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What is an_advertiser_agency_adserver_gemiusWorkshop_May 2011

  1. 1. gemiusDirectEffect // What is an Advertiser / Agency Adserver? What can it be used for? gemiusDirectEffect Campaign serving and effectiveness measurement Author: Jarosław Kaczyński March 2011 Warsaw 2010flue
  2. 2. gemiusDirectEffect // An ad server is a computer server, specifically a web server, that stores advertisements used in online marketing and delivers them to website visitors. (Wikipedia)flue
  3. 3. gemiusDirectEffect // How online advertising works Without Advertiser Publisher 1 / Agency Adserver Advertiser / Agency without control on creative displays, Publisher 2 receiving different stats from different publishers Publisher 3 With Advertiser / Agency Adserver Publisher 1 Advertiser/ Agency Adserver controlling creative displays and Publisher 2 collecting Advertiser consolidated and Agency complete campaignflue Publisher 3 statistics
  4. 4. gemiusDirectEffect // The typical common functionality of an Advertiser / Agency Adserver includes: • Acting as third-party auditing system on publishers’ performance • Uploading advertisements, including rich media formats • No delay when changing advertisements by publisher • Executing media plan according to rules defined by advertisers • Automatic tuning and optimization based on results (e.g.: click- through-rate, action-rate) • Reporting results of an ad campaignflue
  5. 5. gemiusDirectEffect // Unique advantages of an Advertiser / Agency Adserver include: • Third-party auditing of publishers’ performance • All statistics about each publisher are available from one interface with one access • Total campaign statistics are available for every placement (not only additive statistics but also campaign reach, number of clickers, etc.) • Publishers can be compared based on the same statistics calculated by the same method (same for every publisher) • Full control over creative display, creatives can be modified at any time • Unified technical requirements for creatives (no need to prepare mutations for different publishers) • Monitoring international ad campaigns from one interfaceflue
  6. 6. gemiusDirectEffect // Gemius ad campaign tracking - Solution Which creative formats proved effective and in what way? What was the engagement of users (cookies) within the campaign? gemiusDirectEffect Which placements campaign tracking proved effective and in How did the what way? campaign perform over consecutive Main aim is to evaluate the days? direct effect of the campaign Where did the users How did the campaign (cookies) who were influence viewing the exposed to the campaign target page and connect from? performing actions?flue
  7. 7. gemiusDirectEffect // Unique advantages of gemiusDirectEffect include: • Sequencing ads so that users can see messages in a specific order • Automatic optimisation of ad campaigns based on performance • Apart from cookie reach, also the real number of users (real reach) is presented • Easy multicklick creative tracking • Numerous ready-to-use creative templates available from the interface to display rich media • Benchmark statistics available from gemiusDirectEffect reports (comparing performance with your own or market benchmarks) • Major statistics (impressions, clicks) are available real-time. • Reporting impressions, clicks, post-click & post-impression activities, and interaction metricsflue
  8. 8. gemiusDirectEffect // Learn more about gemiusEffect Learn how your target group perceives your brand (Pre/Post test or Control/Exposed method) Position the brand versus its competitors BrandingEffect Understand how the creatives were evaluated by the internet users Track the product’s/service’s brand awareness regularly to see branding results Optimize your creatives and landing pages Get a quick overview of your campaign’s performance DirectEffect Check if you spend your ad budgets effectively Find proper media buying models for your products and services Track the action paths and detect where your users drop out (lose interest) Get to know who is exposed to your ad campaign and who is interacting with it Find out about new potential target groups interested in your products/services ProfileEffect Learn if your campaign reached the targeted audience Build your knowledge and adjust your future communicationflue
  9. 9. gemiusDirectEffect // Contact: Tamás Ács gemiusDirectEffect Product Manager E-mail: tamas.acs@gemius.com Mobile: (+36 20)543 3628 Skype: tamas.acsflue