Forever flowing 3.6


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chapter 3.6

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Forever flowing 3.6

  1. 1. This legacy is loosely based off of Native Americans and traditions. Native American namesusually linked to the tribe of that generation. This generation is Blackfoot Indians and it will soon be passing to the Iroquois Confederacy. Only females can inherit, everyone should have hobby enthusiasm in “Nature” “Music and Dance”, and “Arts and Crafts”, basically we have a lot ofcreative folks here. (other hobbies are acceptable too these just are the most important). Names will all be related to the tribe for that generation in some way. Or nature related names if I run out.
  2. 2. In chapter 3.5, lots of stuff happened. They have a slight idea what Siksika is up to, we also hadan alien abduction as well as several characters being paired up with their lovers. And even had a snippet of generation four‟s entrance into this crazy family. There was also one other surprise entrance for Koko and Zach in the form of two teenagers. If you have no clue what I am talking about, or who any of these characters are please read previous chapters. If you already have click the arrow.
  3. 3. Zach looked at his wife with his confused grey eyes. He could just tell Koko was as baffled as he was or at least shocked. The only person in the room who wasn‟t quiet was Nessie who kept giggling and wanting to touch the wings of the mysterious teens..
  4. 4. “Enter, find a seat” Koko said looking at the children claiming to be hers. “I shall put Oneste to bed and then return to discuss.”This was it this was her chance to reveal all her years of research. She knew she would have to at some point but she didn‟t expect it to come in this way.
  5. 5. Zach sat down next to the two teenagers and looked them over. He could see his father in law‟s jaw apparent on Bliss. And Euphoria was a blond Koko without glasses. The relation to the Hunickes was unmistakable. How was this possible? Considering Koko would have been only a child if they were born on Lenmana.
  6. 6. It wasn‟t long before Koko returned from putting her child to bed. Oneste went down with no problem. Her little girl had a busy day. “Hello” Koko said to the twins as she sat down. “How is this possible Koko?” Zach asked.
  7. 7. “There are many factors of wish I must explain, but primarily…” Koko started taking a deepbreath. “Zachary, I can understand your confusion on these two adolescents that appeared to us on this night. I do have knowledge of this occurrence.” Koko started. Koko tried to find a way to start explaining what she knew about this.
  8. 8. “Upon entering university, I began my research. Knowing of the power of those known assimselves peeked my curiosity of how they came to this very Island. We know that they were notborn nor raised on this very land; it was how they came here that was the most intriguing. So my research of the multiverse theory had begun. “
  9. 9. Outside of our very universe are other parallel universes. Simkind can have other reasons andstories within these other universes. In many cases, each decision made in one „verse can create another where a Sim has chosen the other option, or options depending on the choice.
  10. 10. Every Universe is run by a specific simself of which has the most control over what occurs intheir world. In our world, our Simself Goddess is Shadow Gem or SG. Also to some extent the Simself Ryan also is a ruler of this Universe as will be any children they have. Simselves are all knowing and Shadow Gem has visited other universes. They are immortal as simself kind only reach their adult form and then stop aging.
  11. 11. Us regular Sims have to follow rules so we do age to our death, of course this also depends on the universe. Some universes have different rules than others of which some regular Sims actually do have a form of immortality. Here on Lenmana Island us regular sims age and die,although, when one tampers with such things as Elixir, they may live longer but also have side effects that aren‟t so grand for they do not possess the power of those known as simselves. Although, this also differs depending on which universe one is on about.
  12. 12. Koko looked at the twins again who seemed enthralled in such information their mother had possessed about this “multiverse theory”. Zach on the other hand remained confused. “What is their story?” Zach asked still perplexed by the teenagers.
