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Online advertising effectiveness and branding measurement - "Who is K’Naan?" gemiusEffect case study with Coca-Cola and Carnation Group

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gemiusEffect_Coke_World_Cup_case_study_May _2011

  1. 1. gemiusEffect // Who is K’Naan? measuring its online advertising. gemiusEffect CASE STUDY October 201001
  2. 2. gemiusEffect // Campaign World Cup Campaign 2010 A television, indoor and online campaign referring to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The Coca-Colas promotional anthem for this event was Wavin’ Context: Flag, a song performed by so far a relatively unknown singer, K’naan. The campaign consisted in massive communication aimed at increasing the awareness of K’naan in the general Hungarian population, connecting the artist and his song with the Coca-Cola brand. From May 3rd, 2010 Duration to July 2nd, 2010 TG Mainstream Media TV, online, indoor02
  3. 3. gemiusEffect // Research objectives AD CAMPAIGN TRACKING To estimate the effectiveness of the Coca-Cola’s 2010 FIFA World Cup How many users were South Africa anthem advertising exposed to the Coca- campaign. Cola’s campaign? ? BRANDING What was the impact on ? the awareness of the song and its performer- K’naan? What was the impact on the Coca-Cola ? TARGET REACH What was the brand image in Hungary? socio-demographic profile of users who were exposed to the campaign?03
  4. 4. gemiusEffect // Solutions gemiusDirectEffect Tracking scripts, site-centric measurement Measuring the delivery, MAIN OBJECTIVE instant response, delayed Measuring campaign reponse - post view, actions, effectiveness conversions CAMPAIGN TRACKING DIRECT BRANDING RESPONSE TARGET gemiusBrandingEffect REACH Pretest and posttest gemiusProfileEffect questionnaires filled in by users Panel data combined with tracking scripts Campaign impact on brand awareness, perception, message Post-buy analysis of association... campaign’s audience profile. Demographic composition of the campaign04
  5. 5. gemiusEffect // 1 Campaign effects / Questions & Answers05
  6. 6. gemiusEffect // What were the campaign’s essential statistics? number of users (cookies) exposed to the campaign 3.4 million total number of cookie ad 20.2 impressions million 5.89 Share of ad exposures per average user06 Source: gemiusDirectEffect 11.05.2010 - 02.07.2010
  7. 7. gemiusEffect // Which placements won the largest reach? Origo RoN 250x250 72% Index Main Page 300x250 14% Egymás szemében 250x250 6% Funpic 250x250 5% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Advertisements displayed on Origo RoN 250x250 (Mass & Social media sites / Origo) generated the highest reach. There were 2.5 m users (cookies) who were exposed to the ad on this placement ( 72% of the total campaign reach). The chart represents only those placements for which the reach share of the campaign was at least 5%.07 Source: gemiusDirectEffect 11.05.2010 - 02.07.2010
  8. 8. gemiusEffect // Which placements and formats were the most effective? The highest UCTR ratio was recorded for Afrika Api 250x250 (Music & programming sites/Habostorta/Gmedia). 5.44% of users (cookies) who were exposed to the ad on this placement clicked on the creative. The fastest clicks were performed by users (cookies) on Partypeople 330x247(Music & programming sites / Habostorta/Gmedia) – average time elapsed from cookie impression to first click - 14.7 s.08 Source: gemiusDirectEffect 11.05.2010 - 02.07.2010
  9. 9. gemiusEffect // How many times were the users (cookies) exposed to the campaign? 41% of all users (cookies) had 1 contact with the campaign. 24% of all users (cookies) had 2 or 3 contacts with the campaign. 35% of all users (cookies) had 4 or more contacts with the campaign.09 Source: gemiusDirectEffect 11.05.2010 - 02.07.2010
  10. 10. gemiusEffect // Users (cookies) who entered the website during the campaign Users (cookies) on the website Have seen Have not the ad seen the ad Did not click on the ad Clicked on the ad Post-click group Post-view group010
