Pearl Jewelry


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Pearl Jewelry is an unmatchable and exquisite piece of adornment.

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Pearl Jewelry

  1. 1. Pearl Jewelry
  2. 2. Pearls are elegant and chic jewelry, available in vivid types, shapes and colors. These are sea derived preciousness which is used in making ornaments. These sea derived pearls are produced from living organisms under sea, from a soft mantle tissue. These gem pearls are hard, iridescent and nacreous and hence has such value of being used in making ornaments.
  3. 3. They are also cultured in lab conditions, both the wild and artificially cultured pearls exhibit the property of being hard and emits rainbow colors. Seed pearls are smaller pearls used in making of jewelry, seed pearls are smaller than a size of grain and are of irregular sizes.
  4. 4. Pearl JewelryPearls when crafted into jewelry give an elegant appeal, pearls can be worn on any occasion as it personifies your charisma and adds an edge to your look. Pearl necklace, earrings, bangles or tiaras be it any kind of jewelry it looks subtle and gives a prominent look of beautification. Gemco designs has been marketing some of beautiful pearls jewelry, using seed pearls. Scroll for next and surf through the pearl jewelry collection. Types of jewlry manufactured at GemcoEarrings Hand cuffs Bracelets Necklace
  5. 5. Pearl Necklaces- Adorning with a simple pearl necklace amplifies your beauty, as these simple white pearls speak elegance. Wrap a single thread or load up with different lengths of necklaces, these statement jewelry are sure to load up with complements.
  6. 6. White pearls or colored pearls in a single layer or multiple layers are adorned with melee diamonds to garnish the jewlry with more of luxuriance.
  7. 7. Pearls with diamond spacers and colored threads are very beautifully stringed onto to make elegant necklaces.
  8. 8. Earrings are laid with little seed diamonds with a perfected with melee diamonds and gemstones motifs. Stones like Sapphire, emerald, turquoise, amethyst etc are adorned in these pearl jewelry to accentuate
  9. 9. Jewelry is assorted with diamonds and stones to add more of grace and appeal to the jewelry. Motifs of different designs is stapled with these dangling pearl beauties. Adorning of these jewelry mostly involves seed pearls as more intricate and novel designs are fabricated.
  10. 10. Pearl Rings- Complete your look with these pretty cocktails rings that are filled with seed pearls and melee diamonds. These little cocktail rings are pronged with pretty polished gemstones. All the jewelry is casted in precious yellow 18k Gold.
  11. 11. Macramé threads are also used in stringing some pearls to create beautiful jewelry, the macramé jewlry is adorned more with diamonds and gemstones .
  12. 12. The pearl jewlry collection includes themed ornaments, serpent jewelry is among one of them. Serpent represents both good and evil and has many religious connexions. Hence you can find theme based pearl jewelry too.
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