  13. 13. “During my research, I came across several tales of different universes. That is when I caughtmyself reading one that included Bliss and Euphoria and their tale. They are from a place calledHidden City which is a „verse run by the simself Ani-Mei. Shadow Gem and Ani-Mei were able to create a clone of me in Hidden City. I had memories of Lenmana and my culture but no information of what happened in my future here. There, I was picked among other Sims who were created in the same way for a Bachelor challenge in Ani-Mei‟s „verse. *Picture credits go to Ani-Mei from Solan‟s Bachelor Challenge
  14. 14. “I ended up losing the challenge but not before my clone fell for a Greek God Sim known asCupid and my clone-self had Bliss and Euphoria. In Ani-Mei‟s „verse there are certain Sims that do live immortally like the simselves do.” *Picture credits go to Ani-Mei from Solan‟s Bachelor Challenge and her Quest For Peace Legacy
  15. 15. “How did they get here, if they are from a completely different place? Err…‟verse” Zach said with a bit of frustration in his voice.“Each Universe has an entrance portal where Sims can be transported through different worlds. The portal is typically controlled by the Simself of that „verse. All simselves have knowledge of the portals. They can decide when and who passes through the portal, whether Simself, sim or another. A reason led Shadow Gem to allow Bliss and Euphoria to make their appearance onLenmana. But what is curious is that teenagers and children who come through the portal must have an adult guide. Who arrived with you?”
  16. 16. “A family friend of ours named Solan!” Bliss answered. “He is on a journey to discover more of this „verse at the moment” Euphoria added. “How frequently have you communicated with him?” Koko asked.“Not too often, usually because he‟s in a place where he can‟t. But it‟s alright we‟re sure he is just fine.” Bliss smiled.
  17. 17. Koko nodded she had no words to say. She had been continuously worrying about Siksika who had also been travelling. She wondered if maybe Siksika and Solan had crossed paths.“When did you last hear from him?” Zach asked the question as he looked at Koko curiously. “Right before we came here” Euphoria answered.
  18. 18. “Yeah, he said that he kept running into this woman who was teal” Bliss responded. “Teal?” Koko asked.“Solan has the ability to see emotions through colors. Teal I think means loneliness.” Euphoria added.
  19. 19. “Did Solan mention her appearance? Or name?” Koko asked.“Red hair tied back in two braids, blue eyes, petite. He said her name began with an “S” and they had bolts” Bliss replied. “Awww bolts” Euphoria said happily.
  20. 20. The description came to her as she went over the facts in her head. It didn‟t take her long to figure out who it was, who it just had to be. “Siksika…” Koko said to herself. “Siksika! That was her name Siksika Azure!” Bliss replied.
  21. 21. They talked for a little bit longer before the twins had set off to find someplace to sleep. Zach was still looking a little down so Koko went up to him. “What is your concern?”“Its just so much to learn about. And all of this about the multiverse. It‟s just so inconceivable knowingyou have children from another person elsewhere. I just…” Zach tried to let the words out but couldn‟t. “I am pregnant with your second child. Is that of any comfort?” Koko said with a smile. Zach smiled and put his lips to his wife‟s. “Yes” ~*****~
  22. 22. Back at the Main house Crow was feeling restless for some time now. It felt as if this baby wastaking a lot longer than it should. With this being an Alien baby he didn‟t exactly knew what toexpect. He just wanted to see the little Nijite. He felt a sensation in his stomach and assumed he was hungry so Crow headed off to the kitchen.
  23. 23. While getting ready to get something to eat the sensation changed. As his hands flew to his pregnant belly. “Well these aren‟t hunger pangs OWWW!” Crowfoot yelled at the top of his lungs.
  24. 24. At the screams of Joels second born child he and his father in law rushed into the kitchen where Crowfoot was screaming. “Even when it‟s my son it‟s still such a wonderful experience” “DAADDD!!! In pain here!” Crowfoot yelled. “Family sim…” “Where is it like gonna come out?” Jim tilted his head.
  25. 25. As soon as it was started the sooner it was over and Crowfoot was holding an adorable NijiteAlien baby girl in his arms. She had pale rainbow cat-like eyes, rainbow skin, and the Azure red hair she was perfect. “Well hello there my daughter”
  26. 26. Crowfoot held his daughter close rubbing her tiny back.“What are you going to name her Crowfoot?” Pocahontas asked her son. “Aientsik” Crow Smiled holding his little girl close. *The name Aientsik is actually one of the names for Skywoman in the Iroquois Creation Myth. It is pronounced “AYNS-eek”
  27. 27. In the beginning, the world was not as weknow it now. It was a water world inhabitedonly by animals and creatures of the air whocould survive without land.Up above, the Sky World was quite different.Human-type beings lived there with infinitetypes of plants and animals to enjoy.In the Sky World, there was a Tree of Lifethat was very special to the people of the SkyWorld. They knew that it grew at the entranceto the world below and forbade anyone totamper with the Tree. One woman, who wassoon to give birth was curious about the Treeand convinced her brother to uproot theTree.Beneath the Tree was a great hole. Thewoman peered from the edge into the holeand suddenly fell off the edge. As she wasfalling she grasped at the edge and clutched inher hand some of the earth from the SkyWorld. As she fell, the birds of the worldbelow were disturbed and alerted to herdistress. The birds responded and gathered agreat many of their kind to break her fall and The daughter grew fast. There were no man-beings oncradle her to the back of a great sea turtle. Turtle Island, but a being known as the West Wind marriedThe creatures of the water believed that she the daughter of Sky Woman.needed land to live on, so they set about to Soon the daughter of Sky Woman gave birth to Twins. Onecollect some for her. They dove to the greatdepths of the worlds oceans to gather earth was born the natural way. The other was born in a way thatto make her a place to live. Many of the caused the death of the mother. When their mother died,animals tried to gather the earth from the their grandmother, Sky Woman, placed the fistful of earthocean floor, only the muskrat was successful. that she grasped from the edge of the Sky World, andWith only a small bit of earth brought onto placed it on her daughters grave. The earth carried specialturtles back from his small paws, Turtle Island seeds from the Sky World that were nourished by the earthbegan to grow. over her daughter.The Sky Woman soon gave birth to a daughteron Turtle Island.
  28. 28. Crowfoot fed Aientsik before he put his little girl in her crib. He tucked her in and the infant fell asleep. Crow couldn‟t help but smile again as he went to the phone he decided to call hiscollege bound sister with the news and to see how she was doing. It had been a while since he called her.
  29. 29. “Hey Jay!” Crow‟s voice was low but the excitement in his voice was inevitable. “Crow! Hey how are you?” Jacy replied. “Pretty good” he replied he glanced over at Aien, “There is more I can hear it in your voice big brother” Jacy said knowingly. “I SO just had an alien baby”
  30. 30. “What!?” She replied with amusement in her voice. “You heard me” Crow said. “She‟s the most adorable little Nijite ever!” “Congrats” Jacy‟s eyes widened. “What‟s her name?”“Aientsik Luna Azure” Crowfoot answered. “I should so text you pictures” “I can‟t wait to see her!” Jacy said happily
  31. 31. The siblings hung up and not to long later Jacy received several pictures of her new niece. It was exciting to have an alien in the family and Crowfoot was right Aientsik was a pretty cute little girl. She had such a big personality for a little person by the looks of things.
  32. 32. Owen looked at Jacy from the couch as she got off the phone and was looking at her cellphone. “What is it Jacy?” He asked as she came to sit next to him.“Crowfoot‟s newborn daughter” Jacy smiled as she gave Owen her phone to look at the pictures. Owen looked at the picture and chuckled happily noticing the newborn.“Would you look at that, a guy obsessed with aliens has one of his own.” Owen smiled handing the phone back to his girlfriend. “She‟s cute.”
  33. 33. Jacy and Owen have been close since that night in the park. Jacy‟s bruise had healed fully. It didn‟t take Jacy long to start a new relationship with Owen. She had loved him all along, Jacydidn‟t need to be on a current state of adrenaline rush and she had to admit it was a lot nicer.
