly recognising the significance of materials from warehouse distributors. At the same time, warehouses can also beof WMS in todays environment of integrated However, their orders are more frequent than very beneficial for smaller fleet operators whologistics, JIT (just in time) delivery and the ones placed by larger companies. Doubling can integrate into the network of a large fleete-commerce. warehouses as retail stores, with the larger operator and offer its warehousing facilities to orders on top shelves and smaller bundles its clients. Alternatively, a small fleet operatorLogistics players have recognised that they on the lower ones for the walk-in consumers, can look to develop smaller rural warehousesneed varied and comprehensive logistics is one marketing trend that is increasingly which can integrate into the a large fleetexpertise for each region and state to address catching on. This automatically makes a operator’s network.  yz JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 1 5
  • 17. Did we bring in a CHANGE? BharatBenz promised a ‘Whole new Trucking experience’. After completing 6 months, we asked our customers to judge if we lived up to our promise words Arup DasBRAND POWER 16 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 18. W e took on the challenge We looked beyond trucks, looked into every to give India a truck aspect of trucking – Sales, Finance and After- that it deserves, a truck Sales – and created solutions for every trucking that understands Indian need. In essence, BharatBenz is a whole new conditions and customers trucking experience that will take fleet owners to and has what it takes newer deliver optimum performance, journey afterjourney. Technological superiority that we But don’t take our word for it. Well let thederive from Daimler lineage and a thorough people who matter, the fleet owners and theunderstanding of Indian conditions enabled drivers, deliver their verdict on whetherus to build trucks that are highly fuel efficient, were able to live-up to the promise ofcompletely reliable and enhance productivity. BharatBenz experience. JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 1 7
  • 19. AT A GLANCE the BharatBenz family. As they deal in BharatBenz gives importance to intricate perishable food like frozen meat, fish, ice details, which ensures that the trucks are cream, milk products etc, trucks with modern sturdy, reliable, powerful and of top-notch features were a must, and BharatBenz fit the quality each time. Our customers swear that bill perfectly. "During the launch of your trucks BharatBenz trucks are truly made for India, as in Hyderabad, the first thing we checked were their trucks have been taken to different and the engine, gearbox, chassis and compared toughest terrains all over the country without it with other companies. It was obvious that facing any problems whatsoever. BharatBenzs technology was much better," Mr. Byram Dhalla, Managing Director, B.D voiced both the business partners. Dhalla Transport, is a leading high-volume transporter of lubricants like Castrol, Shell, Agreeing to this, VRL Logistics, Chairman and Total etc. The Mumbai-based businessmans Managing Director, Mr. Vijay Sankeswar, said, main concern was not compromising on "This is a German product, so the technology is quality. "Buying a quality product was certainly very good." one of the big plus points for us to go for a BharatBenz truck," he says. Dhalla adds with a Mr. Tushar Ghatge, Managing Director, Ghatge sense of pride, "I believe we have the very first Patil Transports, admits to being floored by truck that was invoiced in the country. We are the engineering of BharatBenz trucks, "When proud to be owners of that truck." I saw the products and heard the amount of research work done to make these trucks, it It was BharatBenzs superior technology made me feel confident that these would be that convinced both Mr. H.R. Khurana and reliable and help in the productivity of my Mr. Ram Krishna of Sheetal Parivahan to join company." The Kolhapur-based operator added,BRAND POWER 18 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 20. "Imagine, these trucks are 100 per cent ready Transport, from Ahmedabad. He said, "Inspiteto transport goods throughout the month, that of a lot of power, the trucks return high fuelis 30 days. This is certainly a revolution for us." economy. If you compare, other Indian truck manufacturers fail to balance power andPOWER PACKED mileage – which is very important."The power generated by our trucks took ourcustomers by surprise. Most them could not Mr. M.C. Narendra, Proprietor, Sri Rama Weighstop raving about the engine and its efficiency. Bridge, seconded this opinion, and said, "In Mr. Vijay SankeswarMr. Priyajit Barad, Director, Ketan Constructions, BharatBenz trucks, the mileage is very good VRL Logistics Ltd.was all smiles when he said, "These trucks have compared with other trucks. Im getting "I have been interacting with BharatBenz forthe most powerful engines in the market. Their around 4.2 kmpl on an average load, which the past 3-4 months, and my experience hasphenomenal output makes a difference as we is very good. Other trucks are nowhere near been very good. They have very good policiescan now finish six trips instead of four in the BharatBenz as they return only 3.8 kmpl." In and they explain them very clearly and aresame time. This is a big improvement." terms of productivity and expenses, he said, always ready to clarify any doubts." "I do around 4 trips to Ahmedabad per month.VRL Logistics Mr. Sankeswar is also of the With BharatBenz trucks, I save around `20,000same view. "With higher horsepower, it has per month, which is almost half of my EMIbeen proven that while other trucks do four amount."trips, these vehicles can do five trips. Ourproductivity has increased and we can provide Its not just the fleet owners who are impressedgood service to our customers" he said. by BharatBenz trucks, even their drivers are ecstatic. Co-owners of Sheetal Parivahan,But not everything is about power feels Mr. Khurana and Mr. Krishna, said, "Our driversMr. Vishal Choksi, Director, Shreenath felt very comfortable in the trucks and were Mr. Byram Dhalla B.D. Dhalla Transport “They gave us lot of provisions under one scheme. I mean, they gave us the finance through their in-house company, the truck, of course, and provide maintenance too. They also gave us extended warranty and insurance with it . So, it’s a one stop shop for me . With one set of paperwork ,everything is pretty much looked after for 4 years." Mr. M.C. Narendra Sri Rama Weigh Bridge “In BharatBenz trucks, the mileage is very good. Im getting around 4.2 kmpl on an average load, compared to 3.8 kmpl with other trucks. This amounts to Rs 20,000 savings per month, nearly half of my EMI amount.” JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 1 9
