CARA for Documentum, SharePoint and Alfresco using CMIS


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CARA is the world's first full functionality user interface and configuration layer for multiple repositories based on CMIS plus repository-specific extensions. Full implementations available for Documentum, SharePoint and Alfresco, with CMIS-only implementations for other platforms (full versions to follow).

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CARA for Documentum, SharePoint and Alfresco using CMIS

  1. 1. Set your users free CARA User interface & configuration layer for Documentum, Alfresco and Oracle WebCenter
  2. 2. +1-877-244-2022  User interface for Documentum, Alfresco and Oracle WebCenter, featuring  Very fast performance  Major usability advantages over standard UIs  Many additional features vs standard UIs e.g.  Dimensions for navigating  Dashboards  Widgets panels  Portal  My WidgetSpace  Used by some of world’s largest companies and government agencies since 2002, e.g. Walt Disney, QVC Television, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, State of North Carolina, General Reinsurance and Sargento Foods What is CARA
  3. 3. +1-877-244-2022 CARA vs Webtop CARA Webtop Fast, with no screen refreshes Screen refreshes after most actions, slow Multi-tasking, multi-window One thing at a time Full set of configurations to build out business requirements – very short project lifecycle and major cost saving No configuration, customization only – longer projects, higher validation and overall project costs Content transfer via proprietary applet OR completely java-free Applet only (UCF) – many issues and java- dependencies Connect to multiple other systems Only via customization Works on Documentum 5.3 through 6.7 – no changes with new backend versions Each version of Documentum requires upgrade to Webtop and any customizations Certified on all browsers Only certified on some versions of Internet Explorer Mobile app, Portal, My WidgetSpace --- Dimensions, widgets ---
  4. 4. +1-877-244-2022 CARA vs D2 CARA v3.3 D2 v4 Configurable Customization - fully customizable by customers Not customizable by customers Full functioning UI including all core Webtop functionality and more (enhanced virtual docs, workflows etc) Initial release will not contain virtual document editing, document distribution etc My WidgetSpace view - User Experience Selection --- Carousel / coverflow --- Voice Recognition --- Multi-window including drag and drop Single window only Display unlimited widgets at a time Only single Widget at a time Define / Build your own DQL, Web Service or xCP Widgets Limited set of hard-coded widgets, cannot extend No data migration required to move to CARA - standard Documentum lifecycles. Integrated apps do not have to change Data Migration required to move to D2 - custom objects for lifecycle - integrated applications also have to be rebuilt as a result Works on Documentum 5.3 - 6.7 Works on Documentum 6.5 - 6.7 Works on Alfresco --- Works on Oracle WebCenter --- Built-in Portal capability --- Future* Mobile App --- Future* Integrated with Documentum xCP --- Future (Q1 2013?*) Integrated with Documentum Records Management / RPS --- Future (Q3 2013?*) Provides full collaboration functionality --- Future (Q3 2013?*) Full configuration layer - all the same as D2 and more Configuration layer is missing feature parity with CARA (detailed comparison available on request) Contains patented features including Dimensions, Dashboards and more No similar features Reporting, Configurable REST Services, Project Spaces/Rooms, Data tables --- Future (Q1 2014?*) Advanced Workflow --- Future (Q3 2013?*) Advanced Publishing --- Future (Q3 2013?*) Import Rendition --- Future (Q3 2013?*) Bulk Import --- Future (Q3 2013?*)
  5. 5. +1-877-244-2022 DESKTOP FEATURES Works like Windows with Start menu and application icons MULTIPLE WINDOWS Open a window to different repositories or multiple windows to the same one DESKTOP INSIDE THE BROWSER Stores repository launch icons, drag links to documents and more CARA User Interface CARA is an ergonomically designed, fast, web user interface to connect individually or simultaneously to multiple content management systems. Currently released for Documentum, Oracle WebCenter and Alfresco. It is designed to facilitate the creation, review, approval and management of documents. CARA is underpinned by the Generis DocConfigurator product which allows rapid setup and configuration of the repository to requirements.
