ENV2 Brings Simplicity To Empower Network
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ENV2 Brings Simplicity To Empower Network



Visit http://theaffiliatemanifesto.com/?user_id=2063 for more info

Visit http://theaffiliatemanifesto.com/?user_id=2063 for more info



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ENV2 Brings Simplicity To Empower Network ENV2 Brings Simplicity To Empower Network Presentation Transcript

  • ENV2 Brings Simplicity To Empower Network
  • The Empower Network just put in many modifications with the release of ENV2, the brand new incarnation of the EN blogging platform. This is most certainly no huge secret to those within this distinct niche, as lots of EN members have been jabbering about it for the previous few months.
  • Until now though, you may have had your email inbox deluged with mail from Empower Network affiliates informing you that something new was on it's way, there hasn't been much information about exactly what those changes might be.
  • In this article we'll take up the more significant modifications to this system.
  • The Empower Network blogging system has been thoroughly modified and is really different from what it was before.
  • The main concentration on the new system has been on ease. And uncomplicated it is.
  • The last version was actually just a replicating installation of Wordpress, along with the same Admin controls and settings. Even though creating a site by using Wordpress is surely more simple than building it from the ground up employing raw coding, this was still far to complex for the average person to just jump in and begin using. I found the old version to be quite basic for Me but I've been building sites for several years. I've seen many people join and wind up quitting merely by reason of they were not able to follow the technical elements of the program.
  • It seems somebody over at Empower Network admin noticed the same because the new ENV2 program has definitely streamlined everything.
  • The admin area has been broken into four main purposes: Text post, video post, audio post and image post. Each option is chosen by a very large image icon displayed at the top of the page. All the blogger need do is select the kind he wishes to post, fill in a couple fields and they're done.
  • Not sure how such could get any easier and still make it possible for one to make a new post. One doesn't actually even need to be able to read.
  • And while the text posting does still support basic text style via a standard highlight-and-click process, they have eliminated the "code" version so as to further simplify the process. Certain more experienced bloggers who want to do more complicated tasks with their blog posts may find this irritating but the clear majority of customers, I suspect, will prefer the simplification.
  • One more aspect of the new version is the Empower Network app for your phone. The entire blogging network has been designed to enable people to easily blog making use of just their smart-phone. With regard to individuals who elect to purchase the Empower Network video hosting plan, they can easily upload and post a video recorded on their iphone with merely a few clicks of your phone pad. The plan was to free up the small business owner so that he could work from anywhere that he could use his smartphone.
  • The video hosting service and the blog are intended to perform side by side to make this quick and easy. In the interest of more sophisticated bloggers who are already employing their own video hosting service, in contrast to free sites for example, YouTube or Vimeo, this wouldn't be any sort of surprise. For those newbies that were planning on just using YouTube, this can still be done certainly, but they merely need to embed the YT video link into a new post. While this is still many times faster and simpler than it would be when using a traditional Wordpress blog, it doesn't have quite the same Wow Factor as being able to record, then click a button on your phone to have a new video blog
  • posted.
  • Personalization will be compromised for the benefit of ease. Whether or not this is an issue is a concern for each individual to find out for themselves.
  • One of the factors that has been made a lot easier is the inclusion of photos to your blog posts. One doesn't need to align or size their images ever again. Just a couple clicks and the system does the remainder, sizes it properly. Text wrapping is not an issue.
  • One more distinct change: When customers log in to ENV2 they will now observe their social activity feed which contains the recent blog posts posted by other EN bloggers.
  • And when someone makes a new post it is the choice of that author to pick whether they wish the new post displayed in the activity feed and available for view to all their customers, affiliate down-line, or to just a select group of customers who have purchased a particular product. One can now decide on who gets the notification so that if you have content that you want reserved for only your "Masters" members, for example, you may do that.
  • Furthermore Empower Network has included the capacity to do a one-click swipe of any of the blog posts you see on your Activity Feed. This is simple content curation and delivers lots of possibilities for social engagement and marketing by itself.
  • Generally the changes for ENV2 are favorable and definitely in the direction of simplicity for the benefit of the typical person.
  • http://theaffiliatemanifesto.com/?user_id=2063