  • 21. Mr. Priyajit Barad Ketan Constructions “These BharatBenz trucks have the most powerful engines in the market. Its phenomenal output makes a difference as we can now finish six trips instead of four. This is a big improvement.” Mr. Vishal Choksi Shreenath Transport "Inspite of a lot of power, the trucks return high fuel economy. If you compare, other Indian truck manufacturers fail to balance power and mileage – which is very important." impressed with the fuel average. The sound of the smooth engine was something they could not stop talking about. With such high efficiency levels, we end up doing one or two extra trips per month compared with the other BharatBenz trucks company trucks we have in our fleet." Mr. Salim Umachigi U Trans have successfully BharatBenz trucks are one of the most reliable "When compared to other trucks, BharatBenz trucks reach the destination faster. I transport managed to get trucks in the business. Mr. Narendra from Sri Rama Weigh Bridge swears by this and said, sugar, and during weekends the rates of sugar the right balance "My BharatBenz truck has crossed over 73,000 km without giving me any problems. To beBRAND POWER usually go down. So if my truck reaches faster, my client can unload the goods before time of power and fuel frank, there has not been even a single break down." Mr. Ghatge from Ghatge Patil Transports and this will make him call me back next time." efficiency said, "As we deal in parcel services, time is money for us. With BharatBenz trucks, we cover the distance from Chennai to Kolhapur within 24 to 26 hours. This has increased our profit margins, as we end up getting paid express rates rather than the normal delivery ones." 20 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 22. Mr. Mukesh Lalka Kushal Roadways "Engine oil change takes place after 50,000 km, gearbox oil change only once it crosses 1 lakh km and, after 2 lakh km, hub greasing takes place. This saves me a lot time and my truck spends more time on the road."With the current volatile market, BharatBenz Mr. Praveen Khurana and Mr. Vikram Khuranaensures that profit level keeps soaring and think BharatBenz has delivered, "Unlike ourbusiness opportunities keep expanding. previous experiences, where we had to fend forMr. Salim Umachigi, Managing Partner, U Trans, ourselves for maintenance, with BharatBenz, allis a relieved man because, "Compared with we have to do is concentrate on our businessother truck manufacturers, BharatBenz trucks and leave the rest to them." Speaking of savingare faster which helps me deliver the goods time, The partners of Sheetal Parivahan said,fast. Actually, three hours before time." It is all "As we end up saving time, we deliver theabout increasing the customers confidence. consignment in time and, if the customer isHe adds with a smile, "Come the weekend, the satisfied, our business is a success." Mr. H.R. Khurana and Mr. Ramrates of sugar commodity go down. So if my Sheetal Parivahantruck reaches faster, my client can unload the ULTIMATE DRIVING EXPERIENCEgoods before time and this will make him call A cheerful Mr. Dhalla said, "The two major “Unlike our previous experiences where weme back next time." problems we face are the availability of had to fend for ourselves for maintenance, with drivers and retaining them. But with these BharatBenz all we have to do is concentrate onBuying a truck is not the end of the story. trucks being so easy to drive and rapid in our business and leave the rest to them. By thisMaintenance has always been a time- acceleration, retaining drivers in the company we end up saving time, deliver the consignmentconsuming process where fleet owners is a lot more easier now. I, personally, dont on time as a result the customer is satisfied andend up wasting a lot of drive time. This is think they will get a better looking truck to our business is a success .”where partners of Sheetal Parivahan drive in." JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 2 1
  • 23. Mr. Praveen Khurana, Mr. Vikram Khurana Sheetal Parivahan “When other trucks return after trips, we ask the drivers if any servicing or repairs is required. But with BharatBenz we straightaway load the trucks for the next trip.” Mr. Arumugasamy Arupadai Groups "Tonnage, kilometres travelled, fuelled filled in the tank, diesel consumption of the truck, these are details we only see on paper. It’s the drivers who practically experience all these. And after seeing its performance, my drivers keep telling me that from now on whenever I buy a truck it should be BharatBenz. Because it is comfortable and high on performance." Mr Sankeswar said, "Our drivers are happy PRO-ACTIVE SERVICE driving BharatBenz trucks and our aim is to A fabulously engineered truck is one thing add more of these modern trucks in our fleet." but BharatBenz puts servicing into an entirely Mr. Ghatge shared an interesting anecdote: different league. "Our non-BharatBenz drivers keep telling us to get this truck so that they can improve their "I have been interacting with BharatBenz for the utilisation." past 3-4 months, and my experience has been very good. They explain their policy clearly WHAT DO THE DRIVERS SAY and are always ready to clarify any doubts," Mr. Anil Chavan, a driver of Ghatge Patil explained Mr. Sankeswar from VRL. He also Mr. Tushar Ghatge Transports, said, "You can drive these trucks said, "There service is top-notch." Ghatge Patil Transports Ltd. from 6 am to 12 am and you will not feel tired and suffer no body aches like other trucks." Mr. Lalka has become a true believer ofBRAND POWER “If you take into account mileage, utilisation Dazzled by this, Mr. Chavan added, "The best BharatBenz. He said, "I have heard of servicing and reliability, then our association with part about these trucks is that they drive after 8000-10,000 km, but the service BharatBenz will be a long one and we will like a car." frequency is completely different from the rest continue to buy more of their trucks.” of the pack." Astonished he said, "Engine oil Mr. Prakash, a driver with Sheetal Parivahan, change takes place after 50,000 km, gearbox said with a lot conviction, "As long as Im oil change only once it crosses 1 lakh km and, driving, Ill drive only BharatBenz. If they give after 2 lakh km, hub greasing takes place. me some