  6. 6. +1-877-244-2022 User can Add widgets from a library: • Favorites • Recent Items • Intray / Outtray • Search results • Checked Out Items • Home Cabinet • Dashboard widget (report) • Build-your-own widget including web service connection to another system My WidgetSpace: Your standard view reimagined Move away from folders – enter the world of a set of different persistent collections of documents at your fingertips in the My WidgetSpace window. Work on your Favorites, Recent Items, Search results, In-Tray and more in a single view.
  7. 7. +1-877-244-2022 Searching made easy – 6 ways CARA 6 ways of searching – from Quick Searches through Dashboards and our Advanced Search to the unique Dimensions search/navigation hybrid and also SnapLists. 4. ADVANCED SEARCH Each group of users can have a search screen configured to the documents they search for most frequently 3. DASHBOARDS Create, save and run any reports using DQL or the Search, with ability to export the results to Excel and even create and export / print graphs. Dashboards even support user-driven value substitution 5. DIMENSIONS – see the next slides 6. SNAPLISTS – see the next slides 1. Search in folder 2. Quick search across repository (configure which attributes are searched including fulltext)
  8. 8. +1-877-244-2022 Dimensions Of all the search and navigation features in CARA, the Dimensions are the most used by clients. The Dimensions are a unique hybrid of searching and navigating, allowing each user to specify up to 5 levels of attributes to use in order to build a dynamic tree that allows navigation in the same way as a folder – avoiding the need to run multiple searches. DIMENSIONS Pick your attributes, then navigate as if it were a regular folder
  9. 9. +1-877-244-2022 SnapLists You may want to navigate by complex scenarios – for example, “documents I authored which are set to expire, grouped by month of expiration”. For those cases where a simple search or the CARA Dimensions are not sufficient, there are SnapLists. SNAPLISTS Navigate by complex queries as if there were regular folders
  10. 10. +1-877-244-2022 Widgets Other user interfaces allow you to see information related to a document, one pane at a time. The CARA widgets panel displays as many widgets as you want, populating them all from a single click on a document. In addition, no other application allows you to build your own widgets, displaying any information you want about a document (audit trail information, security settings, list of annotations – literally anything available in the repository. Need information pulled from another system? For example supplier address and phone numbers from an external database? Simply build a widget calling that information via a web service – integration of third party systems into the UI without any coding to the UI. Choose from pre- existing or your own custom-built widgets – all displayed at once and containing right-click options
  11. 11. +1-877-244-2022 Thumbnails For managing data that is rich media (images, video) it is possible to display the document pane in listview or thumbnails mode, including a larger thumbnails on mouse-over, or with a carousel or flip-card. View thumbnails in the main view View thumbnails in the Widgets panel including larger thumbnails on mouse-over
  12. 12. +1-877-244-2022 Carousel / Coverflow Define and display documents in a carousel which displays a thumbnail
  13. 13. +1-877-244-2022 Highly configurable CARA leverages the Generis DocConfigurator product to allow companies to build their own applications, using dozens of area of configurability: everything from major items such as properties screens, automatic folders, languages, data dictionaries, taxonomies, dynamic no-maintenance security, audit and eSignature, Trash Can, UI display, through to the small things like changing the icons for folders.
  14. 14. +1-877-244-2022 View Management Allow each group of users to have an entirely personalized view of the repository: everything from their Widgets, Dimensions, Search screens, double- click rules, New Document shortcut buttons, filters, columns and more.
  15. 15. +1-877-244-2022 Modify the columns to be shown Grouped by status Status Manager Report on status across multiple document(s) / folder(s), including ability to promote / demote multiple documents at a time, and export to Excel:
  16. 16. +1-877-244-2022 Workflows: rich reporting Report on workflows across multiple documents or across multiple users
  17. 17. +1-877-244-2022 Virtual Documents: reinvented Turn virtual documents into a painless, multi-user tool. No more user checkout / checkin, it is all done on the server. Added features include context information (same document in different virtual documents has different metadata), publishing integrations and granular security.
