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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports

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  • As a marketer you have several options for advertising in and around games. (Then walk thru options here – making the point as you move to the right on the slide you are getting into longer lead times, more complexity around creative and less flexbility once the project is launched). The great benefit with dynamic is having the ability to get into the most compelling and rich game content, but with a lot of flexibility and measurement.
  • Broadband is key factor in game hardware and software sales and overall online gaming growth. This connectivity is bringing people together around in world and opening up games to marketers. In Europe home broadband penetration is projected to reach 69% in 2012 In 2012, there will be 130 million broadband connections in Europe – 91% of these will be residential*3rd Gen Installed Console Base refers to Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii** Installed base Installed base is a measure of the number of units of a particular type of system (usually a computing platform) actually in use, as opposed to market share, which only reflects sales over a particular period. Because installed base includes machines that may have been in use for many years, it is usually a higher figure than market share. Many people see it as a more reliable indicator of a platform's popularity.
  • Parks Associates: Electronic Gaming in the Digital Home: Game Advertising – June 2007Yankee Group: Advertising and Games: 2007 In-Game Advertising Forecast – Jul 07PwC: Global Media & Entertainment Outlook: 2007-2011 – Jun 07=================================================No EMEA region forecasts currently exist. Like any emerging market analysts reports are still in their infancy in terms of depth/granularity
  • This compares gamers to the average GB adult, giving us an idea of the types of people they are – their tastes, attitudes, behaviours and lifestyle preferences.
  • As a more sociable group, gamers are more likely to talk to “many people” about clothing and clothes purchases. They are also more likely than non-gamers to say they convince others about their own product opinions in this category.
  • The M15-34 gamer is less likely than Non-Gaming M15-34s to “find advertising a waste of my time”At the same time, they are less likely to recall outdoor and radio ads or say they enjoy TV ads as much as the programmes. They are also likely to FF thru TV ads when watching time-shifted TV.And they’re 40% more likely to say they “expect advertising to be entertaining”.So with mainstream media less effective for this audience, and a desire for entertaining advertising, in-game activity is in an ideal place to capitalise
  • Massive utilises ad size and ad angle thresholds to determine if ad is in gamer viewOnce ad is determined to be in ‘view’, impression counts toward campaign goal1 impression = :10 cumulative seconds of exposure to ad elements within campaign For an impression to be counted toward an ad campaign, the gamers' exposure to the ad must surpass size and angle thresholds:10 impression
  • Transcript

    • 1. Gen
    • 2. Engagement
      Gaming is immersive, interactive entertainment
      Brands must enhance the experience, not just interrupt it
      Brands must embed into the experience itself
      Gaming provides access hard to reach audiences
    • 3. Everyone loves playing games!
      38,000 unique Irish users each month, generating over 8 million Ad impressions...
      Now .ie targetable !
    • 4. AND we do gaming…
    • 5. A Breadth of Video Game Advertising Options
      Sponsored Events and Content
      Dynamic In-Game Advertising
      Hardcoded Product Integration in Games
      Gamer-focused Web Sites
      Time / Cost / Complexity
    • 6. Massive Dynamic Tech Enables Flexibility
    • 7. Gaming compilation video
    • 8. Why are video games so
    • 9. Explosive broadband growth powers gaming
      Game hardware is powered by connectivity and is driving a new community
      Europe - Broadband Households 2007 - 2012
      Europe - Installed 3rd Gen. Console Base 2006-2011
      Broadband Homes (Millions)
      Source: Jupiter, European Broadband Forecast 2007-2012;- Jul 07; IDG, PC & Video Games Market Update, Aug 07.; IDG - PC & Video Games Market Update: North America, Europe & Japan - Aug 15, 2007 (*Xbox 360; Wii; PS3)
    • 10. A $1bn global ad market by 2011
    • 11. Console Usage Similar to TV
      • Console usage is heaviest during Prime Time (8PM – 11PM) and Early Fringe (6PM – 8PM)
      Source: Nielsen Media Research – National People Meter Sample.
    • 12. Our audience
    • 13. Overview
      The following slides provide insight into the audience of gamers
      Topics covered include personal interests & attitudes, product purchasing
      and gamers’ influence on the purchases of other people through word of
      mouth influence
      Defining the gamer
      Gamers are defined herein as:
      15-34 year old males who have bought a new console or console game in the past 12 months OR who use a home computer to play games
      (TGI Europa Feb 2008)
      Europe is defined as the UK, France, Germany and Spain unless otherwise stated
    • 14. Lifestyle
      The Male Grooming Market
      50% Gamers use a male fragrance
      • They are 16% more likely to do so than the average 15-34 year old male
      • 15. 41% Gamers use a male fragrance at least 2 or 3 times a week
      21% Gamers moisturise at least once a day
      • 43% Gamers use deodorant more than once a day, and are 16% more likely to do so than the average 15-34 year old male
    • Clothing, image and fashion play an important role
      Definitely agree with the statement...