other truck, Ill leave my job." This saves me and my drivers a lot time and 22 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 24. Men behind the wheel my truck spends more time on the road. Its a win-win situation." Impressed by BharatBenz service, Mr. Barad says, "Like how I call all my managers of all sites to check the progress, that’s how I get a call from BharatBenz – to check on how the truck is performing." Mr. Anil Chavan, For Mr. Dhalla, BharatBenz is a total package. Ghatge Patil Transports Ltd. ""They gave us a lot of provisions under one “You can drive these trucks from scheme. I mean, they gave us the finance 6 am to 12 am and you will not feel through their in house company, the truck, of tired and suffer no body aches like course, and provided maintenance. They also other trucks.” give us extended warranty and insurance with it. So, it is a one-stop shop for me," he said. RELATIONSHIP WITH BHARATBENZ Mr Ghatge said, "If you take into account mileage, utilisation and reliability, then our association with BharatBenz will be a long one and we will continue to buy more of their trucks."The success Mr. Murthy Sri Rama Weigh Bridge VRLs Mr. Sankeshwar confesses, "Looking atof our HDTs “I get more time to spend with my the way the company has responded, I feel, our relationship will be for a long-term."is a testimony wife and children due to the power and efficiency of BharatBenz trucks.” Mr. Arumugasamy swears by BharatBenz. "Weto the fact that recently bought BharatBenz. After seeing its performance, hence forth, whatever vehicle IBharatBenz is buy, it will be a BharatBenz vehicle only," he saidcommitted to Outstanding feedback and appreciation from our customers is what keeps us going. Ourdeliver on the Heavy Duty Trucks have proved to be greatpromises it makes Mr Prakash Sheetal Parivahan assets that enhance our customers’ businesses. This success is a testimony to the fact that BharatBenz is committed to deliver on the "As long as Im driving, Ill drive only promises it makes. BharatBenz. If they give me some other truck, then Ill leave my job." But, the journey has just begun.  yz JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 2 3
  • 25. THE NEXT MILESTONE IN YOUR EMPOWERMENT After receiving such overwhelming feedback on BharatBenz HDTs, the next step is the new range of Light Duty Trucks which return class leading mileage words Pushan DasBRAND POWER 26 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 26. JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 2 7
  • 27. T he Indian economy moves just ensures optimum utilisation of space and better combustion, it also ensures higher fuel as well as its road transport operating efficiency. efficiency. Working together these features network and the vehicles that make the BharatBenz LDT range a class leader ply on it. With 75 per cent Our new LDTs have been designed specifically in fuel efficiency. of the freight market share, to fulfill our customers requirements and the according to Indiastat, it is of benefits will be visible from the first day of use The engine delivers its peak torque curve over utmost importance for the Indian trucking itself, as BharatBenz trucks meet the highest a wide range of engine speeds. In fact, even industry to create solutions that maximise standards of quality at a competitive price. We at low speeds, the torque is quite high. This operational efficiency of vehicles to keep the have achieved this with a localisation of over reduces the need for constant gear shifts, businesses functioning the way they should 90 per cent in our LTDs, without compromising which aids mileage. Both the 914 and the 1214 be – with a profit margin! The need of the on the high standards of quality that Daimler come with an overdrive gearbox which helps hour is a truck which can do more and faster swears by globally. Our trucks have undergone the trucks cruise at sustained speeds in low trips in challenging conditions, without letting a cumulative testing of 75 lakh km at our RPMs, resulting in efficient highway trips. The the cost of operation escalate. And this is track in Oragadam, Chennai. The track has gearbox also provides for stronger gears with where BharatBenz comes into the picture. been designed in such a way that the 5.6 km more contact area, and shot peening make it Our portfolio of trucks are developed after stretch simulates the roads and terrain from very reliable. This, coupled with a viscous fan, lakhs and lakhs of kilometres of testing under Kanyakumari to Kashmir. The LDT range is helps keep the engine at its optimum operating gruelling conditions and have been built based on the FUSO Canter platform, a leading temperature to achieve the best possible fuel specially keeping in mind the requirements of light-duty truck brand in Asia. Though the efficiency. The BharatBenz LDTs will deliver Indian fleet operators and drivers. Canter platform is a tried and tested one, the our customers a fuel efficiency benefit of at trucks themselves have been built ground-up. least 10 per cent compared with the options BharatBenz Light Duty Trucks are designed to available in the market today. fit into all business and operating requirements CLASS LEADING FUEL EFFICIENCY in India. With LDTs beginning to play a The new 914 and 1214 haulage trucks come The robust 3,907 cc engine provides for a growing role in the hub-and-spoke system of with a host of features which will make sure longer life, as well as less noise. The Electronic transportation, the demand for efficient, robust that customers get the best in mileage and Control Unit (ECU), with its sensors, have LDTs is at an all time high. This model involves maintenance costs. The high pressure CRDI made the engine responsive in all sorts of transportation of freight by Heavy Duty Trucks engine injects a precise amount of fuel into the terrain. Since LDTs spend a lot of their time in and Medium Duty Trucks to different hubs in cylinders at 1,600 bar, ensuring a superior air- traffic and congested areas, the diameter of the country, and then using LDTs to carry the fuel mixture. It also boasts of 4 valves in each its clutch plate has been increased to 330 mm required cargo to its final destination. The use cylinder which ensure an increase in the inflow for the 9 tonne version and 362 mm for the 12 of LDTs in the final leg of the journey from of fresh air and exhaust movement of gases tonne one. This ensures more contact area for the hub to the destination of delivery (spoke) out of the cylinders. This not only achieves better power transmission and lower slippage. Keeping