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Genex Logistics Profile

  1. 1. Value creation through process innovations! Genex LogiSolutions Pvt. Ltd. Value Creation through process innovations! Logistics Excellence for Emerging India!
  2. 2. Value creation through process innovations! Genex Logistics Successful businesses thrive on passion and innovation. And Genex Logistics (Genex LogiSolutions Pvt. Ltd.) is a good example of that. What started as an idea, has taken the shape of a comprehensive platform managed by a cohesive team represented by ARTISTS and SPECIALISTS from Logistics Design & Operations, Supply Chain Optimization, Warehousing & Distribution, Material / Inventory Management, Express Transportation, International Freight Management, and Customer Relationship Management. Genex Logistics platform, consisting of offices & warehouses spread out at more than 26 geographical locations across India and offers full service logistics activities including: • 3PL Services • Warehousing • Distribution • Bonded Warehousing • FTWZ ~ Free Trade Warehousing Zone Services • Express Transportation • Project Logistics o Feasibility Studies o Project Inventory / Material Management o Project Transportation • International Freight Management ~ Freight Forwarding (Air/Sea/ LCL) • Custom Clearances • Value Added Services (Labeling, Stickering, Kitting, Light Assembly) • Agri Logistics • Pharma & Cold Chain Logistics Offering the above range of services by Genex Logistics strengthen the ongoing relationship with the customers and helps them consolidating their vendor bases, thereby; helping them reducing their cost considerably. Genex Logistics has been able to decisively influence the Logistics & Transportation industry in the country. Whether, it is to create a complete Logistics & Freight management platform to service the industries or breaking the moulds of the traditional way of undertaking logistics activities, Genex Logistics has been at the forefront setting benchmarks for Logistics & Distribution industry. At Genex Logistics, our teams are continuously working to develop new solutions and products to ensure that we provide our customers world class logistics services. Logistics Excellence through continuous improvement is part of the philosophy and customer delight is our motto.
  3. 3. Value creation through process innovations! Vision Enhanced Customer Experience through Logistics Excellence! Mission With a desire to serve our customers, we leverage on the diversity within the boundaries of our integrity to create value through innovation, speed and quality. India Network With over 26 offices and warehouses all over India, Genex Logistics covers substantial part of business Geography of India catering to the Contract Logistics as well as Freight management requirements. Network of warehouses across India cater to most of the Indian states. With this set up, Genex Logistics is not only able to address the key issue of Indian Taxes which has a substantial impact on the businesses in India but also is being closer to either the point of production or point of consumption. Simultaneously, we are capable of addressing any distribution or a milk-run service requirement around the country. International Network As part of Lognet Global Network, Genex Logistics services more than 100 countries around the globe. The network is primarily to support our International Freight Business. In addition to standard Freight Forwarding Service, the network is capable of handling services ranging from simple freight queries, FOB services, Door Deliveries, project transportation.
  4. 4. Value creation through process innovations! Detailed Products & Services Portfolio 3PL, WREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION With network of warehouses spread around the country and an established distribution network, Genex Logistics offers Warehousing & Distribution services across industries to Time critical After Sales, Production Logistics, Finished Goods, Promotional material and Reverse Logistics. Genex Logistics currently manages more than 800,000Sq Ft of space across the country and is likely to add another 500,000 Sq Ft in next few months. The industry segment that we are catering to for Warehousing (including Inventory management & Distribution) are: • Apparel & Fashion, • Retail & FMCG, • Automotive, • Power Electronics, • IT & Telecom • Cosmetics, Pharma & Chemicals, • Wine & Liquors, • Precision Engineering and • Food & Agri Sectors. • Promotional Merchandise Custom Bonded Public Warehousing Genex Logistics operates custom bonded warehouses and facilitates high value imports requiring duty deferment or value addition for highly regulated commodities like imported cosmetics, apparel, wine & liquors, high end automobiles, Precious metals etc. This is one of the niche offering from Genex Logistics as the regulated items like wines & Liquors involve very complex events after these commodities land in India and before they are ready to be consumed.