  34. 34. Although that still left time for some form of adrenaline rush. Owen looked at Jacy with a challenging look in his face. “I challenge you to a duel” “Challenge accepted”
  35. 35. Owen was a gamer that was one of the things they had in common. He didn‟t need to always begetting himself in trouble like Jacy‟s ex had. Owen was smarter and used competitive video games as his adrenaline rush. It was also mush safer.
  36. 36. “BOOM Goes the Dynamite!” Jacy yelled excitedly. “You finally beat me grasshopper” Owen shook his fist at her jokingly. “YEAH finally!” “Well then I guess I have to give you a prize” Owen had always been a better gamer since he had been gaming since he could hold a controller. Theyhad found several competitive games that they could enjoy; Owen usually won since he promised Jacy he wouldn‟t go easy on her.
  37. 37. Owen stood up from his seat then motioned Jacy to put down the controller. Once she stood upOwen‟s lips touched Jacy‟s. Jacy felt her leg lift up subconsciously. She wasn‟t sure how he was able to make her do such a girly thing but she didn‟t mind it at all.
  38. 38. Ohanko and Desmond‟s relationship was strong. Ohanko even went to buy Desmond a new pair of sunglasses. They had kept it to themselves most of the time because of Ohanko beinghesitant about him coming out as gay. Desmond was a patient sweetheart who kept trying to help Ohanko out, again, with the knowledge that he was into guys.
  39. 39. Of course the secret dating ended when the two of them were in the coffee house one day. Ohanko ended up tripping and fell onto Desmond, the boys lips touched.
  40. 40. The whole coffee shop had been staring at the two guys who hesitated before getting up.Ohanko held out his hand to Desmond immediately and Desmond took it, helping himself up and the two continued to hold hands.
  41. 41. To the surprise of even Desmond, Ohanko revealed his own secret. He held Desmond closer gave him a kiss then turned to the others. “Yes I like guys. It‟s not like you havent seen it before with others. So stop staring at me and my boyfriend and go back to whatever you were doing.”
  42. 42. Ohanko looked back at Desmond as he felt his boyfriend‟s long fingers through his hair. A feeling Ohanko had grown to love. “I can‟t believe I did that” Ohanko said. “How do you feel honey?” Desmond asked. “Awesome!” Ohanko smiled kissing Des again. *~~~~~*
  43. 43. Dyami was having an easier time with finding someone. The very first time he entered universityhe ran into a girl known as Alice Molina. It was a simple meet and greet of his dormmates and he found himself most attracted to her green eyes.
  44. 44. From then on Dyami and Alice were together. There was one thing he had yet to show her. Asfreshman he never revealed he could fly, but Dyami felt so strong for this girl he wanted to tell her. He just hoped she wouldn‟t freak.
  45. 45. "Here Ali let me show you something I came across the other day." Dyami said. "I cant wait Dyami!" Alice replied. The two of them walked down the sidewalks of University. Dyami was really excited to showAlice his surprise; he knew she enjoyed pretty things. Dyami often told her to look in the mirror because he thought she was more than pretty, she was gorgeous.
  46. 46. The place he was showing her was a small area with a waterfall and a small lake surrounded by trees. "Ali, no peeking. We are almost there" Dyami said as he covered her eyes. He found a good spot as he uncovered her eyes and looked at the waterfall before them. "Dyami, it‟s beautiful!" "I knew you would like it" He smiled. The two of them gazed as Dyami put an arm around Alice and held her close to him.
  47. 47. "Its so tall we could probably see the whole campus from up there. I wish there was a way we could see it." Alice said her hazel eyes still wide with amazement. Dyami looked up at the land surrounding the top of the waterfall. "Whats wrong?" She asked."Alice there is a way we can get up there." Dyami started and hesitated a bit. "But please dont freak out”
  48. 48. "Dyami, you can tell me anything." Alice said as she gave him a peck on the lips. A smile crossed the young mans face as he held out his arm to her. "Come here and hang on to me, tightly"Alice moved toward her boyfriend as she put a hand on the back of his orange shirt and another on his other arm. Dyami put his arm around Alice securely as he looked up at the top of the falls. "Are you ready?" "I think so" Dyami felt the earth treat his sneakers like springs as his body lifted from the ground.