  11. 11. gemiusEffect // Users (cookies) who visited the website during the campaign Among users (cookies) who entered 4% the website during the analyzed period, there were: • 4% users (cookies) who entered the site after clicking on a creative (post-click users); • 28% users (cookies) who were 68% 28% displayed a creative but didn’t click on it, depite visiting the website (post-view users); Post-click users (cookies) • 68% users (cookies) who were not exposed to the campaign at all. Post-view users (cookies) Users (cookies) who did not have contact with the campaign 100% = 170 317 = the number of users (cookies) who visited during the campaign.011 Source: gemiusDirectEffect 11.05.2010 - 02.07.2010
  12. 12. gemiusEffect // What was the campaign’s influence on the advertised website? Post-view users (cookies) were the most active group on the website They: • made the most visits on average per user (cookie): 2.5. • 16.8. made the largest number of page views on average per user (cookie): • spent the greatest amount of time on the website on average: 19 minutes and 43 seconds. Users (cookies) who Post-click users Post-view users didnt have contact Users (cookies) (cookies) (cookies) with the campaign on the website Average time spent on the website 00:08:09 00:19:43 00:12:55 00:15:40 Average visit duration 00:04:55 00:06:44 00:06:52 00:06:48 Average visit length 3,1 6,7 6,5 6,5 Average number of page views per user (cookie) 4,2 16,8 11,3 13,3 Average number of visits per user (cookie) 1,3 2,5 1,7 2,0012 Source: gemiusDirectEffect 11.05.2010 - 02.07.2010
  13. 13. gemiusEffect // Where did cookies connect from? Have I reached my target group? Borsod-Abauj- Zemplen Szabolcs-Szatmar- Nograd 3% Bereg Gyor- Komarom- 1% Heves 1% Moson-Sopron Esztergom 1% Budapest 5% 2% Hajdu-Bihar 37% Jasz-Nagykun- Szolnok 3% Pest Vas Veszprem Fejer 3% 1% 16% 4% 3% Zala Bekes 31-40% 1% Bacs- 2% Tolna 21-30% Somogy Kiskun Csongrad 2% 4% 11-20% 2% 6% Baranya 5-10% 3% 3-4% 0-2% 100% = 1 018 031 = the number of Hungarian users (cookies) for whom the region was recognized013 Source: gemiusDirectEffect 11.05.2010 - 02.07.2010
  14. 14. gemiusEffect // How do we track campaigns and measure direct response? gemiusDirectEffect is conducted by site-centric measurement. gemiusDirectEffect researches the direct response to your online advertising campaign and directly measures the internet user’s behavior. Tracking scripts, embedded in the codes of the campaigns creative, are responsible for monitoring impressions and clicks on the creative. gemiusDirectEffect is a quantitative study which uses the Cookie technology to define individual users (cookies). Our technology enables us to present information about the number of impressions and clicks on the advertisement as well as the number of users (cookies) whom the campaign reached and who directly responded to the campaign, either by clicking on the creative or later visiting the advertiser’s website (without clicking).014
  15. 15. gemiusEffect // 2 Socio-demographic profile of the campaign audience gemiusProfileEffect015
  16. 16. gemiusEffect // What was the socio-demographic profile of real users who were exposed to the campaign? Age: 15 25 29% students 64% 35 45 55 48% 52% 22% BUDAPEST 45% 23% COUNTYCAPITAL high school, 32% OTHER CITY lyceum 23% VILLAGE016 Source: gemiusProfileEffect 11.05.2010-02.07.2010
  17. 17. gemiusEffect // What groups did the campaign influence most? REAL USERS WHO CLICKED ON THE CREATIVE: UCTR=0.81% males UCTR=0.91% young users (15-24) UCTR=0.92% students UCTR=0.79% high school, lyceum017 Source: gemiusProfileEffect 11.05.2010-02.07.2010
  18. 18. gemiusEffect // Which target groups were less interested in the campaign? THE LOWEST UCTR RATIO : Gender UCTR=0.51% females Age UCTR=0.47% 25 - 34 Education UCTR=0.30% university Town type UCTR=0.33% Budapest Profession UCTR=0.22% manager/businessman018 Source: gemiusProfileEffect 11.05.2010-02.07.2010
  19. 19. gemiusEffect // How do we measure the socio-demographic profile of the campaign’s audience? Methodology of the gemiusProfileEffect study is a result of conceptual and analytical work of the Gemius specialists team. Algorithmic Routine gemiusDirectEffect / gemiusProfileEffect AdOcean Systems StudyResults (Measuring (Target Reach Results) Scripts) gemius / Ipsos Audience (Socio-Demographic Panel)019
