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Migration Strategies for Contact Center Virtualization

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  • 8 yearsStandrad based unlike our competitorsChoiceWe integrate withLargest adoptionFew other driversSIP based solution being offered by Genesys has been in the market for over 8 years now.We are completely standards based unlike some of our comeptitors who were either late on the market, or still offer proprietory VoIP solutions. In some cases their solution just looks like a SIP Media Gateway in front of legacy PBX.Giving customers a choice to chose third party components in their solutions is in our Dna. Our SIP solution is no different.. We inteoperate with widest variety of SBC, Mgw, SIP endpoints and SIP trunks in the industry. This means that you are not locked in. you can chose the most feature rich, or most cost effective option which ever works the best for youAgain this has led to largest rate of adoption of SIP platform in the industry. Over 300 K agents out there are using SIP Server stand alone and over 500 Fortune 200 customer have trusted Genesys SIP solution to transofrm their contact CentersCouple of other developments that have helped to improve these adotpion rates are SIP VM, business continuity , an arhichetecure that allow disaster recovery across active active site with automated near real time failover. Five 9 reliability . Reoring integrating to GQM and UC connect that we’d talk about in detail later in our presentation.All of this has caused big up tick in our adoption.After integrating with all possible vendors in the market today, we knew what features are the best in the industry . We built our business supporting them. The underlying switch always had some limitations. We added Five 9s, SIP Business continuity and this year clustering to provide reliability.Full featured ACD with needed PBX features , SIP Server is a reliable solution from Genesys that you can trust.