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  • 1. There lived a little orange fish who had no friends. No body liked him.
  • 2. One day a whale came and said “Do you want to be my friend?” “ Yes”, said the little fish, “I would love to be your friend”. So they swam off together far out to sea.
  • 3. The next morning they were swimming in the reef when they met a dolphin .
  • 4. They introduced their names. They were Rex, Fred and Spermy. Rex said let’s go to the mermaids castle to see the mermaid. They swam to see the mermaid.
  • 5. On the way to the mermaids castle they saw a boat that was broken. There were sharks inside the boat. One shark came out and the whale ate him.
  • 6. Mike and Spermy then kept swimming until they reached the mermaids castle .
  • 7. There was a gate at the castle. It was stuck. There was a radio next to the gate. Spermy the whale spoke through the microphone that goes up to the house. He said can we please come inside to be safe from the shark, so they went into the castle.
  • 8. They told the mermaid what had happened with the sunken ship. They had dinner and they went to sleep.
  • 9. In the morning they had breakfast with the mermaid and her pet jellyfish , Mike .
  • 10. Then they swam home quickly as it was now safe and the shark had disappeared.
  • 11. They lived happily ever after .