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Facebook - As a successful 'Business Tool'
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Facebook - As a successful 'Business Tool'


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Facebook – As a successful “Business Tool”By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 2. Facebook is founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his Mark Zuckerberg wrotecollege roommates and fellow students. Facebook is Facemash, the predecessor toa social networking service and website launched in Facebook, on October 28, 2003.February 2004, operated and privately owned Facemash attracted 450 visitorsby Facebook Inc.[1] As of April 2012, Facebook has and 22,000 photo-views in its firstmore than 900 million active users. four hourse online. On February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg launched “The Americans spend 13.9 Facebook”, originally located at billion minutes a year on Membership was initially restricted to students of facebook. Harvard College. Approximately 70% of In June 2004, Facebook moved its base of facebook users are outside the operations to Palo Alto, California. United States.FACT:Business success is just within your fingertips if you utilize Facebook as a business promotion tool. You must know the right tactics;research a bit and after that, create your business page. Article Source: By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 3. Why Facebook and Business Networking Go Hand in Hand1.Facebook is a phenomenon that has grown exponentially in a very short time and continues to do so.2.Originally used mostly by college students, but now recent statistics prove that it has moved beyond its original use and has become an incredibly powerful business networking medium.Facebook Networking: From Social to Professional1. This natural evolution from social medium to professional networking site is largely due to the fact that the kids who originally used Facebook for social uses have now grown up and become professionals.2. It is logical that they would adapt the uses and applications available on Facebook to suit their professional needs and continue contacting people in a way that has become second nature to them.3. It is indeed very hard to do because the line has become blurred. If you do draw a strict line, you may end up losing potential clients or opportunities for business. Today, more than ever, this is not a luxury you can afford. If you’re careful about the type and amount of personal information you share, you can perfectly use what was once a social networking tool for business purposes. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 4. Facebook Networking Benefits for your Business:Great Exposure1. Unbeatable potential for exposure.2. On using consistently and strategically increase company’s visibility.3. Provides insights, tips and advice.Improve Google Rank1. Offers a “Pages” application, which allows you to create a professional profile for your business, services, and products.2. With these pages provides an option to include a link to your website, or any other reference links. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 5. Fabulous Marketing Free of Charge1. Making use of the Pages application and other applications, you will find great, user- friendly tools to market your services and products and promote what you do.2. It will take some time to get the hang of these tools. Start out with a few until you master them. No one is expected to use all of them.Targeted Ad Space1. Facebook offers you the possibility to create ads and target them to a specific age group, gender and location.2. You can also track your ad’s performance. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 6. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 7. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 8. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 9. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 10. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 11. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 12. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 13. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 14. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 15. Facebook in India:Facebook monitoring helps to improve your business and social media marketing strategy in every country. Currently, there are 45825620Facebook users in the India, which makes it #3 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country. Total Facebook 45825620 Users: Position in the 3. list: Penetration of 3.91% population: Penetration of online 56.57% population Our social networking statistics show that Facebook penetration in India is 3.91%compared to the countrys population and 56.57% in relation to number of Internet users. The total number of FB users in India is reaching 45825620 and grew by more than 7780620 in the last 6 months. Comparing these nearest countries by penetration of Facebook users shows that India has 0.02% higher FB penetration than Belarus and 0.13% lower FB penetration than Russia. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 16. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 17. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 18. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 19. Healthcare Industry Should Increase Social Media Use According to a report from technology consultancy firm CSC, doctors in countries like the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom are successfully using social media tools to connect with patients; and the U.S. needs to catch up with this trend. As patients are increasingly turning to social networking sites for medical-related information, healthcare providers in other countries have long participated in the social media conversation. Meanwhile, the U.S. healthcare industry has mostly limited its use of social media outlets to marketing purposes rather than patient interaction. In the CSC report, a separate study is referenced, which indicates that consumers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain rank Facebook as their fourth most preferred source for health content, while in the U.S. only 7% of people seeking health information online do so by visiting social network sites. Report Calls for U.S. Health Care Industry To Boost Social Media Use U.S. health care organizations should take lessons from other countries and expand their use of social media tools beyond marketing purposes, according to a report from technology consultancy firm CSC, InformationWeek reports. Key Findings The report found that across the globe, the health care industry is less proactive than other industries in embracing social media. Within the health care industry, hospitals are the furthest from using social media to engage with consumers, the report found. The report also classified countries by how active their hospitals are in social media adoption. It noted that: Countries with a high level of hospital social media adoption are the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom; Countries with a mid-range level of hospital social media adoption are Austria and the U.S.; and Countries with a low level of hospital social media adoption are Australia, Germany and Switzerland. According to the report, physicians in other countries often use social media to interact with their colleagues and find information about medical research. The report noted that U.S. health care providers are more likely to use social media for marketing purposes than for interactions with patients. Read more: use.aspx#ixzz1vV3UwZZg By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 20. Factors Hindering Social Media Use Among U.S. ProvidersCaitlin Lorincz -- a CSC research analyst and co-author of the report -- said many U.S. health care providers are hesitant to engage with patientsthrough social media channels because they worry that health-related information they provide could be "taken out of context and interpretedas medical advice.“Possible Applications of Social Media in Health CareThe report noted that despite health care providers concerns, social media can help improve patient care, especially for activities relating to:Care coordination;Care management;Patient monitoring;Population health; andWellnessRead more: By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 21. 9 Tools That Will Make Your Companys Facebook Page RockTool # 1 Buddy Media is one of the hottest Facebook platforms available right now. They can do almost anything -- host contests, create video galleries, and provide user analytics. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 22. Tool # 2Wildfire is the most popular way to run a promotion on Facebook.They offer a thorough suite of apps that allow you to easily set up contests, sweepstakes,and offer coupons. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 23. Tool # 3 North Social has an extensive menu of Facebook apps to choose from including Twitter integration, contests, and RSS feeds. Each app is easy to use, making it the ideal service for a Facebook novice. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 24. Tool # 4 FBML If you already have a web designer on board, add FBML to your Facebook page to create a custom tab. Many companies use FBML for a welcome screen or to feature a new product. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 25. Tool # 5 Payvment Why direct your customers to Amazon when they can buy your product on Facebook? Payvment makes it easy to set up an online store on your page. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 26. Tool # 6 Hootsuite We all get busy. If you dont have time to update your business Facebook page, use Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 27. Tool # 7 MailChimps Facebook app lets you gather your Facebook communitys e-mail addresses. Send them newsletters, offers, and event invitations. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 28. Tool # 8 Add a Like or Recommend button to your website Add the buttons to your homepage or individual products on your online store to draw more traffic from Facebook. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 29. Tool # 9 Reviews Get feedback from your customers about your products and services. The Reviews app allows users to rate your company from one to five stars. Courtesy: facebook-page-successful-2010-10#reviews-9#ixzz1uS7UDn6Q By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 30. Five Facebook-Only Strategies For Business SuccessBy Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer, Social Media Information and education products Company based in Louisvill, Ky., and author of thepopular industry blog 1. Drive Off-Line Engagement With Event Postings Facebook event postings are not just whimsical little calendar items. If you use them correctly, you can drive a veritable viral wave around what your business is doing because people who RSVP, comment or add to the event conversation have their activity posted publicly to their friends. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 31. 2. Give People Virtual Keepsakes With Photo TaggingSpeaking of events, when you have them, take pictures to post on your fan page.Then create some post-event buzz by inviting attendees to tag themselves in thephotos. You won’t be able to tag most people (unless they are Facebook friendswith the brand page administrator) but encouraging your attendees to tagthemselves and their friends gives you a fun reason to reach out to them after anevent.This serves as a long tail effect of your event, driving your fans back to your fanpage or event posting to see their images and further engage with your brand.And as a courtesy, put signage up at the event informing people their pictures mayappear on your Facebook page or website. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 32. 3. Turn Customer Service Up a Notch With Facebook Discussion ForumsThis tip works wonders for companies that don’t have some sort of support forum on theirown website. Drive customers to your Facebook forums (called “Discussions” on the brandpage tabs) by letting them know they can get support there. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 33. 4. Promote Your Page With Super TargetingAlmost every company place ads on Facebook has been thrilled with the outcome. The click-through rates have been higher than normal display ads and have had immediate impactson page traffic. The great thing about Facebook ads is that when you set them up, you can hyper-target them to the exact audience you’re trying to reach. Age, location, interest… filter your targeting to the specific profile of your target consumer and let Facebook do the rest. Because the ads are served on Facebook pages only, Facebook knows the age, location and interests of the people they serve the ad to. It’s probably the most effective ad targeting system in the world. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 34. 5. Collect Fan Photos and Videos at No CostThrow out a cool video contest or activity idea to engage your customers in some funcreativity. No need to hire a developer to pull together fancy code or pay YouTubethousands of dollars for a branded video contest.Just ask your Facebook fans to upload their entries. Using the commenting toolsprovided, you can work up some guidelines for judging or just highlight and post the beststuff on your wall to promote the video makers. Even better, by posting appropriatepolicies and guidelines, you can get permission to use anything uploaded for companyadvertisements, projects and more. However, you should beware that Facebook hasrecently implemented some strict promotional rules. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 35. 