in mind the dynamic natureBRAND POWER of business, our trucks are designed to be highly reliable and efficient 28 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 29. At Daimler, focus is on carefully studying customer requirements, usage patterns, terrains and operating conditions to create the right product The concentric slave cylinders installed in the support and head rests. The steering is of a tilt 9 tonne version increases the plate life and and telescopic kind, which can be moved up/ lowers the clutch pedal effort, which goes on down and forward/backward to achieve the to make the truck easier to drive in traffic. best driving position. It is made of PU material The LDT’s load carrying capacity has not been for enhanced grip and comfort. The gear shift compromised as the trucks sport semi-elliptical lever too is placed very conveniently, and leaf springs with 11 mm thickness. The sports a cable shift mechanism which makes suspension is aided by the heavy banjo type shifting as smooth and precise as a car. axles, which ensure strength and durability. And, all this sits on a Canter chassis which An ideally positioned digital instrument cluster boasts of a higher depth of 228 mm and a provides information like distance-to-empty, flange width of 80 mm which improves its progressive mileage and engine temperature 1 stiffness, stability and load bearing ability. indicators, giving the driver ample warning to take corrective measures in case of malfunction. LDT Decoded BUILT AROUND THE DRIVER To increase operational ease, the parking 1. Comfort In Cabin Keeping in mind the person who is expected brake lever and the exhaust brake switch are 2. Door Panel to drive, our trucks are designed to be highly conveniently located for easy reach. All these 3. Floor Mat comfortable and safe. This also goes a long way mean that the driver can be at the wheel for a 4. Air Conditioner in increasing driver productivity, in what is a very longer duration, without feeling road weary. 5. Central Console with Mobile Charger harsh trucking environment here in India. The 6. Cab Footstep cabin sports a Doorwell structural frame, side After sales usually starts after selling a truck. door beams and a reinforced cab floor and box But, at BharatBenz, our work starts during frame. These measures will ensure that the crew the engineering process itself so that our are safe in the event of a collision. customers can concentrate on increasing their businesses and maximising revenue without The cabin is spacious and ergonomically worrying about breakdowns. All aggregates designed with enhanced ventilation. The seats that have been used in the trucks – from theBRAND POWER are two-way adjustable equipped with lumbar engine, clutch, gearbox and the axle – have Model Engine Oil Transmission Oil Differential Oil Front Axle Hub Greasing Rear Axle Hub Greasing 914 30,000 km 60,000 km 90,000 km 60,000 km 60,000 km 1214 30,000 km 90,000 km 90,000 km 60,000 km 60,000 km 30 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 30. 2 3 4been designed for higher durability, ensuring a To enable access to our trucks in the mostlonger hassle-free life for the vehicle. Further, favourable financing terms, BharatBenzkeeping in mind the customer’s requirements, Financial provides customised financingBharatBenz LDTs have synchronised service solutions according to the customer’s intervals of 30,000 km – definitely a new This is a simple process and is thoroughlybenchmark in the industry! This results in an explained to the customer. The Indian marketincreased on-road time for the fleet operators. needs trucks which provide high reliability, durability, fuel efficiency and power, all theBharatBenz is already present in more than while maintaining the lowest total cost of100 locations across the country. All these ownership. This needs to be backed with alocations are capable of conducting after-sales responsive service network to meet the newservices and other repairs 24x7. In addition to and upcoming needs of the Indian trucking 5this, our mobile workshops offer dependable industry. 6road-side assistance in case of a breakdown.The pride and joy of ProServ, our proactive The new range of BharatBenz Light Dutyafter-sales philosophy, is the advanced Trucks are designed keeping these very needsdiagnostics that anticipates problems that in mind. They are reliable, efficient and canmay creep up in the truck before they do, and easily navigate through the last mile forrectify them. All this is to even ensure that your delivery. With BharatBenz, your business willtruck is always on the move. scale newer heights.  yz
  • 31. STOPOVER 32 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 32. ARE YOU GAMEENOUGHCheck out top 10 trucking games which alsodouble up as a stressbuster for fleet ownerswords Arup Das ? JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 3 3
  • 33. I t’s time to let your hair down and relax! There’s nothing like playing a cracking video game after a hard day’s work. Many might not know, but gaming is actually a great stress buster. Even more so, if the subject of there video games is the virtual world of trucks. Now one can simply download a game on to their phone, laptop or console and experience the thrill of driving these colossal vehicles. There are many types of games available to cater to one’s interest. But to make things easier, we have made you a list of the 1 Scania Truck Driving Simulator top 10 truck games to get your hands on. SCANIA TRUCK DRIVING SIMULATOR This iconic simulation is the closest you can environments, put this title firmly into the get to the real deal. This highly-detailed game driver’s seat. challenges your truck driving skills to the limit, not to mention, testing how good or bad you EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 are in maneuvering this gigantor. Once, and if, A road trip around Europe is in store for you. you pass your practical exam, only then would The task is simple: You have to complete Scania Truck Driving Simulators intricately you receive your licence. This hands-on game delivery jobs across the continent. Before keeps you glued to the screen as you drive you get your own truck and get on with your your big rig through a number of dangerous situations and hazardous courses filled with business, you have to prove that you can control the vehicle and park it at the loading designed courses and tasks, in realisticSTOPOVER almost real-life obstacles. You will have to deal area at a warehouse. Any road offences with natural disasters like earthquakes and immediately results in deduction from your floods. To take the game a notch up, weather changes add to your challenge. Even though bank account. The game tries to get real and succeeds in many ways – You can stop to environments, put the main objective is to improve driving skill, you have an option to take up delivery jobs refuel and doze off when tired. You have to stop and pay for toll roads. At the end of each this title firmly into the or simply enjoy the view. Complete intricately task, you are paid or charged money, based on driver’s seat designed courses and tasks, in realistic your delivery time, condition of the truck and 34 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 34. 