  18. 18. +1-877-244-2022 Annotations Report No need to open 10 documents to see all the individual notes – just pull up the CARA Annotations Report
  19. 19. +1-877-244-2022 Universal viewing CARA integrates two universal viewing tools, ViewONE Pro from Daeja ( and Brava! from Informative Graphics, for viewing 300+ formats in a common viewer (no local installation required). The tools allows annotations, watermarking and streaming of content as well as redaction:
  20. 20. +1-877-244-2022 Summary – v3.3 Major New Features This unique view gives the users a widget-based desktop showing, in a single view, document lists from their Favorites, Recent Items, Workflow Inboxes and more – finding and interacting with documents has never been easier or quicker. My WidgetSpace Voice recognition now allows text input into fields without having to use your keyboard to enter it. Perfect for mobile or hands-free usage.Voice Recognition In addition to the System Lock and User Log functionality, CARA now provides graphical output of User Activity over time.User Activity Monitoring Open both the properties and content in a single click.Preview with Properties For those who need quick and easy interaction with the repository, the existing mobile support (via browsers) is now supplemented with a mobile-specific app.Mobile App extension Importing emails is streamlined to allow both import as custom document types, as well as extraction of both attachments and also email attributes and content into repository attributes and content. Email integration extension On login, select your user experience – from the full WebDesktop through the single- page explorer, to My WidgetSpace and the PortalUser Experience Selection
  21. 21. +1-877-244-2022 Summary – v3.3 Major New Features An improved permanent drag and drop zone for import from the Desktop or OutlookImport Landing Zone Russian and Portuguese have been added to the existing languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Polish).Additional Languages Display document thumbnails and information on a carousel / coverflowCarousel (Coverflow) Display Full support for Documentum Search Facets, including configuration and displayDocumentum Facets CARA now offers the full range of subscriptions available in Documentum but configurable using the CARA ruleset. Includes subscribing other users.Extended Subscriptions
  22. 22. +1-877-244-2022 Summary – v3.4 Major New Features Custom Actions previously supported JSP, DQL, API, Documentum Server Method and RESTful web services. New in Custom Actions is any JavaScript action Custom Actions enhancements Add any custom JavaScript processing to the Document Save operation (including workflow completion)Document Save Processing Single click Export of configuration and Import into a new docbase. Configurations can be versioned and are compared using MD5 checksum so incrementally updatedConfiguration transfer Use any DQL condition to display the row formatting / icon differently – e.g. in a folder list, all “My Documents” listed in green, “Expiring in next 30 days” in redDisplay formatting Add a custom HTML page (e.g. with icons providing quick links to any windows / features) as the “Desktop” experience background or as a banner in other experiences Home screen – custom HTML Desktop / Banner Configure relation type availability based on any DQL conditionsRelations configuration My WidgetSpace now allows users to add particular folders, SnapLists, banners with Quick Links (HTML page) and more My WidgetSpace enhancements
  23. 23. +1-877-244-2022 Summary – v3.4 Major New Features Manage template availability and lifecycle separately from documents – filter templates based on DQL (e.g. status) and maintain separate lifecycle from document instances of the same type Template Management Ability to have the last-used values for properties and searching remembered and pre- populated individually for each userRemember last values Use an existing document as a source of attribute values when creating a new document New document based on existing Added to My WidgetSpace view, and now also supporting Brava, ViewONE Pro, standard browser view and Snowbound – as well as annotations for all the above and PDF Annotation Services as well as DocAnnotator Preview Panel Support for multiple Single Sign On protocolsSingle Sign On All functionality in CARA available without a Java Applet – removing the need for JRE on the machine.No Java Applet required Reduce the time for importing sets of repeating attributes by importing into a multi- attribute grid from an Excel sheetProperties – grid import
  24. 24. +1-877-244-2022 Summary – v3.4 Major New Features Add multiple features from CARA Structures (enhanced virtual documents) to the regular Virtual Document manager window Virtual Document enhancements Manage jobs & methods in CARA as well as users, groups and roles. Report on and dump types and attributes easily. App server configuration in a single XML file. In- CARA configurations extended with many additional business rules items Admin / configuration extensions Add date support and also “like” comparisons. Job to recalculate autovalues on documents after configuration updatesAutovalues Define custom queries and have them displayed as navigable trees for usersSnapLists Many additional functions added to the User Capabilities so functional availability by group covers many more featuresUser Capabilities Use Webtop DRL links to access documents in CARA. Also many additional URL combinations and formats supported as quick linksLinks Support for conditional processing in Properties and Custom Actions based on user, group, attribute value, folder path, or permissionsConditional processing
  25. 25. +1-877-244-2022 Voice Recognition Voice recognition now allows text input into fields without having to use your keyboard to enter it. Perfect for mobile or hands-free usage. Simply click the microphone at the end of a text field and speak. The built-in spell-check on the browser will help correct errors. Note: this feature is not available in all browsers
  26. 26. +1-877-244-2022 User Activity Monitoring CARA v3.2 introduced the User Activity log, As well as the ability to lock the system (prevent logins, e.g. during system maintenance windows, while leaving the system up and running). 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 12:00:00 AM 1:55:12 AM 3:50:24 AM 5:45:36 AM 7:40:48 AM 9:36:00 AM 11:31:12 AM 1:26:24 PM 3:21:36 PM 5:16:48 PM 7:12:00 PM 9:07:12 PM 11:02:24 PM CARA: Maximum Number of Active Users from 01 February 2012 to 28 February 2012 CARA v3.3 introduces advanced period user activity monitoring, outputting the results to Excel:
  27. 27. +1-877-244-2022 Mobile App extensions For those who need quick and easy interaction with the repository, the existing mobile support (via browsers) is now supplemented with a mobile- specific app. CARA v3.2 offered full support for mobile phones and tablets via browsers, including the ability to access the slimmed-down CARA Portal via such devices, and an HTML download alternative to the standard Java Applet for Apple devices where applets are not supported. CARA v3.3 adds a specific phone app that allows you to: • search the repository • view content • view and edit properties • complete workflow activities • receive notifications when content you have “subscribed” to has been altered • download content to the device to view offline. The app supports the following devices: - Apple - Android - (Windows 8 / Blackberry planned)
  28. 28. +1-877-244-2022 Email integration extensions In standard platforms, import of emails is restricted to importing as a specific document type, which means that a customer’s custom attributes are not available. In addition, the extraction of attributes is hard-coded. CARA extends this to allow mapping of email attributes to repository attributes, including extracting email content. Once the emails are imported into CARA (via drag and drop), you can either access the attachments by viewing the email and opening the attachments from there, or by using the new Extract feature to extract attachments and automatically link them to the email as a Related Object.
  29. 29. +1-877-244-2022 Preview with Properties One menu opens properties and content preview side by side
  30. 30. +1-877-244-2022 Import Landing Zone Select your folder and then drag and drop from Windows Explorer or Outlook into the Import Landing Zone Then optionally use the pop-up to classify your documents in the New Document wizard that you configured
  31. 31. +1-877-244-2022 Other Features Configure attribute inheritance from folder objects Extend context details to hold Classification values for pre- populating to documents Create an object not linked to the Classification Compatibility with Java 1.7 Job to auto- complete tasks Ability to configure a URL directly to the content Window management: Show Desktop / Show Windows Side by Side Job to extend document validity (e.g. on SOPs)
  32. 32. +1-877-244-2022 Other Features Job to remove inactive users from groups Thumbnail widget – larger pop-up thumbnail on mouse over Export a virtual document structure including all metadata to Excel Validate document uniqueness on import, and either reject, version or move to a duplicates folder Configure limit on number / maximum file size of documents imported in one action Ability for users to reset their View Settings to the default Job to rename users and delete tasks associated with inactive users Enhanced rendition queue configuration
  33. 33. Contact us for a demo or free evaluation in-house or on our cloud ++1-877-244-2022