      Index=100 = all adults
    • 16. Keen participants in many other sports
      Regularly take part in...
      Base = 100 = all adults
    • 17. ‘Big’ on film
      Almost a third are at the cinema once a month or more
      Compared to only 22% of non-gamers
      And their favourite film genres?
      1. Action
      5. Fantasy
      2. Comedy
      4. Thrillers
      3. Science
    • 18. A sociable group, enjoying in and out-of-home entertainment
      • Bigger music ‘fans’ than non-gamers
      • 19. Twice as likely to buy 9+ films on DVD per year
      • 20. With a higher propensity to use online music & entertainment services
      • 21. Asocial group, keen to spend time with their friends & experience live music events
      Gamers vs. Non-Gamers
    • 22. The mobile is another crucial device for the gamer
      Unsurprisingly, mobile ownership is just short of 100% M15-34 gamers
      They tend to have more advanced phone capabilities
      Almost one in ten use email on their mobile – 28% more likely to do so than non-gamers
      And they’re 70% more likely than non-gamers to Internet/WAP on their phone
      How long have you been connected to your current network?
      Source: TGI Europa Feb ‘08: Index = 100 = all M15-34
    • 23. Broad home computers usage with high software expenditure
      Gamers also more likely to have higher speed broadband and higher end hardware
      Source: TGI Europa Feb ‘08: Index = 100 = adults; Base – GB, FR, DE,ES
    • 24. High value audience for
      TV manufacturers
      Gaming interest drives purchase of ‘high-end’ TVs compared to average M15-34
    • 25. Gamers can be your product and brand evangelists
      Gamers acting as positive WoM channel across multiple product categories*
      *Categories included: Clothes; Cars; TV/Video/Audio; Mobile Phones. Respondents must have acted in a word-of-mouth ‘capacity’ for ALL four product categories
      Source: TGI Europa Feb 08: Index = 100 = aged 15+; GB, FR, DE (ES excluded)
    • 26. Positive advertising perceptions But with lower recall of ATL advertising
      Less likely to be “ad rejecters”
      BUT..Less likely recall/watch or enjoy TV, Outdoor & Radio advertising
      Index=100 = all aged 15+
      And they expect advertising to be entertaining....
      Source: TGI Europa Feb 08: Index = 100 = all aged 15+
    • 27. Why are video games so
    • 28. Games are highly immersive
    • 29. Massive has partnerships with 40+ global video game publishers
      Breadth of content
      Aggregated Audience Across Platforms
      Broad Range of Content
      • 45+ live titles in 2006
      • 30. 100+ in 2008
      • 31. All Genres
      • 32. Reach all segments
      • 33. PC, XBOX & XBOX 360 gaming platforms
    • New Blockbuster Titles
    • 34. Across an Array of Game Genres
      Skate: Electronic Arts
      Anarchy: Online Funcom
      Crackdown: Microsoft Game Studios
      Need for Speed Carbon: Electronic Arts
      Stealth Action
      Massive Channels
    • 35. Marketers utilising in-game
    • 36. Entertainment
    • 37. Entertainment
    • 38. Entertainment
    • 39. Entertainment
    • 40. FMCG
    • 41. Coke Video
    • 42. FMCG
    • 43. FMCG
    • 44. FMCG
    • 45. FMCG
    • 46. Gillette Video
    • 47. Telco
    • 48. Telco
    • 49. Telco
    • 50. Technology
    • 51. Motors
    • 52. Motors
    • 53. Ford video
    • 54. Apparel & Retail
    • 55. Education
    • 56. Government
    • 57. Recruitment
    • 58. Why are video games so
    • 59. Impression Measurement
      Size and ad angle thresholds
      1 impression = :10 cumulative seconds of exposure
      Angle of Ad Relative to View
      Size of Ad as % Screen
    • 60. What’s an impression?
    • 61. Massive EMEA Network Case StudyTechnology & Mobile TelecomsTDC Mobil uses in-game advertising to drive response and sales
    • 62. Campaign strategy & objectives
      • TDC Mobil is one of Denmark’s largest mobile service providers. To coincide with the launch of the Nokia N95, TDC Mobil and MediaCom Denmark devised a media campaign to drive sales of the handset through TDC
      • To work with a media channel offering high levels of accountability
      • 63. Geo-target ads to TDC’s core market of Denmark
      • 64. Utilize the gamers propensity to pre-order games titles before launch to drive similar action for the Nokia N95
      • Raise awareness of TDC Mobil’s Nokia N95 promotion amongst young, ‘tech-interested’ men
      • 65. To drive online pre-orders and sales of the Nokia N95
      • 66. And test in-game advertising impact against a response-based campaign objective
    • Execution
      • TDC / Nokia N95 campaign ran across Massive Network in Denmark for three weeks
      • 67. Massive delivered custom ad creative, optimized for maximum impact and user acceptance
      • 68. A unique campaign url ( for the in-game ads meant pre-orders and subsequent sales could be attributed to the in-game activity
    • Results
      TDC exceeded their targets for pre-orders and sales
      • Exceptional pre-order to sale conversion rate
      • 69. One in three pre-orders resulted in a sale
      • 70. Significant coverage from national media – Press, TV & Radio

      We were very pleased with the campaign and the results, which saw a high conversion rate – at least on par with other comparable media channels, a testament to the attractiveness of the audience reached in-game.
