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Facebook global employer brand attractiveness
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Facebook global employer brand attractiveness


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Facebook is one of the major global employer brands. And still going strong! Find out in this presentation all about facebook’s global strengths. Where can their main talent pool be found around the …

Facebook is one of the major global employer brands. And still going strong! Find out in this presentation all about facebook’s global strengths. Where can their main talent pool be found around the world? How can they best make a global employer brand proposition? Who are their competitors? All you ever wanted to know about facebook as a global employer can be found in this presentation.

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  • 2. Ranking Global AttractivenessTo measure Global Employer BrandAttractiveness, the following question is asked to theglobal workforce:Which companies would you like to work forabroad?• Globally 2.3 million people would like to work for Facebook• Global ranking of Facebook is 43 • in Europe 32 • in North-America 24 • in Asia 42 • in Africa 65
  • 3. Global Competition FacebookThe biggest global competitors forFacebook are also the competitorswith the highest similar employerbrand.These are Cisco and Dellprimarily, based on a combination ofattractiveness and content ofwork, mainly Marketing and IT.Second high competitors for Facebookare Google, Microsoft and Apple: hugeattractive global employer brands.A competitor with a high globalemployer brand comparison toFacebook is Yahoo.
  • 4. Global potentialWith 57% the highest potentialfor Facebook can be foundin India. People who live inIndia, Australia, Malaysia orRussia are twice (or evenmore) as enthusiastic aboutFacebook than the globalaverage.Notable is that Facebook hasno workforce potential in China,the biggest workforce in the world.In emerging markets asBrazil, Philippines and South AfricaFacebook has no statusof preferred global employer.
  • 5. Characteristics Facebook global workforce
  • 6. Recruitment Marketing globally for FacebookFor Facebook to attract potentialsglobally, the most importantrecruitment marketing instrument is- off course - their own (corporate)Facebook site! This can bepowerful combined with sourcing enmarketing on the Facebookplatform.Very interesting for Facebook toattract potentials is also traditionalnetworking like family, friends.For recruiting purposes job boardsand other instruments are also ofimportance. For example in areaswhere Facebook has to go to.
  • 7. Global Mobility Drivers - Global EVP’sThe most important global mobilitydrivers of Facebook potentials are:• Better career opportunities• Starting an international career• Opportunity to broaden experience (All three are more important than the global average.)As global EVP (employeevalue proposition) there is agreat opportunity for:‘Making change in the world’This pull factor drives Facebookpotentials three times more than theaverage global worker.
  • 8. Global EPV: Making chance in the world
  • 9. Preferred countries and cities forFacebook potentials
  • 10. Facebook potentials ask for mutual commitment Facebook potentials are mainly interested in a fixed contract or security for a year. More than three-quarter (76%) wants to work three or more years abroad. Facebook global potentials are strongly choosing for this employer and therefore are willing commit for a longer time. For Facebook this commit- ment should be mutual, in offering a labor contract for at least a year.
  • 11. Facebook will become a global top 20 attractive employer brandIn attracting global talent one of the strongest EVP’s for Facebook will be‘making chance the world’The most interesting talent pool for Facebook is IndiaIn ‘the war for global talent’ Dell and Cisco are unexpected competitorsFor recruitment marketing the own Facebook platform is leadingFacebook offers an interesting mix for marketing, IT and internetChina is the missing link in global attractiveness
  • 12. Tips for Facebook Transform the Facebook recruitment platform (on Facebook) into a real recruitment experience: actual, real-time, professional and modern Invest in knowledge and know how to recruit in and to India ( Define and translate the global EVP Win global, act local: Know what drives talent by country and by occupational area Know all recruitment marketing channels
  • 13. Curious in more?I have put this presentation online to get in contact witheverybody who wants to know more about: Global recruiting Global city marketing Global country marketing Global employer branding (EVP) Global recruitment intelligence Geert-Jan Waasdorp Global Recruitment Intelligence Consultant Founder of Intelligence Group @waasdorpigi More information about the data, look at: