Hobart Mercury Thursday 2/12/2010


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Hobart Mercury Thursday 2/12/2010

  1. 1. Hobart Mercury Brief: HOBARTCC Page 1 of 2 Thursday 2/12/2010 Page: 4 Section: General News Region: Hobart Circulation: 45,210 Type: News Item Size: 721.32 sq.cms. Published: MTWTFS-A people-friendlybus mall, car-free SalamancaCHARLES WATERHOUSE "Its a fantastic opportunity "Very few cities in the world walkway from the RegattaSALAMANCA Place in for what Hobart could be like," invite cars to the dinner Ground to Battery PointHobart is recommended to he said. table," Mr Cell said. Pedestrian priority streetsbecome a car-free zone in the The Gehl report describes The road was wide and are proposed for Salamancareport headed by Danish ar- the Hobart city centre as car unfriendly to pedestrians leav- Place, the bus mall, Collins St,chitect Jan Gehl. dominated and many of the ing little space for walking and Liverpool St between Murray And the Elizabeth St bus recommendations aim to shop activities to spill on to St and Elizabeth St andmall would become a people- make cars and traffic secon- the footpath. Elizabeth St from Macquariefriendly place with a one-way dary to people, pedestrians Traffic and parking of cars St to the water.bus lane only in the middle of and cyclists. was proposed to be limited to Campbell St is recom-the street. The report says the citys Castay Esplanade. mended to be narrowed to two The Hobart 2010 Public one-way streets act as barriers The Elizabeth St bus mall, vehicle traffic lanes with twoSpaces and Public Life A to pedestrians and proposes now dominated by vehicular lanes for bicycles, and ped-City with People in Mind re- converting them to two-way traffic with little space for estrians would have a highport by Gehl Architects was excluding Davey and pedestrians, would change to priority throughout the street.released yesterday. Macquarie streets with the become pedestrian-friendly Hobart alderman Damon Other highlights in the highest priority Campbell. with new activities and new Thomas said the Gehl rec-151-page document include es- Argyle and Murray streets. functions on the ground floors ommendations were no moretablishing an extended walk- Mr Gehl recommends of existing buildings making than a guide, a chronology ofway promenade through the Davey and Macquarie streets potential for activities during contemporary planning intro-waterside edge of Sullivans be transformed from heavy- the day and evenings. duced elsewhere.Cove and expanding Mawson vehicle barriers separating This would become a place He said it was interestingPlace to the open water with a CBD and waterfront by estab- for people not only to catch a the recommendations sup-wide balcony of wooden steps lishing green boulevards with bus but to eat lunch on a ported his proposal that theto the water to allow people to generous footpaths, dedicated bench or meet for a coffee. majority of the inner citystouch it bicycle and bus lanes and An extended single-surface one-way system be changed to Hobart Lord Mayor Rob wide pedestrian crossings. paving across the space would two-way.Valentine said the wide- And the report proposes a strengthen a perception of a Ald Thomas said the City ofranging document would be long-term plan be developed to unified square where buses Hobart alone could not andopen to public comment for reduce urban through traffic. were driven "on the terms of should not be required to meetsix months with formal con- The report proposes lower the pedestrians". more than a reasonable sharesultation beginning in Febru- speed limits and speed reduc- The report recommends of the costs of introducingary and he hoped the results ing actions to reinforce a avoiding bus layovers and initiatives.from that would go to the perception of city streets, not major bus stops in the city The State Governmentcouncil mid-next year. vehicle traffic thoroughfares centre by locating them on the made no real investment in The council will not formal- Salamanca Place with its periphery of the city centre. city activities like the Tastely consider the document until many restaurants and bars It proposes Hobart be cel- Festival and Carols by Candle-after the public comment and would become a "tidy people- ebrated as a "Waterfront City light yet the state needed theconsultation period. friendly" pedestrian place in- Australias Great Southern City of Hobart to be a welcom- He said the realisation of stead of being overrun with City" and suggests expanding ing, accommodating cityrecommendations was likely cars with parking spaces the existing waterfront walk which attracted investmentto happen over many years. blocking outdoor seating. by developing a continuous and new residents. PLAN: Jan Gehl says very few cities in the world invite cars to the dinner table. Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) licenced copy. Ref: 84859766
  2. 2. Hobart Mercury Brief: HOBARTCC Page 2 of 2 Thursday 2/12/2010 Page: 4 Section: General News Region: Hobart Circulation: 45,210 Type: News Item Size: 721.32 sq.cms. Published: MTWTFS-NO MORE ROADBLOCK: What Salamanca Place would look like under the recommendations for Hobarts future by Gehl Architects RELAXING VISTAS: An artists impressions of the proposals for Elizabeth St bus mall, above, and Franklin Wharf, left. The wide- ranging Gehl Architects document is open to public comment for six months. Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) licenced copy. Ref: 84859766