Red Coral Benefits
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Red Coral Benefits



In Indian Astrology, Moonga Stone strengthens Mars ('Mangal Grah') and it is wear zodiac sign for Aries ('Mesh'), Scorpio ('Varashchik').

In Indian Astrology, Moonga Stone strengthens Mars ('Mangal Grah') and it is wear zodiac sign for Aries ('Mesh'), Scorpio ('Varashchik').



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Red Coral Benefits Red Coral Benefits Presentation Transcript

  • Benefits Of Red Coral Presented By : Email : Call : +91 11 30018009
  • Red Coral Benefits Red coral stone is known to be the finest variety of coral stone that is very much in demand. Coral reefs are found in most oceanic covers around the world. The major deposit of coral is in Australia. Very fine specimens also come from Sardinia, Tunisia and Japan. Red Coral is Recommended Red coral is recommended if planet Mars is weak in the wearer’s horoscope. Wearing a red coral helps rectify weak aspects related to Mangal Graha. Red Coral also helps minimize bad influence caused by Dasha and Antar Dasha of Mangal graha. Email : Call : +91 11 30018009
  • Benefits Of Red coral This particular stone helps make the person dynamic, energetic and confident. Red coral also helps person get rid of unreasonable fears and bad dreams. This stone also helps people win over competitors and seniors. This stone also brings lot of energy, stamina, and financial growth. When To Wear Red Coral Red coral should ideally be worn after bathing early in the morning on Tuesday. A stone of 6,7,10 or 12 rattis should be chosen. This is best worn in a gold or copper ring. One must recite the mantra “Om Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Om” while wearing this stone. Donating jaggery and money should also be done. Immerse a red coral in cow’s milk before wearing. Email : Call : +91 11 30018009
  • Who Should Wear Red Coral ? Red Coral is the perfect birthstone to strengthen marital relations. Soldiers, police, surgeons particular benefit from this stone. This stone helps reduce the effect of manglik dosh and brings peace between married couples. This stone is also good for students. This assures success in examinations. This stone helps acquiring land, love between brothers and betters relationship between father and sons. It corrects blood related illness, heart diseases, fever, piles etc. This stone can also help one’s daughter in getting married or to find a new rewarding job. It can also help better marital life by protecting against accidents and miscarriages. Email : Call : +91 11 30018009