2 Euro Truck Simulator 2cargo. You receive experience points if you least half a dozen angles and compete against though, the game actually looks best whenhave mastered specific skills, like specialising in up to eight other players to have your name using the built-in software renderer instead ofheavy cargo, delicates and eco driving. There is engraved in the Hall of Fame. It might be a hardware acceleration.also an option for you to take a bank loan and simple fun-loving game, but the graphics arebuy your own truck. One quirky feature of the tacky and a bit boring. The game’s artificial JEREMY MCGRATH’S OFFROADsimulator is that you can actually upload your intelligence doesn’t give a challenge to serious Rev up your 4-wheel truck’s engine and getplaylist and listen to your favourite tracks. drivers, but for everyone it is a good challenge into the frenzy of rallying. The difficulty level – especially under the Professional difficulty gradually increases, giving players enoughMONSTER TRUCK MADNESS level. They’ll cut corners, take shortcuts, time to learn the ropes. Apart from racing,This is one of the most popular truck titles in optimises their vehicles for a given track. objects like boulders come flying down atthe gaming arena. It is all about mud, raw horse However, on Rally tracks, if you’re willing to your truck making things tougher. The careerpower and huge tyres. You get a choice of 10 go seriously off-road, you can easily beat your mode gets 23 races which keeps you addictedfamous monster trucks. MTM has routes that opponents as they’ll mostly stick to the roads. to the dirt. However, the courses finish tootake on rivers, canyons and highways. And, at The game’s graphics, for its time, are fairly early. Multiplayer mode is where the fun reallytimes, defying gravity. You also get numerous decent. Jig the settings and the graphics appear begins. It allows up to 8 people to hit the tracksoptions to customise your vehicle based on to be crisp and sharp. The hindside is that any together. The simplicity of the controls makesthe track’s condition. You participate in four particle effects which aren’t smoke effects are this a great game to play. Jeremy McGrath’sdifferent events, get to view the race from at will simply appear as coloured pixels. Ironically, offroad boasts of some of the best visuals for JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 3 5
  • 35. 4 Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad 10 Trucksformers 3 Big Mutha Truckers an arcade title. If the game is too tough for you each with his own strengths and weaknesses race from Portland, Oregon, to Miami, Florida, then there is an option to use McGrath’s expert in the categories of speed, torque and truck hauling loads and trying to stay one step ahead advice to make the game simpler. weight, and set out on the highway, challenging of the law. For those who like circuit racing Tornado’s roster of villainous hard-truckin’ better than point-to-point, the developers have TRUCKSFORMERS thugs. Along your mission, business owners also included five different tracks for time trials This monster truck game is a world full of will charge you with different missions to help for more outrageous driving action. There obstacles and explosions. With Trucksformers, you in your quest. This ranges from time- are five courses and four different rigs in the you get to drive a truck that can transform into based delivery situations to no-holds-barred Custom Race mode. This is a game built on a a hover truck to avoid flames, a wood cutting races against rival truckers. The multiple serious budget, so don’t expect any cutting vehicle to cut through debris and an actual mission options keep things interesting. The edge graphics. But expect some good old- helicopter monster truck that can fly you over gameplay is as expected, even though these fashioned truck driving. gaps or higher obstacles. The controls are trucks are a bit sluggish. You are provided with pretty simple, you drive the monster truck with nitro containers that can help you speed past TRUCKERS OF THE APOCALYPSE the arrow keys and you can transform your opponents. But, speed means serious sacrifice The concept of this game was to simulateSTOPOVER vehicle with the numeric keys 1 to 4. in control of the truck. So, the game is as the trucking/hauling business by giving more challenging as it is eventful. attention to the actual driving than the actual THE KING OF ROUTE 66 financial and bureaucratic elements involved You learn that the famous highway Route 66i BIG RIGS OVER THE ROAD RACING in the real profession. The player starts the is ruled by an evil organisation – Tornado. They Big Rigs serves up brake-jamming, convoy- game with a beaten-up rig and has to improve muscle out the family-run trucking businesses, rolling action across the United States of his status by buying a truck/trucks and hiring which once helped create the Route 66 legacy. America. Players climb into their big rig for drivers to make a large transport company. You choose from amongst one of five truckers, some non-stop cross-country driving action and There is no ending to the game unless you lose 36 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 36. 5 World’s Strongest Truck 2 6 The King of Route 66 7 Truckers of the Apocalypse 9 Big Rigs Over the Road Racing 8 Monster Truck Rumbleall your money and your last truck is terribly TOP 10 TRUCK GAMESdamaged. HT Apocalypse is a mix of driving, PLATFORMshooting and R.P.G. elements so that one gets GAMEto experience the post-apocalyptic world. PC PS2 PS3 Xbox iOS Android Scania Truck Driving Simulator  – – – – –BIG MUTHA TRUCKERS Euro Truck Simulator 2  – – – – –Every once in a while, there comes a game that Monster Truck Madness      is meant to be mindless fun to play. Well, this Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad     – –is it! Ma Jackson, an over-50 renowned andwell-respected trucker, is finally retiring from Trucksformers  – – –  her long-time profession. Now that she has The King of Route 66   –  – –chosen to hang up the old gearshift, however, Big Rigs over the Road Racing   – – – –she has to find someone to take over the highly Truckers of the Apocalypse  – – – – –successful family trucking business. Ma Jackson Big Mutha Truckers   – – – –has decided that one of her four children (each World’s Strongest Truck 2  –   – –apparently from a different father) will take thereins of the business, and she wants to holda contest to see who is worthy. Each of her the winner, and gets ownership of the business. and you must drive your 18-wheeler to thekids must set out on a 60-day trek throughout It is one amusing game. finish line using a mixture of balance, powerthe game’s various cities, delivering items and and precision to deliver your cargo on the 3Dmaking as much money as possible. The one WORLD’S STRONGEST TRUCK 2 terrain course. This is a simple mobile phonewith the most money at the end of the game is You are in control of the world’s strongest truck game for all age groups.  yz JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 3 7
  • 37. SMART MOVES 38 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 38. MOBILEBILLBOARDSTruck branding is a strategic marketing planwhich gives prominence to your brandwords Rahul Dutta Gupta JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 3 9
  • 39. By putting your logo on your trucks, you give those driving on the highways a reminder of your brand and give yourself a higher recall value R emember the last time you were you give those driving on the highways a reminder passed by a 6-axle truck on a of your brand and give yourself a higher recall highway with the words ‘Gati’ value. The more often the clients see your brand, emblazoned down the side of the more likely they are to call on you when they it? As the Indian transport need your services. For instance, someone who industry mass-migrates towards needs to shift cities instantly thinks of Agarwal modern trucks and opts for containerisation, Packers and Movers – thanks to the massive it also provides the Indian fleet operator an branding activities that they carry out on theirSMART MOVES opportunity to use the sides of these containers trucks. And they get this top-of-the-mind recall as rolling billboards. without spending a significant chunk of their revenue on advertising on regular mediums such WHAT IS TRUCK BRANDING as newspapers, magazines and television. We live in times where brand-building is as integral to a business as the distribution network itself – While truck branding is a very common practice and this holds true for the entire Indian transport in the American and European markets, Indian industry too. By putting your logo on your trucks, fleet operators, barring a few exceptions, had 40 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 40. Benefits of truck advertising • It is a cost effective branding medium that reaches into the city, suburbs, state or nationally across the country. • It gets your message to the client in all areas of their everyday lives, from where they live, work and play, to where they drive and shop, where they commute and travel, and where they congregate. • It increases the perception of the brand and adds more prestige to the name.shied away from branding their containers Hyundai, apart from other multi-national have the possibility of growing into a new scopedue to a variety of reasons – the primary ones companies. They are very conscious of the of revenue for the fleet operators.being the lack of knowledge and a fleet which scope of advertising and branding on theirpredominantly comprises of older trucks. Amit delivery and transportation trucks. Anand Prakash, Marketing Head at ParkGupta, Director of Global Advertisers, most Avenue, feels that there are several advantagesIndian fleet owners are still, by and large, According to Automobile Blogger, Darius Lam, for brands to use trucks over billboards. "Oneunaware of the marketing value of their trucks. since the make and condition of the trucks of the biggest advantages of truck ads, overHowever, as the Indian logistics market heads being used for branding matters a lot, the conventional billboards, is that they can traveltowards consolidation, by acquisition of more future lies with large fleet operators who own virtually anywhere. While billboards can only bemodern trucks and the rising share of LFOs, more than 20 modern vehicles and operate on placed at certain locations and are governed bytruck branding is acquiring even more scope. a pan-India level. city ordinances, a truck ad provides you more freedom and flexibility. A billboard truck canPrimary players among the ones who have NOT JUST BRANDING help spread your advertising message locallyrecognised the potential of truck branding Advertising professionals feel there is a lot of or even across the country. You could evenare international brands like PepsiCo, Coca- potential to use these trucks for, not just brand- plan a nationwide truck ad campaign,” sayscola and automobile giants – Maruti Suzuki, building, but, also as advertising avenues which Prakash. He feels that the potential for moving JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 4 1
  • 41. The growing popularity of truck advertising is due to its ability to get noticed and draw attention to the message billboards is immense, since these trucks can carry the message to several locations in a single day. Companies that have their own dedicated fleet can plan an advertising strategy so that audiences end up viewing their truck advertisement repeatedly. Billboard truck ads increase the chances of viewers turning into customers. Rajiv Mehta, Director of Blue Oceans Media, too, agrees that truck operators who run modern, well-maintained fleets haveSMART MOVES the possibility of attracting advertising. “It can be a very cost effective advertising solution for gaining brand mileage in tier II and tier III cities,” Mehta says. ENTER TRANSIT MEDIA While in India, the transit media advertising industry is still at a nascent stage, in other 42 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 42. markets, the impressions gathered by billboard are a regular presence on the Delhi-Jaipur phone number that you could be contacted ontrucks are monitored and assessed by using highway. Bharat Kohli, senior art executive of by users and the message you want to convey.GPS devices installed in the trucks. As more Lintas, thinks this is because, “The flexibilityand more Indian fleet operators move towards that fleet advertising offers, allow designers At the same time, in both cases the driver andGPS tracking, advertisers are confident that to customise a brand message to suit the the cleaner need to be made aware to keepthey can be used to measure responses and unique tastes of the audiences that reside on the exterior of the truck clean and drive withthe reach of the messages in the near future. In the route where these moving billboard ply. A discipline on the highways. A badly maintainedIndia, BTL companies have started recognising compelling digital design always commands truck, with your branding on it or being badlythe potential of using heavy vehicles as moving notice, helping companies increase their brand driven, will have a negative impression of yourbillboards in transit advertising, and have just presence across the length and breadth of brand on the audience.recently included it as part of their services. the country.”With 3D concepts being used frequently, the While advertising on the sides of your truckdesigns are very innovative and eye-catching. HOW VEHICLE WRAPPING WORKS and using it as a revenue source might The design is printed on special vinyl adhesive still be a little way off, using your truck toWell known companies like Moser Baer have and then the wrap is pasted on different communicate your message and build youralready realised the potential for this, and trucks, transforming the vehicle into a rolling brand name will go a long way in establishinghave customised containers built to resemble billboard. Alternately, you can paint the truck you as a premium and professional fleetMoser Baer pen drives. These containers with the brand logo of your service, even a operator.  yz JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 4 3
  • 43. SAFETY The new buzzword Alarmed at the increasing number of highway accidents, fleet operators are going all out to make the Indian highways a safer place words Anshika Ajmera Chhabra I ndia’s rapidly expanding highway network has posed a rather strange problem for the Indian highway traffic – maintaining delivery schedules, while negotiating constant detour, circumventing highway constructions and work zones. Very often, this makes an already-alarming situation even more precarious. India, which boasts of the world’s second largest road network, has one of the worst road safety records in the world. Realising this, fleet operators, truck associations and truck manufacturers, have made road safety their primary goal. Fleet operators have initiated programmes to train drivers on safe operation of trucks besides measures, such as anti-lock braking systems that the modern trucks by manufacturers like BharatBenz boast of. Moreover, the advent of containerisation in Indian transportation has already, to a large extent, eliminated accidents that happen due to overloading of the trucks by regulating the load carried. TECHNOLOGY TO KEEP YOU SAFESMART MOVES A significant number of the large fleet operators already employ GPS-based fleet management systems which transmit important vehicle information, such as the geographical location, speed, fuel economy etc, to a centralised control room. These GPS systems also include visual and audio alerts in case the driver is overshooting the speed limit. Other advanced 44 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 44. JAN-MAR 2013  | SMART TRUCK I N G | 4 5
  • 45. GPS applications like Driver Safety Tool generate alerts on unsafe driving events navigators provide the driver with alerts when he is passing through a work zone and gives him enough time to slow down well in advance. Suresh Vernekar, Technical Director of Venus Ethoxyethers, says, “Our drivers are always on alert as they are aware that driving speed is being monitored by us, thus, ensuring safe transportation of hazardous chemicals by road." Other fleet operators like VRL Logistics, Siddhi Vinayak Logistics, Vijay Lakshmi Transports, VV Roadways and larger operators, such as DHL, too use GPS-based systems to monitor drivers and fleet movements. Siddhi Vinayak Logistics partnered with Thrimble to develop a GPS-based tool for its 2,750-vehicle-strong fleet. “With an advance range of vehicles in our fleet, the GPS system helps us to monitor their movement to improve utilisation and enhance per vehicle productivity,” Deepak Baid, Director, SVLL, says. Blue Dart DHL, too, has adopted a similar system which helps them identify en route stoppage, delays and other unforeseen circumstances and take corrective actions. Furthermore, advanced GPS applications called driver safety tools (DSS) by Thrimble generate alerts on unsafe driving events like sudden acceleration, braking, harsh maneuvers, stretch driving, night driving etc. This enables the centralised control room to compile analyticalSMART MOVES post-trip safety reports to help analyse driving pattern and take corrective or preventive measures to train drivers. It is also packed with the ability to visualise driving data for 60 seconds before an accident and 20 seconds post an event to analyse what went wrong, similar to the black box used in aircrafts. There are other features like alerts when a 46 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3
  • 46. write to us GPS tracking device used CONTENT by fleet operators 1) Which section of Smart Trucking magazine do you enjoy reading the most? Smart Moves  Insight  Stopover  Brand Power  vehicle leaves a Geo fence (goes off its pre-determined route), 2) What would you like to read more of?information about any unscheduled spots etc. Industry News  Technological advancements  Vehicle Launches  Softer feature stories  Any other, please mention:_____These GPS applications, however, have not found instant converts 3) How would you rate the content of the magazine?among truck drivers, several of whom have rather predictably seen Excellent  Very Good  Good  Average these as a measure to curb their freedom. “It’s highly difficult tomake the drivers understand. For them, a GPS device or any kindof tracking system is not looked at something which will make DESIGNthem safer, but as something which is invented with the purpose 1) Rate the design & layout of the magazine?of tracking them,” Nishant P Lapasia, Controller of Administration, Excellent  Very Good  Good Vijay Laxmi Transport, says. Average  Needs Improvement  2) Rate the experience of the magazine on the whole?Vijay Kumar Jairam, MD VV Roadways, agrees. “Drivers are strictlyagainst being tracked via GPS. Even when it was installed, the Excellent  