  20. 20. gemiusEffect // How do we measure the socio-demographic profile of the campaign’s audience? gemiusProfileEffect provides information on the socio-demographic profiles of internet users who were exposed to the researched campaign. Campaigns that are registered in the gemiusDirectEffect or AdOcean systems are audited thanks to tracking scripts embedded in the ad creatives code and in websites directly related to the campaign (e.g. the advertised sites). The basis for establishing the distribution of socio-demographic characteristics in gemiusProfileEffect is a representative sample of cookie users. Included in this sample are all users of a particular country with a verified socio-demographic profile who have had an activity registered within the campaign period and prior to it. Such defined sample is adjusted by weighting, so that it is representative as far as the selected socio-demographic features are concerned. As a next step, researchers choose cookie users whose activity has been registered in the studied campaign from the set of cookie users who fell into the representative sample of cookie users. The distributions of the socio-demographic features of the users registered in a particular campaign are established in relation to weights obtained in the said process.020
  21. 21. gemiusEffect // 3 Campaign’s impact on brand awareness and perception gemiusBrandingEffect021
  22. 22. gemiusEffect // What was the campaign’s impact on K’naan awarness? pretest After the campaign the awereness of musician K’naan raised from 2% to 11% among general group posttest of Hungarian internet users aged 15+. Presented „word clouds” visualize the aided awareness of musicians before and022 after the campaign – the percentage of indications determines size of the words. Source:gemiusBrandingEffect
  23. 23. gemiusEffect // What target group was mostly influenced by the campaign? K’naan awareness KNaan awareness by age groups in general group aged 15+ 4% 15-18 33% The awareness of 3% 19-24 K’naan after the 18% campaign was 2% 2% highest among 25-34 11% young internet 3% users aged 15-18 35-49 3% and 19-24 years old. 11% 50+ 1% 3% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% pretest posttest Statistically significant differences Base: all respondents Pretest N= 900; Posttest N=900023 Source:gemiusBrandingEffect
  24. 24. gemiusEffect // Which medium built the reach of the campaign? Ad recall of the Coca-Cola commercial - by age Television - the 73% 88% greatest share of each Yes, on TV 71% 69% 71% age group saw the 58% 32% commercial on TV. 24% Results for Yes, on the internet 17% 16% 20% general group The group which was 19% 15+ most exposed to the 1% Yes, I have seen this commercial 6% 6% campaign – both via TV but do not remember where 7% 10% 9% and the internet – 6% 10% were internet users I have not seen the commercial but I have heard the song 10% 8% aged 15-24. 7% 5% 5% Recall of a contact with 9% No, I do not recall seeing such commercials for Coca-Cola 10% 12% the campaign was 14% 23% decreasing with the 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% growing age of 15-18 19-24 25-34 35-49 50+ respondents. Statistically significant differences Base: all respondents The strong position of TV was also result of the fact that there was no Posttest N=900 difference between the TV and online ad.024 Source:gemiusBrandingEffect
  25. 25. gemiusEffect // What was the campaign’s impact on brand recognition and usage? POSTTEST N=900 Brand recognition and usage of 30% 21% 20% CONSIDERATION** Coca-Cola remained 62% 32% 40% USAGE* constant after the 89% 67% 54% campaign. SPONTANEOUS AWARENESS 98% AIDED AWARENESS 97% 96% *Usage in the month prior to the research ** Exclusive consideration – ‘This is the only brand I will take into consideration when buying soft drinks next time’ Base: all respondents025 Source:gemiusBrandingEffect
  26. 26. gemiusEffect // What was the campaign’s impact on K’naan recognition? Recognition of song performer - Posttest Low exposure of K’naan’s name in the 16% Knaan commercial. After 1% being presented with 1% Youssou NDour the ad creative in the 3% 1% Damian Marley survey, 16% of respondents Akon correctly recognized Keane K’Naan as the artist 77% performing the I do not know / it is Wavin’ Flag song. hard to say Q13. Do you know whats the name of the singer who performs this song? The chart presents only posttest results due to the fact that in the pretest stage of the study respondents did not see the commercial. Base: respondents to whom the commercial was displayed Posttest N=752026 Source:gemiusBrandingEffect