  5. 5. Value creation through process innovations! We currently operate facilities in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. The Warehouses also have facilities line temperature / humidity controls to cater to certain specific goods. Genex Logistics works with leading Wine & Liquor companies, Airlines and Hotels to cater to their time sensitive requirements, thereby, creating a mark in the industry. FTWZ Operations & Regulatory Advisory Free Trade Warehousing Zone (FTWZs) are an area within a country in which goods may be landed, handled, manufactured or reconfigured, and re- exported without the intervention of the customs authorities (without paying custom duties). Only when the goods are moved to consumers within the country in which the zone is located (India, in this case) do they become subject to the prevailing customs duties. These are a special category of Special Economic Zone, with services such as speedy delivery of cargo, one-stop for Customs clearance capability; integrated solutions, such as packing management, sorting, inspection, re-invoicing, strapping and kitting, assembly of complete and semi-knocked down kits, and taxation benefits. Basically the Free Trade & Warehousing Zones (FTWZ) is a special category of Special Economic Zones with a focus on trading and warehousing. And Genex Logistics has emerged as a key player in offering FTWZ services in India. We include this service as part of the package in order to facilitate the trade and build new business models around it. And with that in view, we have been able to deliver a bouquet of benefits to our clients who have Imports into India, Exports from India or are-exports from India. Few of the activities that can be undertaken inside the FTWZ are: • Duty Deferment • Quality control prior to duty payment, hence no duty to be paid on rejected products • Exemption of SAD, VAT & CST on imports through FTWZ Service • Tax exemption for Handling & Transportation of containers from Port to FTWZ • Value addition services can be provided like labeling, packing, kitting, bar-coding, palletization and other authorized services.
  6. 6. Value creation through process innovations! EXPRESS TRANSPORTATION Considering Indian geography where the inland transportation constitutes substantial part of the total logistics cost; dedicated network of offices and collaborative network of vendors always provides a competitive edge. With a network of 26 offices and warehouses across India, Genex Logistics offers comprehensive express distribution solutions to execute any transportation activity in India, thereby, helping the customers in reducing the time to market. The network has the capability to provide services to the different segments of domestic transportation: • Express Cargo Service Genex Logistics has developed Express Cargo & LTL routes across the country which gives flexibility to customers to use Genex Logistics services for lesser and urgent cargoes. These Express Cargo & LTL routes are time definite and give a unique edge to Genex Logistics distribution activities. With strong 1st and last mile connectivity, Genex Logistics caters to most of the A, B, C, and D category cities. • Deferred Cargo Service ~ Less than Truck Load (LTL) Services A transportation service where client needs an optimum price for his transportation needs. Genex Logistics offers a dedicated LTL service across the country. • FTL & Container Transportations Integrating the export / import container movement via road with the International Freight Management helps our customer reduce their time and cost substantially. For Exports and Import activity in India, generally, the cost incurred within Indian leg ranges from 20- 60% of the total Door to Door cost of logistics and through this developed network of Containers transportation, we not only control the impact 20- 60% of the total cost for these international freight activities but also reduce the overall turnaround time. Further, many Inland Container Depots are not very well linked to ports through Rail and hence offers substantial opportunities for container transportation (under bond) via road.