      Christian GodskeDigital EvangelistMediaComDanmark

      Source: MediaCom Denmark / TDC Mobil
    • 71. Massive EMEA - Case StudyAutomotive - Ford (UK)
      Ford “get in the game” to reach the elusive young male audience and reinforce the performance credentials of the Fiesta ST
    • 72.
    • 73. Background
      The Ford Fiesta ST is the high-performance range-topping Ford Fiesta – directly inspired by its race-bred Super 1600 Fiesta
      In association with their media agency, Mindshare, Ford indentified in-game advertising as a media key to the Fiesta ST’s communications strategy because:
      • It delivers a young male audience in a exceptionally relevant and entertaining environment
      • 74. It enables a brand experience to be created at a time and place when the audience are highly receptive
      Massive was selected for its:
      • Strong audience profile match with the Ford Fiesta ST target market
      • 75. Ability to connect with this target through AAA/premium content game titles
      • 76. Proven advertising effectiveness
      • 77. High level of accountability
    • Objectives
      Inject excitement into the Ford Fiesta ST brand and reinforce the car’s core credentials
      Target audience
      Young (predominantly male) car enthusiasts
      Deliver high impact brand messaging in premium content racing and sports games – ‘inheriting’ the characteristics of both the medium and the selected content
      Objectives and strategy
    • 78. Execution
      8 week campaign across Massive UK’s Racing channel and Sports channels
      Customised ad creative, optimized for maximum impact and user acceptance, specific to each game title
    • 79. Results – audience delivery
      The campaign successful reached Ford’s target audience of young male car enthusiasts
      • 86% male
      • 80. 71% aged 16-34
      84% currently own a car and 80% are responsible for their own car purchase decision
      Crucially, 46% plan to buy a new car in the next 12 months, making them 77% more likely to do so than the non-exposed gamers
      Source: Continental Research Jan 2008; Base 311 gamers – 157 exposed, 154 control
    • 81. Significant positive impact on key metrics amongst gamers exposed to Ford Fiesta ST campaign
      55% of those who saw the ads said it left them with a more positive opinion of Ford
      Source: Continental Research Jan 2008; Base 311 gamers – 157 exposed, 154 control
      In-game Impact
      Those who recall seeing the Fords ads said that they:
      1 % uplift is defined as the percentage difference between the test and control groups
    • 82. The agency perspective
      “The growing channel of in-game advertising provides an exciting and creative medium in which to work. Although we are only scratching the surface with regards to the opportunities it provides, more and more of our clients are keen to include in-game advertising as a part of their multichannel strategy.”
      Richard Dance, Account Director, MindShare Interaction
    • 83. Any Questions?
    • 84. Massive EMEA Network Case StudyMobile Telecoms - Spain
      In-game advertising proves itself as a highly desirable medium for Movistar’s brand-positioning campaign
    • 85.
    • 86. Background
      Spain’s leading mobile telco, owned by Telefonica
      Movistar and their agency Lattitud/Metrics in Marketing in chose to partner with Massive as part of their winter 2007 media activity
      Massive was selected for its:
      Strong audience profile match with the Movistar target market
      Ability to connect with this target in an entertaining and immersive environment
      Proven effectiveness
      High level of accountability
    • 87. Objectives
      Maintain brand awareness
      Build brand affinity with the target audience of young, technologically inclined adults
      Target audience
      Core: ‘Young technologically inclined’: 16-35 yrs
      Secondary: ‘Juniors and emergent’
      Deliver high impact brand messaging to the core and secondary target audiences, using the innovative and engaging medium of gameplay to enhance association with the Movistar brand attributes
      Objectives and strategy
    • 88. Execution
      8 week campaign across Massive’s Spanish network of game titles, up-weighted to the Racing and Sports channels
      Customised ad creative, optimized for maximum impact and user acceptance, specific to each game title
    • 89. Execution
    • 90. Source: Continental Research Jan 2008; Base 320 gamers – 160 exposed, 160 control
      Significant positive impact on core metrics amongst gamers exposed to Movistar campaign*
    • 91. In summary
      Massive’s network of connected gamers delivered the young tech-minded target
      audience Movistar was seeking to communicate with. Ad recall of more than 50%
      meant they successfully enhanced perceptions of the brand and increased
      Subscription consideration – the two key objectives of the campaign.
      The Client perspective
      "In-game advertising with Massive proved itself as a highly desirable medium for our brand-positioning ad campaign."
      Carlos LianesLattore, Interactive Marketing Manager, Telefonica Movistar
    • 92. Powerful new immersive entertainment medium
      New marketing opportunities to match
      Tracking & accountability: Real Time
    • 93. Any Questions?