  27. 27. gemiusEffect // How many exposures are needed to improve recognition? Recognition of song performer - by number of exposures 1 - 3 times 6% The more often respondents were exposed to 4 - 6 times 14% campaign the better they 7 - 14 times 8% recognized the song performer 15 times or more 14% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Knaan Q13. Do you know whats the name of the singer who performs this song? Statistically significant differences Base: respondents to whom the commercial was displayed; Exposed2 N=466027 Source:gemiusBrandingEffect
  28. 28. gemiusEffect // What was the impact of the campaign on the brand image? Coca-Cola perception 72% popular 71% widely advertised 70% 71% It seems that the has catchy commercials 57% 57% campaign supports music events 47% 52% strenghtened the 41% great taste 39% rational 40% supports sport events 47% communication of 36% energetic 34% 35% the brand – fits my lifestyle and my needs 31% 35% awareness of modern 37% 30% Coca-Cola’s support socially responsible company 31% trustworthy 28% for sport and music 28% happiness 27% 28% events was greater fun 21% 23% after the campaign 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% pretest posttest Statistically significant differences Base: all respondents; Posttest N=900028 Source:gemiusBrandingEffect
  29. 29. gemiusEffect // What is the level of Coca Cola’s top of mind awareness? Spontaneous awareness of soft drinks 88% Coca-Cola 89% 68% Pepsi 67% 57% Fanta Sprite 36% 54% Coca-Cola was the 30% Traubi Soda 19% 19% 18% most often Marka Up 16% 14% 21% mentioned brand 10% Mirinda 9% 7% of soft drinks in both Scweppes 17% Kinley 6% 8% periods of time – 5% Lift 6% 5% before and after the Canada Dry 5% Apenta 4% 5% campaign. Red Bull 3% 2% Szentikralyi 2% 3% Cappy 1% 1% 1% Hell 1% other brands 24% 30% I do not remember any 4% 4% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% pretest posttest Statistically significant differences Q4. What brands of soft drinks do you know or have heard of? Please type in names of brands that come to your mind first. Base: all respondents; Pretest N= 900; Posttest N=900029 Source:gemiusBrandingEffect
  30. 30. gemiusEffect // What is the image of the Coca-Cola brand in comparison with other brands in the category POSTTEST Green–the brand is Coca-Cola Sprite Pepsi Fanta Kinley Schwepps more often N= 900 900 900 900 900 900 associated with the supports sport events 6% -1% 12% -11% -4% -2% given feature than average of other has catchy commercials 13% -8% 5% 1% -8% -4% brands and average of indications of socially responsible company -3% 2% -3% -4% 5% 3% other statements for supports music events 11% -5% 11% -6% -6% -6% this brand energetic -6% 5% -2% -3% 3% 3% Pink– the brand is modern -7% 1% -4% 3% 4% 3% less often associated popular 16% -4% 6% 1% -11% -9% with the given feature than average widely advertised 21% -10% 9% 0% -12% -8% of other brands and average of trustworthy -8% 4% -5% -1% 7% 4% indications of other fits my lifestyle and my statements for this needs -12% 5% -6% 1% 7% 4% brand fun -14% 3% -6% 13% 2% 2% happiness -8% 3% -6% 2% 4% 4% The more intense the colour the more great taste -10% 5% -11% 3% 9% 5% distinct are the results. • The most distinctive characteristics of Coca-Cola in comparison to other soft drink brands are its popularity and it being widely advertised. Moreover, the brand is associated with catchy commercials more often than other brands, and along with Pepsi, is seen as a brand supporting music events. • Coca-Cola scores lower than the other brands on dimensions such as fun (distinctive feature of the Fanta image), great taste (distinctive feature of Kinley) and fitting the lifestyle and needs of respondents - such results are caused not by higher indications on those dimensions for other brands but, to some degree, by the high level of indications for Coca-030 Cola on other dimensions, so the aforementioned features are not distinctive for Coca-Cola. Source:gemiusBrandingEffect