  49. 49. Alice found herself standing on top of the waterfall with Dyami still holdingonto her he pointed out the Universitycampus in the distance, each building. "Dyami, you can fly?” "I have had this ability since I was a child Alice.” "How come you never used it before?”"I have, but I try to keep it a secret, or else everyone will want a ride. Can I trust you to not tell anyone?“ "Of course“ Alice had kept her promise. ~*****~
  50. 50. Hey Grandma and Grandpa,I started off on the outskirts of Sim Ireland. It‟s such a pretty place here the trees, camping, nature in general. I decided tosleep in a tent just so I can get a greater feel of the spirits surrounding me. From there I went backpacking across the rest of Europe. It was one wayto see the sights and it was fun.Well I didn‟t walk the whole way of course I took a few busses and trains. Hope you are well. Love, Siksika
  51. 51. Dear Luyu Angeni, Hey Hope you are holding upthe Greek house well enough.Just wanted to tell you that I have seen Europe. Then I headed down to Africa. ThePyramids in Egypt were great,although I had to have a maleescort in some places there. It wasn‟t too hard since I had been travelling with someonesince Greece. He‟s a nice guy. I have to admit it actually is nice to have a companion.Don‟t destroy the house now, and that means you Ohanko and Dyami. Love Siks
  52. 52. Dear Koko, Hope all is well. How is the family? I‟m sure your little girl has grown beautifully. Yourfuture children will as well. I‟m in China, It‟s so nice here Ivisited the Great Wall it really is great. China is so big thereare a lot of things around here they have some beautiful souvenirs as well. I have already been in Russia but it wasn‟t for long. Tell your parents I said hi. When I get back we should go out for coffee or tea. Love Siksika
  53. 53. Hey Crowfoot, How are you? How‟s your little girl doing? You finally have a little alien girl. Goodluck with her! I‟m actually in Japan right now. The temples here are wonderfulso grand and big. Mount Fuji is beautiful as well and Tokyo well let‟s just say Ihave gotten lost a few times. I‟m heading down toAustralia after here. I hope all is well I can‟t wait to see your daughter. Love Siks
  54. 54. Dear Mom, Dad, and Ellie, Hey you three! The beaches here are great! I am usingsunscreen mom. It‟s nice to be in such a warm place. I‟m in Australia and even New Zealand soon as well. I‟m debating on learning to surf here it does look like loads of fun. Although, the wipeouts Ihave witnessed not so much. It‟sstill worth a shot. I explored the Great Barrier Reef as well it is amazing! I do have a travelcompanion, I have since I was in Greece. Hes a good guy, don‟t worry. I can‟t wait to see you again. Love Butterfly
  55. 55. Dear Uncle Powhatan, Aunt Danielle, and Kato, Hey hope you are well. I‟m in South America right now. The jungles are great but tough to trek through with all the vines and wild animals although I have seen some wonderfulthings. I have seen parts of theAmazon River some locals tookme and my travel companion byboat they were so nice about it. There was also this amazing looking statue in Brazil. I learned it was a part of their religion. It was interesting to learn how different their beliefs are from ours. It was exciting to see how many different cultures live in this world with us! Love Siksika
  56. 56. Hey again Azure family, Hey how is everything? I‟mhaving a fun relaxing time inthe Caribbean well actually my travel companion and Iwere able to get a good dealon a cruise so we get to see all over these Islands. It is wonderful! It is so nice here. Once we are done with the cruise we will beheading to Sim U.S.A. I love you and miss you! Love Siksika
  57. 57. Hey Jacy, I hope University is going wellfor you. I‟m in Sim U.S.A right now. I have been travelling with Solan. I met him early on my trip when I was visiting Greece. He‟s a great guy I really like him but I‟m nervous about the fact that I think Ihave been falling for him. He‟s so nice and knows how to make me feel better. He‟s helped me along here as well we will be heading to Niagara Falls soon, in Canada. I know it‟s been a while and I wouldunderstand if you are annoyed with me but I needed to reflect. I hope to be home soon, I think I may have seen everything I wanted to. Love Sika
  58. 58. Jacy looked at Siksika‟s post card in her hand. It had been years since Siksika had gone on her trip. She stroked the postcard in her hand. She missed her sister so much. It all seemed sosudden. Jacy wasn‟t sure if she was annoyed with Sika or not. Maybe this was good for Siksika after having such an unlucky life she was able to do something for her without a worry.
