Audience Research – Results & Conclusions


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Audience Research – Results & Conclusions

  1. 1. Audience Research – Results & Conclusions I used a website called Zoomerang to gather all of my results.The following presentation shows all of my results in a diagram form with conclusions for all of the questions.
  2. 2. GenderThe result of this question is fairly even in terms of amount of males and females However, there are slightly more males. This means that my results are biased towards males. AgeI have covered the full range of ages that my magazine is aimed at.However, there is considerably more people in the 16 – 18 category. This means that my results are biased towards the middle of my target audience’s age range.
  3. 3. What is your favourite colour? Favourite Colours 1 4 6 Red Purple Black Blue Green 4 5The results of this question are fairly similar in results. However, more people said red so I will use this for my masthead. The rest of the magazine will have a colour scheme of red, purple, blue and black because these were said most.
  4. 4. How often do you buy rock music magazines? The majority of the people I asked said that they buy magazines on a weekly basis. This helped me a lot as I know that a lot of the people in my target audience are willing to buy magazines weeklyWould you be interested in a new rock music magazine? I asked this question to see if people would actually be interested in a new rock music magazine. I am pleased with the result as everyone I asked said yes.
  5. 5. What is currently your favourite rock music magazine? 16 14 12 Amount of People 10 8 6 4 2 0 Rock Sound Kerrang! Mojo Metal Hammer MagazineThe majority of the people I asked said that Kerrang! was their favourite magazine. Whenasked why they mostly said because of the content (posters, interviews etc.) and that a lot of their favourite bands are included in it. This means I will try to make my magazine similar to Kerrang!
  6. 6. On a scale of one to five (1 being the lowest and 5 the highest) how important would you say the following aspects of a magazine are. The answers to this question give me an idea about which aspects of my magazine I need to pay particular attention to. For example, a lot of people find that photos, interviews, gig guides and reviews are very important in a rock music magazine.
  7. 7. How much are you willing to spend on a magazine?I have covered a full range of prices in this question. However, most people have said they are willing to pay around £3.00 for magazines, this gives me a good basis for magazines prize. However, as my magazine is going to be weekly it will cost slightly less than this and be closer to the £2.50 mark.
  8. 8. Who is your favourite band/artist? 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 I got a variety of results for this question. The answers to this question I will use for features in my magazine to appeal to a range of different rock music fans.
  9. 9. What three words would you associate with rock music? There was a selection of answers given to the question. On the left is a table showing all of the answers I was given. I will use these to come up with a title for my magazine and for ideas for the headlines.