20 Essential Facebook Apps For Creating Successful Business Fanpage1) Networked Blogs : Promote your blog on Facebook and todiscover new blogs. NetworkedBlogs is a community of bloggersand blog lovers. Join the fun, add your blog, and connect withothers who read and write about subjects you like.2) Static FBML : Add advanced functionality to your Page usingthe Facebook Static FBMLapplication. This application will add abox to your Page in which you can render HTML or FBML(Facebook Markup Language) for enhanced Page customization. 3) Promotions : Promotions for Fan Pages enables companies & agencies to easily create and launch interactive promotions & marketing campaigns on Facebook Fan Pages within minutes. Promotion formats include: contests, sweepstakes, coupons & giveaways etc.4) Blog RSS Feed Reader : Blog RSS Feed Reader allows you toadd a personal blog, corporate blog RSS Feed or any other RSSfeed to your Facebook profile for your friends to read. It’s agreat way to drive traffic to your blog or website. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 36. 5) Extended Info : With Facebook, your profile comes with fieldssuch as Activities, Interests, and Favorite Music, but Extended Infoallows you to add extra fields to your profile, such as CurrentlyReading, Favorite Foods, or anything you can think of.6) Pagemodo : Online facebook marketing tools that helps anycompany to present themselves and their products on theirfacebook page, without any technical or graphic skills needed! Toseefull review of Pagemodo, please click here.7) Poll : This is the premier polling application on Facebook. Createpolls for your Facebook pages and Profile pages. Ask your friendsor fans questions you want or create contests for your fans thanksto Polls! Very simple and easy to use. You can also add pictures,videos or links into your polls. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 37. 8 ) My Business Blinkweb : With the My BlinkWeb widget, you canshow off your website to all of your friends, as well as all of theirfriends. When your friends install the My BlinkWeb widget, YOURwebsite will be shown on THEIR profile. That means MORE visitorsfor you!9) Twitter : Twitter is a rich source of instant information. Stayupdated. Keep others updated. Use the Twitter for Facebookapp to find and follow your Facebook friends who tweet, postyour tweets to your Facebook profile or Facebook pageand encourage your Facebook friends to follow you on Twitter.10) Flash Player : This application will add a box to your Page inwhich you can upload your own Flash Files to achieve advancedcustomization.11) Involver Application Suite : Involver is aonline company which involves in some greatFacebook apps for business purpose. Theyprovide free and paid apps. You will Twitter,Picasa, Youtube for pages, promotion appsand much more. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 38. 12) Professional Profile – BusinessNetworking : Professional Profile leverages yourFacebookfriends into business connections by consolidatingprofessional information into one place. The Social Network is a 201013) Links : With Facebook Posted Items, you can share American drama film directedanything on the internet by posting it to your profile. by David Fincher and written by Aaron SorkinYou can post your websites, blogs, videos, and songs,as well as content on Facebook, like profiles, photos,notes, groups, and events. The PostedItems application page displays content your friend.14) Calliflower – Free Conference Calls : Calliflowermakes it easy for people to plan, participate and follow-up on engaging and meaningful conference calls thatbridge business and social networks. It’s free. That’sright, no monthly fee or minutes.15) My LinkedIn Profile : Display your LinkedIn Userprofile or Company profile on Facebook. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 39. 16) Podcast Player : Podcast player is an easy and powerful wayto share yours or company audio and video Podcast inFacebook. One click away, your friends can subscribe yourPodcast to iTunes and download your audios and videos totheir iPod.17) SlideShare : SlideShare is the world’s largest communityfor sharing presentations. You can share presentations &documents with your Facebook network, upload portfolios,resume, conference talks, PDFs, college lessons etc. All formatsare supported: ppt, pps, pptx, odp, pdf, doc, docx, odt,Keynote, iWork pages. Embed YouTube videos inpresentations, add audio to make awebinar.18) JD Supra Docs : JD Supra Docs enables lawyers & lawfirms to include their documents & publications onFacebook. Lawyers, showcase real expertise to yourFacebook network: stream articles, alerts, newsletters,briefs, filings, and other publications for your connections tosee.19) Memorable Web Addresses : This application creates a short,easy to remember personal web address to take people directlyto your facebook profile, page or group, so you can share the linkwith other people, post it on forums, show it on your myspace By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012page or print it on your business cards.
  • 40. 20) Page Maps : Add a custom map to yourbusiness page or personal profile. Show yourbusiness locations or favorite spots aroundtown. It displays a mini map requiring noadditional clicks to see, with links to a largermap or directions. When to post? By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 41. The Future of Facebook: Mining the Human CloudAuthor Doug Laney, Research Vice President at Gartner puts things into perspective byapplying what he describes as “emerging techniques that map these information-related volumetrics to Facebook’s actual financials and anticipated market valuation.The results show that you are worth about $81 to Facebook. Your friendships are worth$0.62 each, and your profile page could be valued at $1,800. The value of a businesspage is worth approximately $3.1 million.”To put it another way, Facebook is essentially mining the human cloud like no othercompany has ever done. Yes, even Google. Unlike Google, Facebook knows moreabout you than you know about yourself. They not only understand the way youcommunicate, but have a clear view of your entire social graph over an extendedperiod of your life, possibly for some born today, your entire life. They have been ableto cater to a variety of social profiles from the lurker to the information aggregator /influencer to everything and everyone in between. They have mapped the continuallyevolving DNA of modern society. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 42. 900 million monthly users, 526 million daily users, 3.2bn likes and comments a day inthe first quarter of this year (2012). By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 43. Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 44. Is Facebook Really a Good Tool for Business?Paul says, unequivocally: Yes. The author of The Digital Handshake: Seven ProvenStrategies to Grow Your Business Using Social Media in how businesses can leverage apresence on Facebook. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012
  • 45. By Geethanjali R, ATHS, Chennai – , presented on 15.6.2012