  59. 59. She put the letter on the nightstand and then relaxed back on her bed. Time was running short she would soon leave college and prepare to become the Azure Heiress. Her mind wondered about what she was going to do and how she was going to do it. She didn‟t notice she had a visitor until he spoke up. “Jacy?”
  60. 60. Jacy was startled by Owen‟s voice that sparks came from her fingers. Owen jumped out of the way waiting for her to calm down. Jacy was careful not to set anything on fire. “Sorry” She apologized as he made himself comfortable on the bed. “Are you ok firefly?” Owen asked her with concern. “My dad calls me that” Jacy said with a small smile.
  61. 61. “Really? Sorry I just thought it was fitting.”“It‟s alright.” Jacy said. “Crowfoot is dragonfly, Elouise is damselfly, and Siksika is butterfly…” “Sounds like your dad has a thing for insects” Owen replied.“Yep he did, Crowfoot used to have a thing for insects too as a child. Then he grew out of it” Jacy said with a reminiscent sigh.
  62. 62. Owen held Jacy close on the bed noticing she was still a little distant. “You will make a great heiress Jacy-Nova.” Owen said. “You really think so?” “I know so. Siksika made a good choice when she chose you”
  63. 63. Graduation came upon the three seniors quicker than they could imagine. Jacy, Owen and Adoette had to get last minute studying and term papers in to graduate.
  64. 64. They had a graduation party as usual and everyone had a great time.
  65. 65. Once their cousin and sister left the twins decided to celebrate having the house to themselves. They jumped on the couch one of their more favorite things to do.
  66. 66. And then they stripped off their clothing and started Streaking around the Greek house. “I feel so free!” “Me too!”
  67. 67. Desmond looked over at Alice who had raised her eyebrow at the boys. “Sorry girl, I think our boyfriends are insane” Desmond spoke up. “And yet somehow we still love them” Alice added with a smirk.
  68. 68. A Toga party was in order so the boys invited several of their friends. Even though only one of them came in a toga. Everyone had a great time.
  69. 69. Jacy got on the plane back to Lenmana Island with Adoette and Owen. Joel and Pocahontaswere happy to have Jacy and Owen home and greeted them as so. It was Sunday and they would have to wait until tomorrow to see Ellie when she got home from school. “Welcome home firefly”
  70. 70. Jacy showed Owen her room which had been redecorated. They relaxed on the bed. “So here‟s my room babe!” Jacy smiled.“I like the yellow it‟s sunny and bright with a hint of an edge. Just like you” Owen replied trying to sound serious but that didn‟t last too long when he started cracking up.The two of them talked for a little more, then Owen stood up and came around to the other side of the bed. “What is it Owen?” Jacy asked standing up.
  71. 71. “Oh nothing just something I would like to ask you.” Owen said.Jacy watched him drop down on his knee and pull out a small box from his pocket. He opened it up and inside was a ring. “Jacy Nova Azure, will you marry me?”
  72. 72. Jacy looked amazed at the ring, it was simple not overly flashy. Jacy wasn‟t one to wear jewelry; this ring as well as the wedding ring would be the only things she would wear. She loved how Owen kept it simple to her tastes he knew her too well.
  73. 73. “Yes” Jacy replied as she gave Owen a hug. Owen kissed the side of Jacy‟s head and chuckled. “Just the answer I was looking for”The two of them were embraced in each other Jacy‟s excitement was through the roof. Her body heated up but she controlled her sparks so she wouldn‟t do any harm. ~*****~
  74. 74. Adoette‟s wedding was after graduation. Adoette and Kitchi had been waiting for this for yearsand they finally were getting married. Adoette couldn‟t be more excited. KitchiKeme was really nervous.
