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My Workplace fatigue


Stress management tips for my workplace wellbeing



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    My Workplace fatigue My Workplace fatigue Presentation Transcript

    • Workplace wellbeing:How to beat Fatigue
    • Feeling tired? It happens to everyone, even the healthiest of people.There are several different reasons you could be dealing with fatigue
    • #1 Consider CaffeineCaffeine can actually be good for youwhen taken appropriately. If youredrinking a 12-pack of Coke a day thenits not good. However, if you limityourself to one or two a day its goingto help. Well, maybe not so much withsoda, but definitely with coffee.
    • #2 Better SleepAll the stress from the day can take itstoll on how you sleep. Focus on goingto bed at a reasonable time where youcan get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. You willwake up feeling energized.
    • #3 Take a WalkRelieve some stress before bed, take awalk after dinner. Notice were nottelling you to go purchase a gymmembership. Instead just spendabout 20 minutes walking around theblock and your body will feel morerelaxed.
    • #4 Drink more WaterOnce the body gets dehydrated itstarts bogging down. Our bodies aremade up of between 70% to 80%water. Adding the H20 keeps youlively and more productive. Plus itmakes your skin look better.
    • #5 Check your LifestyleSome people have lifestyles that wearout their bodies. Those who stay outpartying all the time might considercutting it down a bit. Then again;maybe you just need to be a littlemore active. Go get outside andenjoy the weather!
    • There are so many different ways tobeat fatigue we cant list them all.The main focus should be on takingcare of yourself and your health.
    • We hope each and every oneof you can find the properregimen to stay healthy.After all, if we dont have yourhealth, the only thing left issevere fatigue.
    • For more workplace wellbeing stress management articles for free go tohttp://www.myworkplacewellbeing.net/workplace-wellbeing-how-to-beat-fatigue