  7. 7. Value creation through process innovations! PROJECT LOGISTICS • Project Material & Inventory Management Genex Logistics has created a distinct capability to manage project inventory. Managing inventory at project sites requires dynamism in terms of push and pulls unlike a well defined inventory management in a manufacturing set up. Genex Logistics caters to Power, Oil & Gas and Green Field projects sites and manages complete inventory throughout the project erection period. A typical Ultra Mega Power Plant (4000 MW) would take about 2mn Tons of material during an erection period of 3.5-4 years. The number of SKUs would run in thousands. The storage space would constitute close to about 1mn Sq ft of covered and racked warehouse and about 2mn Sq ft of Open (boundaried) yard. • Project Logistics Management & ODC Transportation Advisory Services Genex Logistics has established itself as a specialist company in the Project and ODC transportation advisory services. We undertake transportation feasibility studies (multimodal – Road, Rail and Water), route surveys, route design, tender management, regulatory advisory on ODCs, project registration and custom clearance advisory. In a short span of time, Genex Logistics has been able to develop this special know how. Genex Logistics also advises on the execution methodologies, organization structures for such projects, through its know-how. Genex Logistics is catering to Power, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure sectors. TTpptt ooff 223300 ttoonn // 8800 FFeeeett LLoonngg BBooiilleerr oonn HHyyddrraauulliicc AAxxlleess
  8. 8. Value creation through process innovations! INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT MANAGEMENT (Freight Forwarding) • Air Freight: Beyond Airport to Airport Genex Logistics network manages Air freight both Inbound as well as Outbound. An excellent team in all the offices takes care of the Airfreight business and services customers for such requirements. Long term strategic relationship with the carriers (Airlines) helps Genex Logistics catering to customers even at peak seasons. With the exclusive network of associates in over 100 countries, Genex Logistics delivers shipments on a door to door basis at an economics suited to the customers. • Ocean Freight: value creation through innovations In a short span of time, Genex Logistics has been able to service large corporations in various industries for their Ocean Freight requirements. Value creation is substantiated by the Genex Logistics route designing for the inland transportation of containers which constitute more than 50% of the total cost for hinterland of India to an O’seas location. The responsive network of associates world over and an excellent relationship with the carriers helps in executing Door to Door services for Ocean shipments to customers. • Custom Clearances / Brokerage Services Genex Logistics has developed in-house Custom clearance / brokerage capability. This capability completes the logistics platform for Exports and Imports related activities in various the Airports, dry ports (ICDs and CFSs) and sea ports. Genex Logistics’ custom clearance team has a thorough knowledge of the custom regulations and a wide experience of clearing different types of goods ranging from electronics, machinery, consumables, edibles, white goods and various raw materials.
  9. 9. Value creation through process innovations! VALUE ADDED SERVICES All our warehouses are equipped to provide various value added services to our valued clients. These ranges from: • Quality Check & Inspection • Labeling • Kitting • Packing • Lashing • Strapping • Palletisation • Bagging • Invoice Auditing • Vendor Management • Milk Run Distribution / Milk Run Pick ups AGRI LOGISTICS Indian economy has been an agrarian economy with over 70% population engaged in agriculture and related activities. The food grain as well as the horticulture production in the country has been steadily growing over the years. However the Logistics infrastructure is strained which results into post harvest losses of the produce. Further, the sector needs professional approach to manage logistics in order to realize its true potential in food processing. Genex have consciously decided to be an integral part of this end to end supply chain and to venture into this sector especially the post harvesting logistics. Genex Logistics proven capability to manage Logistics in the corporate brings in the much needed element of agility and discipline. And team’s knowledge of culture and geography of the country adds to our connecting with this wide spectrum of Logistics requirement in this sector. Our motivation in Agri Logistics is simple, with substantial population of the world still under-fed, any participation in this sector to reduce the post harvest losses / leakages is an activity of CSR. This is our way of contributing to the society. Genex Logistics plans to add warehousing capability in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh during the 1st phase and connect rest of the country during the 2nd phase of comprehensive Agri Logistics Network creation.
  10. 10. Value creation through process innovations! GENEX LOGISTICS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT): All our offices and warehouses are linked through an IT Network. All our warehouses are on WMS and TMS which gives our clients a real time inventory visibility inside the warehouse as well as while on the move. WMS (Warehouse Management System) – our WMS application is an in-house developed application capable of managing multiple sites / Multiple SKUs. It has features to manage FIFO, FMFO, FEFO, Warranties, Batches etc. An application which matches the global applications in features but comes only at a fraction of their cost. TMS (Transport Management System) – Our TMS is a mobility application which gives visibility of the shipment on the go. Through this application, clients can track their shipments based on their Unique ID number (Invoice No, PO Number, Waybill NOs etc.). FMS – (Freight Management System) – Genex Logistics has deployed a Freight Management application which manages the end-to-end transaction of a international freight shipment. The application generates alerts and report which helps in reducing the overall turnaround of the freight shipments. CONTACT US: Genex Logistics (Genex LogiSolutions Pvt. Ltd.) Genex House, 3rd Floor, Plot 10, LSC – 2 (Near DAV School) Sec 6, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075, India Tel: +91-11-28085421, 28085422 +91-9810404438, Email: Web: