Global attractiveness Sillicon Valley for ICT


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The global attractiveness of Sillicon Valley: where ICT changes the world
From the global ICT workforce, 2.8 million people would like to work in Silicon Valley
Results indicate that London, Singapore, and Sydney are the largest competitors of Silicon Valley when looking at the volume of the potential labor market.
Silicon Valley is rated …
• 4 times more popular
by Dutch
• 7 times more popular
by Finns
• 4 times more popular by Australians
… compared to the global average.

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Global attractiveness Sillicon Valley for ICT

  1. 1. Geographic perspective of Sillicon Valley
  2. 2. Global ranking Sillicon ValleyTo measure the global attractiveness of Siliconvalley, we asked potentials with an ICT relatedfunction which cities they would like to work in abroad.Silicon Valley is located in the San Francisco Bayarea, covering both San Francisco and San José.From the global ICT workforce, 2.8 million peoplewould like to work in Silicon Valley.When compared to other global cities,Silicon Valley is ranked 11th as destination area. Mostpopular are London, New York, and Singapore. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  3. 3. Global competition for Sillicon ValleyThe potential ICT labor force was asked which cities they consider working in besides Silicon Valley.When putting the outcomes in a matrix, the most important competitors become visible. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  4. 4. Global competition Sillicon ValleyCompetition in volumeResults indicate that London, Singapore,and Sydney are the largest competitorsof Silicon Valley when looking at thevolume of the potential labor market.Geographical competitionOther American coastal cities such asSan Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, andBoston represent geographic competitors.The new Silicon ValleysDublin and Singapore were indicated as best new global cities for startups by Fortune, sharingSilicon Valleys combination of creativity and capitalism. Furthermore, according to the BBC, Londonhas the ambition to become one of world’s great technology hubs. The developments inDublin, Singapore, and London make them attractive for ICT talent and is reflected by their highrankings as preferred cities next to the San Francisco area. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  5. 5. Global ICT potentialLarge volume in AsiaIn terms of volume, the majority of the potential workforce with an ICT background that prefersSilicon Valley lives in India (38%) or China (22%).Extremely popular amongSilicon Valley is rated …• 4 times more popular by Dutch• 7 times more popular by Finns• 4 times more popular by Australians… compared to the global average.Asian labor marketThe potential labor force from the largeAsian countries China and Indonesia isless than average interested to work inSilicon Valley. This seems logical, sinceSingapore is more popular and locatedin Southeast Asia. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  6. 6. • Located in the San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley houses large multinational technology corporations such as Google, Apple, Intel, Facebook, and HP• Home of the first microprocessor and center of the Internet bubble• Preferred location for small, ICT related startups• According to the Silicon Valley Index 2011, the population of Silicon Valley was 3 million and the number of jobs 1.3 million.• While other cities like Bangalore (India) claim to be ‘Valleys’, the San Francisco area remains the leading hub for high technology innovation and production
  7. 7. The Global Talent Barometer• Global online research• Partner: The Network• 2011, 3th version• Research already conducted in 2006 – 2009, parts comparable• Global labor mobility• In 66 countries• With data on more than 100 cities• With data on more than 125 companies• With 162.495 interviewees• In 26 languages• Clients: Philips, Logica, ADP, Alexander Mann, Tom Tom, Maersk, Friesland Campina, ASML, USG, Manpower and more Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  8. 8. Characteristics potential ICT workforceSilicon Valley Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  9. 9. Mobility drivers to Silicon ValleyArea Value Drivers (AVD)Main driversThe most important drivers are bettercareer opportunities (72%) and anopportunity to broaden experience (60%).NetworkingMuch higher than the global average,54 percent of the potentials want tomeet new people or build a new network.Making a changeAn interesting finding is that compared tothe global workforce, making a change inthe world is more important for potentials.Silicon Valley is the nursery for life changingICT products and services, and potentialswant to be part of this. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  10. 10. Relocation information for potentialsWe asked potentials with a preference forSilicon Valley when working abroad what relocationinformation they want from a foreign employer.Most important is accommodation (78%), followed bystandard of living (72%) and transport links (57%).More than the global average• Accommodation• Standard of living• Transport links• Climate• TaxesLess than the global average• Comfortable social environment• Local facilities Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  11. 11. Top-10 employers of interestSilicon Valley is known for its high-tech, ICT related companies. This isreflected by the top-10 employers of interest for the potential workforce.1. Google2. Microsoft3. Apple4. SAP5. Facebook6. Siemens7. Sony8. IBM9. Accenture10. Cisco All companies are more than average popular for ICT potentials that prefer Silicon Valley. Noteworthy is Facebook, rated 10 times more popular compared to the global workforce. Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  12. 12. Working abroadContract typeMore than the global average, the majorityof ICT talent prefer a temporary contract of12 months or longer. Considering the factthat they are also willing to stay abroad for alonger period, the potential workforce aimsat a long-term relationship with an employer.Job hunting• Job websites (86%) are most used when looking for a job abroad• More than average, national/regional and local newspapers are sources for finding vacancies Source: Global Talent Mobility Survey 2011
  13. 13. The global workforce and Silicon Valley• Silicon Valley is the high technology hub for large multinationals and startups. While very popular, new ‘Valleys’ such as London, Dublin, and Singapore are important competitors and also preferred by the potential workforce.• The European labor market is extremely interested to work in Silicon Valley. Country specific recruitment seems to be an effective way of targeting potentials.• Making a change in the world is a typical mobility driver for potentials that want to work in Silicon Valley. In order to attract the labor force, the innovative and creative character of the San Francisco area should be emphasized. It is the place to be for developing ICT solutions that matter.• Compared to the global average, Silicon Valley is very popular among students. Campus recruitment, internships, or inhouse days are recommended for approaching new ICT talent.
  14. 14. Make and have your own detailled globalrecruitment analysesWanting to know more about Global Talent Barometer and GlobalRecruitment Intelligence, please connect/contact with Geert-JanWaasdorp, Intelligence Grouphttp://www.intelligence-group/nl/en Geert-Jan Waasdorp Global Recruitment Intelligence Consultant Founder of Intelligence Group @waasdorpigi More information about the data, look at:
  15. 15. Countries we all know about:• Algeria • Hungary • Romania• Australia • India • Russia• Austria • Indonesia • Saudi Arabia• Bahrain • Ireland • Serbia• Belarus • Israel • Singapore• Belgium • Italy • Slovenia• Bosnia • Ivory Coast • South Africa• Brazil • Jordan • Spain• Bulgaria • Kazakhstan • Sweden• Cameroon • Kenya • Switzerland• Canada • Kuwait • Tunisia• China • Latvia • Ukraine• Croatia • Lebanon • United Arab Emirates• Czech Republic • Lithuania • United Kingdom• Denmark • Luxemburg • USA• East Africa • Malaysia• Egypt • Morocco And much more…• El Salvador • Nigeria• Estonia • Norway• Finland • Oman• France • Panama• Germany • Philippines• Ghana • Poland• Greece • Portugal• Guatemala • Qatar
  16. 16. Cities we all know about:• Abu Dhabi • Cologne • Kuala Lumpur • Nice • Sofia• Adelaide • Copenhagen • Las Vegas • Ontario • Stavanger• Amsterdam • Dallas • Lausanne • Oslo • Stokholm• Antwerp • Doha • Lisbon • Ottawa • Stuttgart• Athens • Dresden • Liverpool • Paris • Sydney• Atlanta • Dubai • Ljubljana • Peking • Taipei• Auckland • Dublin • London • Perth • Tel Aviv• Bangkok • Düsseldorf • Los Angeles • Prague • Tokyo• Barcelona • Edinburgh • Luanda • Quebec • Toronto• Basel • Estocolmo • Luxemburg • Riga • Toulouse• Beijing • Florence • Lyon • Rio de Janeiro • Turin• Bergen • Frankfurt • Madrid • Rome • Valencia• Berlin • Geneva • Málaga • Rotterdam • Vancouver• Bern • Glasgow • Manchester • Salzburg • Vantaa• Birmingham • Gothenburg • Manila • San Diego • Venice• Bordeaux • Graz • Marseilles • San Francisco • Vienna• Boston • Hamburg • Melbourne • San José • Vilnius• Brisbane • Helsinki • Miami • San José de Costa Rica • Warsaw• Brussels • HongKong • Milan • San Salvador • Washington DC• Budapest • Houston • Minhen • Santiago • Wellington• Buenos Aires • Istanbul • Monaco • São Paulo • Zagreb• Caïro • Jakarta • Montreal • Seattle • Zürich• Calgary • Jeddah • Moscow • Seoul• Canberra • Johannesburg • Mumbai • Shanghai And much more…• CapeTown • Kiev • Munich • Singapore• Chicago • Kraków • New York • Sint Petersburg
  17. 17. Companies we all know about:• GE • Deloitte • Lufthansa • Telefónica• ABB • Deutsche Bank • Maersk • Texas Instruments• Accenture • DHL • McKinsey • Total• Adidas • EADS Airbus • Mercedes • Toyota• Alstom • Ericsson • Merck • UBS• Amazon • Ernst & Young • Microsoft • UN• Apple • Exxon • Nestle • Unilever• AT&T • Facebook • Nike • Vodafone• Audi • Ford • Nokia • Volkswagen AG• BASF • Gazprom • Novartis • Volvo• Bayer • General Motors • Oracle • Walmart• BBC • Goldman Sachs • Orange • Yahoo• Blizzard Entertainment • Google • P&G• BMW • Halliburton • Pfizer And much more…• Boeing • Heineken • Philips• Bosch • Henkel • Porsche• BP • Hilton • PwC• Chevron • HP • Roche• Cisco • HSBC • Samsung• Citigroup • IBM • SAP• Coca Cola • Ikea • Schlumberger• Credit Suisse Group • Intel • Shell• Daimler • JP Morgan • Siemens• Danone • KPMG • Sony• Dell • Loreal • Starbucks
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