  75. 75. There were so many guests most of them family members even little Oneste was present at thewedding. Nessie didn‟t understand weddings; all she knew was there were a lot of people here some of which she hadn‟t met before.
  76. 76. The wedding was another hit, no one was disappointed. They concluded it by having everyone get together for a Smustle, the family tradition. Although everyone wondered how the pregnant Koko was able to join in the fun. They left with smiles on their faces.
  77. 77. Later that night there was another Hunicke child. Koko and Zach‟s second child was a little boy named Garakontie or “Gar” for short. He had black hair and his mother‟s blue eyes. *Garakontie was a member of the Onondaga, one of the five nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. He was not a chief or even a man of great importance, but he became respected for his wisdom and fairness .
  78. 78. After they returned home, Jacy and Owen retired to their room. Jacy decided to talk to himabout their wedding. They sat on the bed together and looked at each other still in their formal clothing.
  79. 79. “Owen” “What is it Jacy?”“Would it be a problem if we waited for our ceremony? Yes our engagement would be longer than you wanted. I just really would like my sister to be there.”
  80. 80. Owen looked at Jacy as he caressed her face. He would have loved to drop everything and marryher right now. He was a little disappointed about waiting for Siksika, since it wasn‟t certain when she would be back. He looked at his fiancés face just knowing how important it was for her to have her older sister present. “If that is what you want then we can wait until then.”
  81. 81. Jacy nodded. It was what she wanted, he older sister there at her wedding. She had a feelingthat Siksika would return soon. Maybe it was something with her letter or it was just a bit of a sisterly bond. Jacy just hoped they didn‟t have to wait too long. ~*****~
  82. 82. Time passed as Jacy waited for her sister‟s return. The Hunickes had a lot going on since the wedding. Adoette found out she was pregnant not too long after the wedding. For two familySims this was an exciting experience to have their first child. Of course the two of them planned on having more.
  83. 83. But Adoette wasn‟t the only one pregnant. Rozene and Sean also had a little oops when they forgot to use protection one night. There was a bit of a debate between the romance Sims whether or not the kid was actual Sean‟s or someone else‟s. Rozene and Sean had an openrelationship; they could do whatever they wanted with others as long as they always came back to each other.
  84. 84. Rozene was certain that it was Sean‟s baby. It took a lot of convincing and more arguing before the two of them “made up”. And what do two romance Sims do to make up: Woohoo of course. Surprising to even themselves nether of them had a fear of having a baby.
  85. 85. While two of her sisters were finding out they were pregnant. Sinopa and Felix‟s first child madehis appearance. They named him Taronhiawakon Antony Hunicke or “Taron” for short. He had red hair and blue eyes like both of his parents. *Taronhiawakon is an Iroquois name meaning “Holder of the Heavens”. In some versions of the creation legend he is the husband of Skywoman
  86. 86. Adoette and KitchiKeme‟s daughter Jikonsasay was born early a couple mornings later. The little girl took after her father in hair and eye color but she had her mother‟s skintone. *Jikonsasay, a powerful female warrior of the Seneca tribe and succeeded in persuading her to embrace The Great Law of Peace. In return for her conversion, the Peacemaker bestowed the role of Clan Mother upon Jikonsasay, which eventually gave Iroquois women political and social status without parallel in the world .
  87. 87. The day went on as Adoette and Kitchi adjusted to being parents to their little girl. They wereable to get a break when they were invited to Kato‟s birthday party he was becoming a teenager and couldn‟t be more excited.
  88. 88. Kato blew out the candles with enthusiasm as he felt the tingling sensation of growing up run through his body. He grew up into a fine young man who aspired Knowledge. His LTW is tobecome Celebrity Chef. Kato likes girls with glasses and blond hair as long as she didn‟t wear a hat. He took on a secondary aspiration for Popularity.
  89. 89. Later that night Rozene and Sean‟s daughter made her appearance. They named her Allegheny,or Ally for short. Both Rozene and Sean were hoping that Ally would be their one and only child. They would have to be more careful. Ally had Rozene‟s brown eyes but her skintone and blond hair were from Sean. *Allegheny is the name of several places that were sacred to the Iroquois as well as surrounding tribes. These include Allegheny mountains, Alleghany River and Allegheny state Park.
  90. 90. Oneste was also ready to leave her toddler years behind and start her childhood. Koko brought her to the cake and they were surrounded by family. Koko was also showing signs of a third pregnancy.
  91. 91. Nessie grew into a girly child with a love for the color Pink. They also discovered that sheinherited her mother‟s eyesight. So they bought Oneste a pair of glasses. Pink and checkered of course.
  92. 92. It wasn‟t long before it was time for Crow‟s daughter to share her birthday with her Aunt Ellie. Ellie decided she wanted to be first because she was just itching to be able to hang out withKato again. Kato hadn‟t prevented his cousin from hanging out with him it was his friends who did.
  93. 93. “Alrighty Ladies and gentlemen!” Ellie announced as she was ready to blow the candles out on her cake. “It‟s time for one of the main events this evening. I am Elouise Gwendolyn Azure and I am about to become a teenager.” The energetic child announced to everyone in the house.
  94. 94. After Ellie‟s announcement she blew out the candles and grew into a pretty teenager who chose Fortune as her primary aspiration and Romance as her secondary. Her LTW is to have 6 petsreach the top career level. She likes girls who are blond and wear make up but would rather not date a robot. *Is it just me or do a lot of these legacy folk have a thing for blonds.
  95. 95. “Now everyone time for the second main event this evening. We have my adorable niece Aientsikwho is about to become a toddler. Now Ladies and gentlemen watch as the magic of a birthday cake turns this rainbow baby into an even more rainbow-y toddler.”
  96. 96. Crowfoot brought his daughter to the cake and blew out the candles for her. He threw her up into the air and watched as the sparkles turned her into a toddler.
  97. 97. An extremely adorable alien toddler who‟s a Gemini she‟s sloppy, extremely outgoing, hyperactive, very playful, and a bit mean but not by much. [2, 10, 10, 9, 4,] Aientsik was dressed in an odd combination of clothing but knowing how the Nijites were fromhis research, Crowfoot saw no need to change her. Aien was already expressing how colorful the Nijite culture was and he wasn‟t worried.
  98. 98. “There we have it folks the two main events that occurred on this night have passed now you shall enjoy the rest of the party and have a great time”
  99. 99. Outside while the party went on celebrating the birthday of the first grandchild as well as thelast child of Pocahontas and Joel. A figure with a travel bag on her back looked at the wooden door in front of her. She had come home after years of travelling.
  100. 100. Jacy heard the doorbell ring she got up from the party to answer it and on the other side she noticed a familiar face. Jacy‟s eyes widened in surprise as she faced the other woman.
  101. 101. Siksika looked at her younger sister now all grown up and a smile spread across her travel-warnface. She had been away for years and her family members were growing up in front of her eyes. “Hey”
  102. 102. Siksika is back and generation four has made its appearance. There are still plenty more children for this generation as the small Lenmana Island becomes full of young life.
  103. 103. How will Siksika adjust to life back home? How will the rest of the generation turn out? What else is in store?Tune in next time for another chapter of Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy.
  104. 104. I‟d like to thank all of my wonderful readers, every site I borrowed custom content for and Ani-Mei forlending me Bliss, Euphoria and Solan as well as being my Beta! Also, big thanks to her for lending me the pictures from Solan‟s Bachelor Challenge and Quest for Peace.I also like to thank the internet for the facts it has given me about the meaning behind the names. Most, if not all of the names in generation 4 will be shortened in one way or another just to make it easier for me and everyone else. I would also like to thank internet travel sites for the pictures I used for the “Postcards from Sika” section.