Scale indicator Digi-Star


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Scale indicator Digi-Star

  1. 1. Digi-Star University
  2. 2. WelcomeWho is Digi-Star? 30 years of electronic agriculture scale design Fort Atkinson, WI USA & The Netherlands Provide weighing and data sharing solutions to OEM’s TMR Tracker: Progressive Feed Management Software 24 Hour Help Desk, Unlimited Remote Service Digi-Star University
  3. 3. Welcome What is a Feed Management Software Program? TMR Tracker benefits PC Software & TMR mixer scale overview Reports & Internet On-line features Digi-Star University
  4. 4. Scale & Software Solution EZ3600V software compatible digital scale indicator -works with any scale system, trailer or stationary TMR Tracker Feed Management PC Software permits inputting ingredients, creating recipes and pens/ groups at the pc, in your office PC created feed instructions are uploaded into the mixer scale via USB memory stick Weight, date, time, pen, recipe, operator, ingredients, … is recorded into memory and later retrieved from scale with USB stick for review Digi-Star University
  5. 5. Benefits of Feed Management Software• Monitor feed usage - single largest variable expense• Make better decisions with actual feeding data. Accurate DMI’s• Healthy cows. Reduce nutrition related concerns. Cows perform best with consistent feeding• Interest feed operators to help resolve feeding and animal health concerns• Make easy changes to ingredient moisture %• Evaluate operators loading/feeding struggles• Monitor feed inventory and usage projections• Simplifies batching for feed operator• Data is readily exchanged with existing management products• Review TMR Tracker remotely with OnLine access. Compare your results with other similar size farms Digi-Star University
  6. 6. Why TMR Tracker?• Easy to Use Software and Scale Indicator• One Company Delivers Hardware & Software• 24 Hour Helpdesk, Online Updates & Support• Software Levels and Hardware options to customize for any operation• 15+ Languages• Automatic Online Database Backup• Links to Herd Management Software – DC305, Dairy Plan, PC Dart, Afi Farm and others• Affordably Priced Digi-Star University
  7. 7. Digi-Star University
  8. 8. Home Screen1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 131. Ingredients2. Rations3. Pen Feeding Data4. Inventory Report5. Edit Pens6. Send Data – Pen Feeding Order7. Receive Data8. Weigh back – Refusal Feed9. Mixer Data10. Users – Mixer Operators11. DMI Report12. E-Tracker – Send Data13. Help Digi-Star University
  9. 9. Dashboard Digi-Star University
  10. 10. Entering Data• Ingredients • Pens • Ingredient list • Pen Number • Short name • Head Counts • Feeding Amounts • Dry Matter % • Price per Lbs/Ton• Ration & Premix • Lbs/Kgs per head or % of Ingredient • Loading Order Digi-Star University
  11. 11. Ingredient Library Digi-Star University
  12. 12. Ingredient Add/Edit Digi-Star University
  13. 13. Ingredient and Recipe buildingfeatures• Loading Order • What is the best loading order? • Difficulties on small ingredients, Weigh movement •Mixer timer/ Revolution counter• Advancing Ingredients/Pens • Setup % Tolerance and Delay on Scale Indicator • Setup Actual Weight Tolerance on the PC • Auto vs. Manual Advance • Duration Time before advance, expl: Auto advance on Ingredients – Manual advance on Pens Digi-Star University
  14. 14. Recipe Add/Edit Digi-Star University
  15. 15. Pen Add/Edit Digi-Star University
  16. 16. Edit Pen Digi-Star University
  17. 17. Send Data – Feeding Order Digi-Star University
  18. 18. Mixer Add/Edit Digi-Star University
  19. 19. Ingredient Delivery (Inventory) Digi-Star University
  20. 20. EZ3600V  Advanced Batching Indicator  Program with PC or at Indicator  USB Drive Data Transfer  Datalink (wireless) Data Transfer  Change Pen Call Wt and Head Count  Reuse Feeding, day after day Digi-Star University
  21. 21. Inventory Receipt Record Digi-Star University
  22. 22. Reports Digi-Star University
  23. 23. ReportsDaily/Weekly/Monthly• Daily Reports  Load Report  DMI Report  Recipe Delivery Report  Pen Delivery Report• Weekly Reports  DMI Trend Report  Group Delivery Time  Operator Accuracy• Monthly  Ingredient Usage  Ingredient Usage by Pen  Projected Inventory Requirements Digi-Star University
  24. 24. Digi-Star University
  25. 25. Load Report Record Digi-Star University
  26. 26. Load Detail Report Digi-Star University
  27. 27. DMI Report Digi-Star University
  28. 28. Ingredient Usage Digi-Star University
  29. 29. Who benefits from TMR Tracker?•Incentives to the operator  What % error is acceptable?  Paycheck Bonus for acceptable error %•Reporting  Reports for the Producer  Reports for the Nutritionist/Consultant  Reports for the Bank•TMR Tracker Online  Access reports and data online  Automatically email reports to anyone•Cows  Consistent recipe, consistent feeding time Healthy cows make more milk, make you more money! Digi-Star University
  30. 30. TMR Tracker Online (Online Remote Access) Producers can view their data from any PC Nutritionist can easily view all their clients Auto email reports to any email address Edit data online and update PC at farm View on smart phones – Android, i phone Digi-Star University
  31. 31. Why TMR Tracker? Easy to use PC Feed Management Software One Company provides both the scale and software Multiple Languages Remote On-line Access Compatible with Dairy Herd Management Programs ValMetal Help Desk - Certified to Support TMR Tracker Digi-Star University
  32. 32. Questions? Digi-Star University
  33. 33. Thank You! Digi-Star University