  31. 31. gemiusEffect // How do we measure branding effect? METHOD The research is conducted with the use of the CAWI method (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing). Invitations to an on-site questionnaire (pop-under format) are displayed to internet users visiting websites with high total reach. The questionnaire is every time adjusted to the goals of a particular advertising campaign. The structure of the study sample is adjusted to the profile of internet users’ population by means of analytical weights in terms of age, gender and education. RESEARCH PLAN Measuring the overall effect (exerted on the target group by all media channels) of the campaign involves two stages: •Pretest – data gathered within 7 days immediately before the advertising campaign. •Posttest – data gathered during 7 days after the campaign. The campaign effect for all media channels is established based on the statistical significance of differences between results for the pretest and posttest. STAGE OF THE STUDY FIELD WORK SAMPLE SIZE Pretest >> 13 – 19 April 2010 >> N=900 Posttest >> 20 – 27 July 2010 >> N=900031 Source:gemiusBrandingEffect
  32. 32. gemiusEffect // gemiusEffect DIRECT RESPONSE Each of the three modules that are used for gemiusEffect is BRANDING independent, objective and neutral. TARGET Although integrated through the site- BRANDING REACH centric platform, all three modules are conducted using different methodologies to address their different aspects. gemiusEffect provides you with the most complete and objective gemiusDirectEffect set of data to measure the effectiveness of your online gemiusProfileEffect advertising campaign. gemiusBrandingEffect Click and see more gemiusEffect reports!032
  33. 33. gemiusEffect // Benefits Learn how your target group perceives your brand before and after your ad campaign Check brand awareness in users who were and were not exposed to your creatives BrandingEffect Track your product’s/service’s brand awareness regularly and be prepared for making quick and effective decisions! Get a full overview of your campaign’s performance Check if you spend your ad budgets effectively DirectEffect Find proper media buying models for your products and services Track the action paths and detect where your users drop out (lose interest) Optimize your creatives and landing pages Get to know who is exposed to your ad campaign and who is interacting with it Find out about new potential target groups interested in your products/services Learn if your campaign reached the targeted audience ProfileEffect Build your knowledge and adjust your future communication033
  34. 34. gemiusEffect // About Gemius Some of our clients: Gemius - an international research agency, the leader and Joint-ventures << forerunner in the field of research of the internet and on Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) the internet in Europe. Media houses << The Company offers professional research solutions, MediaCom, Mediaedge:cia, MindShare, OMD, analytical and advisory services: from site-centric and Starcom Next, Universal McCann user-centric studies to technologically-advanced tools for investigating internet user behaviour on chosen websites Insurance companies << Allianz, AVIVA, ING (gemiusTraffic), internet user socio-demographic profiles (gemiusProfile), quality of WWW page usage Media << (gemiusUsability) and effectiveness of internet advertising NASPERS, MSN, Axel Springer, Edipresse campaigns (gemiusEffect). Gemius also conducts research on subjects ordered by customers (gemiusAdHoc and FMCG << GO96). Danone, Unilever Banks << Gemius sets the standard for online audience and Alior Bank, Fortis Bank, Raiffeisen, Santander internet application measurement (gemiusAudience) in almost half of all European countries. Car industry << Renault, Skoda, Suzuki Established in Poland in 1999, the company is now active in over 20 countries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Telecommunication << Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone034
  35. 35. gemiusEffect // Contact: Ács Tamás GEMIUS HUNGARY Ltd. 1095 Budapest 87 Mester Street contact@gemius.hu035
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