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The new products from General Mills, available in fiscal 2015. More information is at

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  • 20% of households choose to avoid or must avoid gluten1
    Oatmeal is the most sought after gluten free breakfast2
  • In 2013, Brownie eatings were at the highest they’ve been in the past 10 years.
    S’mores is on-trend flavor
  • 67% of consumers cited Whole Grains as a strong factor in influencing purchase behavior while 81% of consumers are trying to consume more whole grains.
  • Summer 2014 - New product look book

    1. 1. New Product Look Book Summer 2014
    2. 2. This summer, General Mills is launching more than 150 new products around the world. Here’s a look at how the company is tapping into the latest food trends to bring exciting new products to consumers.
    3. 3. 1 IFIC “2014 Food & Health Survey.” May 2014 2 Mintel “Search Widens for Protein Sources.” February 2014 Today, more than 50 percent of consumers are looking to add more protein to their diets, making high protein foods among the most sought after items in U.S. supermarkets.1 Many people crave protein for a variety of reasons — from building and maintaining muscle to curbing hunger to helping them feel full longer. In addition, people are beginning to seek non-traditional sources of protein including ancient grains, plants and seeds.2 To meet this growing consumer demand, General Mills is introducing a robust lineup of products featuring protein.
    4. 4. Cheerios Protein Cereal In-line with the appetite for more protein, Cheerios Protein combines the famous toasted “O”s with crunchy granola clusters. Each serving offers 11 grams of protein with milk and more than half of the 48 grams of whole grains that is recommended daily. Available in Cinnamon Almond and Oats & Honey.
    5. 5. Nature Valley Protein Granola Nature Valley adds two new flavors to its popular protein granola line with new Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter ‘n Dark Chocolate varieties. Each has 10 grams of protein per serving and no artificial flavors or colors.
    6. 6. Yoplait Greek Backed by consumer demand for protein-rich yogurt with full flavor, Yoplait Greek expands its product line to include Yoplait Greek with new fruity and indulgent flavors like Lemon Meringue, Key Lime, Peaches ‘n Cream, Honey, Piña Colada, Caffe Mocha and Caramel.
    7. 7. Cascadian Farm Protein Granola Cascadian Farm debuts the first mainstream organic protein granola made from pea protein. At 10 grams per serving, new Cascadian Farm Protein Granola combines organic whole grain and crisp rice with either coconut flakes and dark chocolate or dried apples with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg.
    8. 8. Yoplait Greek 100 Yoplait Greek 100 adds five new flavors from fruity to indulgent. Try Raspberry, Pineapple and Mango, Blackberry Pie and Boston Cream Pie. Yoplait Greek 100 is endorsed by Weight Watchers® with a 2 PointsPlus® value per serving.
    9. 9. EDGE with Protein* Cereal General Mills Canada introduces new EDGE with Protein* cereal featuring delicious maple flakes and almond-filled clusters. With 11 grams of protein per serving, EDGE with Protein offers the highest levels of protein among leading cereals in Canada. *Available only in Canada.
    10. 10. Yoplait Yopa!* Yoplait Yopa!* introduces two new flavors to its line of fat-free and low-fat yogurt – Honey and Lemon – which are layered at the bottom. This Greek-style yogurt was first launched France in January 2014 and will now include eight flavor varieties. *Available only in France
    11. 11. 1 Technomic, The Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report, 2012 2 Mintel Menu Insights Consumer tastes are evolving to embrace products with globally-inspired flavors.1 In particular, Millennials and Hispanics crave foods that offer variety and adventure in every bite.1,2 As people continue to embrace flavors from around the globe, we’re introducing an array of bold flavors like Sriracha and Chipotle. General Mills is bringing bigger and bolder flavors that will wake up the taste buds to many of its convenient meals and snacks.
    12. 12. Old El Paso Bold Taco Kit Blasted with nacho cheese flavoring inside and out, the new Old El Paso Bold Nacho Cheese Taco kit brings a remarkably popular restaurant trend into the homes of consumers for the first time. The Stand N’ Stuff shell makes for easy serving.
    13. 13. Progresso Chili Soup season heats up with new Progresso Chili, made with hearty ingredients, including tender chicken and beef, thick cuts of vegetables, herbs and spices. The new chili offerings are packaged in pouch that holds two servings each. Available in Southwest Style Chicken Chili with Beans or Smokehouse Pork and Beef Chili with Beans.
    14. 14. Chex Mix Xtreme Chex Mix is turning up the heat at snack time with new Xtreme flavors. Now available in Habanero Lime and Sweet & Spicy Sriracha varieties.
    15. 15. Old El Paso Bowls Old El Paso brings the rising popularity of burrito bowls to the frozen aisle. These easy-to-prepare, restaurant-quality meals are available in two varieties: Honey Chipotle Chicken and Carne Asada Steak. Each variety features a unique combination of high quality chicken or grilled carne asada steak with simple ingredients like seasoned rice, black beans and roasted vegetables.
    16. 16. Totino’s Pizza Chips Available exclusively in convenience stores, Totino’s Pizza Chips pack full pizza flavor into light and crispy chips. Totino’s Pizza Chips come in two popular pizza flavors: Pepperoni and Cheese.
    17. 17. Totino’s Bold Rolls An extension to Totino’s Bold line, Totino’s introduces two new Bold Pizza Roll options: Spicy Taco and BBQ Chicken.
    18. 18. Food Should Taste Good Pita Puffs Crunchy, yet light and airy, Food Should Taste Good Pita Puffs contain simple, all-natural ingredients that combine the elements of a puffed snack with a pita chip. Now available nationwide, this salty snack comes in four varieties are Pesto, Chive, Cinnamon Sugar and Multigrain.
    19. 19. Latina Fresh Pasta* The leading pasta brand in Australia, Latina Fresh*, adds new varieties to its lineup of filled pasta products: Aged Prosciutto Ricotta & Basil; Portobello Mushroom; Pumpkin, Leak & Sage; and Fire Roasted Capsicum & Mozzarella. *Available only in Australia
    20. 20. Old El Paso Restaurante* In Canada, Old El Paso debuts new Restaurante* soft shell taco kits in three chef-inspired flavors: Steak Carne Asada, Chicken Tinga and Baja Fish. *Available only in Canada
    21. 21. 1 The NPD Group, Inc. “The Future of Eating: Who’s Eating What in 2018?” April 2014 2 Nutrition Business Journal 3 Mintel: “Gluten-free Foods – US, September 2013” It is estimated that around 30 percent of consumers are trying to cut back on gluten, making gluten-free one of the leading food trends today.1,2 Gluten-free bread, pizza, flour and dessert are among the most sought after gluten-free products, but most gluten-free eaters are simply seeking great tasting gluten-free foods.3 With the debut of gluten-free Rice Chex in 2008, General Mills has steadily been adding to its gluten-free portfolio. Today, we offer hundreds of gluten-free products that satisfy unmet desires from gluten-free consumers for great-tasting, affordable and easy-to-prepare foods. This summer, General Mills will expand its gluten-free food offerings with oatmeal, pizza crust, dessert mixes and more.
    22. 22. Chex Gluten Free Oatmeal For the first time, Chex brings one of America’s favorite breakfast meals to the homes of gluten-free eaters with its all new Chex Gluten Free Oatmeal. Available in single-servings or a re-sealable pouch, Chex Gluten Free Oatmeal comes in Maple Brown Sugar, Apple Cinnamon, Original flavors and as a Variety Pack.
    23. 23. LÄRABAR RENOLA LÄRABAR is reinventing granola with the launch of the first nationally distributed, grain-free granola line – RENOLA. Made with simple ingredients including nuts, fruit, seeds and spices, RENOLA grain-free granola is available in three flavors: Cinnamon Nut, Cocoa Coconut and Berry. RENOLA is sold in single-serving slam packs and 9-oz, re-sealable packages.
    24. 24. Immaculate Baking Immaculate Baking takes some of the guesswork out of gluten- free baking with its new gluten free Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Sugar cookie mixes and Peanut Butter refrigerated cookie dough.
    25. 25. Food Should Taste Good Brown Rice Crackers Made especially for gluten-free consumers with a sophisticated palette and a desire for high-quality snacks with simple ingredients, new Brown Rice Crackers from Food Should Taste Good combine gluten-free grains like sesame and flax seeds, quinoa and amaranth with culinary-inspired flavors. Varieties include Sea Salt, Roasted Red Pepper, Peppercorn Blend, Tomato & Basil.
    26. 26. Betty Crocker Gluten Free Baking Mixes Savory, meal-time products like pizza crust are in high demand among people seeking a gluten-free diet. Betty Crocker is introducing Gluten Free Pizza Crust mix.
    27. 27. 1 Technomic 2014 Menu Monitor More people are turning to snacks with dessert-inspired flavors as a small indulgence to reward themselves. According to Technomic’s Menu Monitor, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry remain the top-three most seen dessert flavors on restaurant menus today, but emerging flavors like coconut, macaroon and other fruity flavors follow close behind.1 For people looking to sweeten their day, General Mills offers a wide variety of treats that can fit many lifestyles.
    28. 28. Nature Valley Bars with Coconut From the social sphere to grocery store shelves, coconut is popping up everywhere for its unique and tasty flavor. Nature Valley adds this on-trend flavor to its largest and fastest growing product lines – Crunchy granola bars and Protein chewy bars.
    29. 29. Fiber One Soft-Baked Cookies A delicious, better-for-you cookie and excellent source of fiber, Fiber One Soft-Baked Cookies are now available nationwide in three flavors: Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chunk and Oatmeal Raisin.
    30. 30. LÄRABAR ALT LÄRABAR is bringing two new flavors to the lineup of pea protein, all-natural, gluten-free snack bars: Chocolate Chip Macaroon and Chocolate Peanut Butter.