Very Good  Good drivers try measures like putting a cloth (on the GPS unit) so that Average  Needs Improvement their exact location is not known to us,” Jairam says. The answer, 3) What aspect of the magazine do you like the most?as most fleet operators agree, lies in driver awareness. ¬¬¬¬¬_________________________________________________________SAFETY AWARENESSWith an eye on making the driver more aware, most fleet operators GENERAL INFORMATIONlike TCI, Sri Ram Transport Company, Navata Road Transport Name:and Transporter’s Associations like Hyderabad Goods TransportOrganisation, and even truck manufacturers like BharatBenz, have Company Name:initiated driver training programmes. Safe driving tips and driving Designationdiscipline in all the cases is a very integral part of the curriculum. Email Address:In a bid to take this further, logistics provider DIESL has launcheda nationwide road-safety training for truck drivers which aims to Age Group:cover 10,000 truck drivers over the next two years. 20 years and below  21–30  31–40  41–50  50 years and above Fleet operators such as VV Roadways have initiated programmeswhich also involve analysing a driver’s fitness levels and health In whose name do you receive the magazine?condition, apart from his driving licence. VV Roadways takes this a ¬¬¬¬¬_________________________________________________________step forward and tests its drivers under an experienced driver bysending them on a long distance driving test (1,000-2,000 km) Relationship with the addressee:only after passing it a recognition certificate is given to them. ¬¬¬¬¬_________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________Companies like Supreme Transport Organisation have hiredexternal instructors to train their drivers on safe driving. “The Thank you very much for the feedback.drivers are given proper training and safety tips by these ** All the readers who write to us will receive BharatBenz merchandise from the BharatBenz Teaminstructors. They are also instructed in important regulations  Mail us at:that they must abide by,” said Pradeep Kumar from the Maxposure Media Group (India) Pvt. LtdSupreme Transport. Unit F2B, Second Floor, Plot No 1&2, Ishwar Nagar Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110065CHECK POINTS @ Or scan the form and e-mail us at:With an eye on addressing safety, VRL Logistics and operators mohamed.muavia@daimler.comsuch as Best Roadways have set up check points across on mostnational highways to monitor fleet progress and ensure that the
  • 47. drivers are on their toes. “As a safety measure, wheel owing to fatigue, which is why the hours for all drivers are strict (6 am to 11 pm we have a tracking point every 200 km, where debate on regulating working hours of truck or max 12 midnight). They have to stop where the drivers have to reach and report their status. drivers is gathering steam. Fleet operators are they are, rest and continue the next morning,” This ensures smooth-running. Following this, only too eager to take up the cause since they Jairam explains. This becomes even more we receive emails on their status, which are understand that a well-rested driver will go a important considering that many of the national duly maintained and checked,” said T R Khepar, long way in ensuring the safety of the truck and highways are undergoing major expansion and operations in-charge, Best Roadways. the cargo. construction activities which might not be visible to the truck driver at night. With an eye on making Indian trucks safer, Several American trucking industry organisations manufacturers like BharatBenz have specifically like Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration In addition to this, fleet owners are getting more built in their knowledge of driving habits (FMCSA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety sensitive towards the truck drivers and give of Indian drivers into their product line. For Administration have taken measures to regulate incentives like (cash for refreshments) from time instance, Indian drivers, in order to conserve the trucking industry. It has proposed reducing to time. Others pay a daily allowance of `200 fuel, maneuver their vehicles in neutral gear the current 11 hour driving limit to 10 hours, (for food, per driver) and `100 for the helper. which can be a safety hazard. With an eye changing the 34-hour restart rule to force drivers The fleet safety programme provides insurance on this peculiar driving habit, BharatBenz has to include two back-to-back off duty periods (including medical) for drivers and their families, designed its engine control unit to cut-off fuel between midnight and 6 am and suggested along with trucks. This varies between `50,000 supply to the engine whenever engine brakes making all commercial truck drivers complete and `100,000, based on their salary and the are applied, enhancing the safety and fuel driving within a 14-hour workday and complete level they fall under. Fleet operators are also efficiency of the truck. all on-duty work-related activities within 13 working to ensure that the deadlines set for hours to allow a break for at least one hour. The drivers are not unreasonable and keep the risk REGULATING WORK HOURS National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and fatigue of driving and long-distance into A significant number of highway accidents is also about to make a decision that could lead account while planning. happen due to drivers falling asleep at the to regulating the speed limits of heavy trucks at 68 kmph, as requested by American Trucking With fleet operator’s initiatives, modern and Associations and Road Safe America. safer trucks and driver training initiatives, a new era of Indian transportation awaits the Indian Even though the Indian government hasn’t highways. Safer, well-rested drivers and GPS- Fleet owners put a initiated any fixed measure yet to regulate the working hours of drivers, fleet operators based fleet management systems mean, not just increased efficiency and higher revenues, but lot of emphasis on have stepped up to the plate and taken up also a reduction in the number of accidents and the cause. VV Roadways, for example, does their cost implications. Now isn’t this a smarter driver’s fitness not allow night driving as a rule. “The working way of doing business?  yz Regulating working hours is the keySMART MOVES VV Roadways follow a strict working hours policy – drivers can only be on road from 6 am to 11 pm. After that it is mandatory for them to stop and rest 48 | SM A RT T R U C K I N G | JA N - MA R 2 0 1 3