    31. 31. Fiber One Streusel Targeting weight-conscious consumers who are seeking alternatives to indulgent coffee shop treats, Fiber One introduces an all-new product line: Fiber One Streusel bars. They come in two flavors, Strawberry and Blueberry.
    32. 32. Hershey’s Premium Dessert Mixes Betty Crocker continues its partnership with Hershey’s to bring even more varieties to its line of premium dessert mixes, which launched last year. Try Hershey’s s’mores, Reese’s Peanut Butter & Chocolate and Heath dessert bar mixes, and Hershey’s s’mores cookie mix.
    33. 33. Yoplait Yogurt with Hershey Mix-Ins Yoplait is partnering with Hershey’s on a new line of mix-in yogurt snacks. Each variety features a separate pack of Yoplait vanilla yogurt and three different Hershey’s candy toppings including Whoppers, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Hershey’s Cookies n’ Cream.
    34. 34. Pillsbury Melts As stuffed treats and indulgent desserts flood social media and foodie blogs, Pillsbury partnered with its blogger network to create an all-new line of stuffed cookies: Pillsbury Melts. Featuring ready- to-bake, filled cookie dough, Pillsbury Melts come in two trend- worthy flavors: Molten Fudge Cake and S’more Sensation.
    35. 35. Pillsbury Cinnabon Jumbo Rolls Consumers are looking for food products that offer restaurant- quality taste and ingredients that they can make at home. Pillsbury’s new jumbo cinnamon rolls taste great and are made from Cinnabon cinnamon and signature Cinnabon frosting.
    36. 36. Liberté Yogurt Two new dessert-inspired yogurt flavors are coming to Liberté Yogurt – Caramel and cappuccino. These rich flavors are on trend with consumers’ desire for unique and indulgent flavors. Liberté Yogurt is a great snack any time of the day.
    37. 37. Häagen-Dazs Triple Sensations* In Europe and China, Häagen-Dazs debuts Triple Sensations to engage all your senses. Each variety offers three layers of indulgence in every bite — rich and creamy ice cream, a crunchy topping and a sauce. Available in Praline Caramel Seduction, Chocolate Caramel Passion, Speculoos Caramel Desire. *Available only in Europe and China
    38. 38. Häagen-Dazs Blueberries & Cream* Crafted from the highest quality and most flavorful blueberries in the world, Häagen-Dazs new Blueberries & Cream ice cream blends Häagen-Dazs’ rich, creamy texture with real fruit and cream. *Available only in Europe and China
    39. 39. 1 2014 IFIC Foundation Food & Health Survey. May 2014 People today are taking many steps to improve their diet. While many are adding more protein and watching their calories, whole grains remains among the top nutrients Americans are seeking in their foods.1 As a result of the whole grain movement, demand for ancient grains like quinoa couscous and brown rice is on the rise. General Mills is adding whole and ancient grains to convenient and delicious foods the whole family can enjoy.
    40. 40. Suddenly Grain Salad Suddenly Salad makes preparing flavorful whole and ancient grains so easy. Every box includes more than 27 grams of grain blends like brown rice, wild rice and quinoa. The whole and ancient grains are paired with flavorful herbs and spices in a boil-in-bag format for convenient preparation.
    41. 41. Multi-Grain Cheerios with Ancient Grains* In Canada, Multi-Grain Cheerios* is bringing the benefits of ancient grains to the mainstream cereal aisle. Paired with the classic five whole grains of Multi-Grain Cheerios, the brand adds two new ancient grains to the mix: puffed and toasted kamut and spelt. *Available in Canada only
    42. 42. Nature Valley Bistro Cups Nature Valley’s new Bistro Cups Oatmeal is the first to market for food made from a Keurig. The product includes a packet of oatmeal, another packet of nuts and fruit and a flavor capsule that is mixed with the oats when hot water filters through the machine. Flavors include Apple Cinnamon Almond and Brown Sugar Pecan.
    43. 43. Green Giant Steamers New microwavable or boil-in-a-bag Green Giant Steamers make simple dinner solutions possible. Green Giant Steamers combine whole grains like brown rice and barley with on-trend vegetables such as kale and edamame with a variety of flavorful sauces. Choose from Parmesan Asiago, Rosemary, Teriyaki and more.
    44. 44. Nature Valley Fruteria Granola Bars The new Nature Valley Fruteria chewy granola bars combine real fruit pieces and chewy oats for a 100-calorie snack. Fruteria bars come in two fruity flavors: Mango Strawberry and Strawberry Apple.
    45. 45. Yoki Popcorn* Microwaves are growing in popularity in Brazil, and research shows a growing number of moms in Brazil see popcorn as a “trigger for together time.” Yoki’s* new Pop & Pronto is the first-to- market microwave popcorn that can go directly from microwave to serving. With a bowl-shaped package, consumers can eat popcorn right from the microwave. Available in Bacon, Butter & Natural with Salt flavors. *Available only in Brazil