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Prezentacja Robba Montgomerego (Visual Editors, Berlin) na konferencji Digital Journalism Days (3 października 2013) w Agorze.

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  • Merci I am going to talk about the latest approaches to reporting with iPhone and Samsung Smartphones. But first I want to briefly discuss how we need to be SMART about mobile media production.
  • Really SMART. And to do that, I want to share some of the knowledge gained in designing the world ’ s first SMART Media Lab in Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • The IREX S.M.A.R.T. Media Lab is the world ’ s first mobile-centric training and media production center designed for the next generation of digital journalists. The media lab opened in 2012 after 18 months of design and construction.
  • The S.M.A.R.T. Media Lab is designed for mobile multimedia news production and education from the very start. The technology, the spaces, the furniture, are all organized to be quickly reconfigured depending on the needs of the day. What may be a classroom space in the morning, could be used for television production in the afternoon The SMART Media Lab houses classrooms.
  • A shared equipment locker where kits of mobile production gear are checked out by faculty and student reporters.
  • A cafe
  • And production studios and event space where several schools in Tbilisi conduct multimedia journalism training programs. All of this take place in less than 400 square meters. To accomplish this we had to reject the current thinking about the ‘ Converged newsroom. ’
  • Too rigid, too centralized, too top-down. Inflexible and unintelligent. In others words, not mobile.
  • Instead we thought of the genius of Legos. What if instead of licking everything down, we instead designed the space and the technology to function as building blocks that can be creatively put together to serve the needs of the day. Video production for beginners, Documentary production for advanced users, Web production, Live streaming, Publishing, Teaching, mobile reporting, and Live Events.
  • The S.M.A.R.T. values guided our planning.
  • The walls are mobile.
  • The control room is on wheels. The desks fold up and everything rolls around easily. We don ’ t have a studio in this space, rather the entire space is designed to be a studio environment.
  • That ’ s just smart. So how do we apply those lessons to reporters using Smartphones?
  • (Laugh) If we extrapolate traditional approaches, we won ’ t be fast enough when technology leaps ahead.
  • Smartphone solutions provide a very low-cost way to jump-start your multimedia reporting expertise. But, the training, workflows and technology must be coordinated for smartphone MOJO to become an everyday habit.
  • RFE/RL is a massive operation with 28 languages in 21 countries. With over 400 full-time journalists, 750 freelancers, and 19 local bureaus, RFE/RL is one of the most comprehensive news operations in the world.
  • We spent 6 months researching and testing smartphone technologies, developing the training programs and workflows. We held Trainings for reporters meeting in central hubs Moscow, Prague, Tbilisi and Bishkek.
  • But, it takes more than handing out smartphones to your reporters and hoping for the best. RFE/RL decided to use Android.
  • What are the smartphones replacing? Point & shoot camerasConsumer-priced video camerasMarantz audio recorders
  • What are the smartphones replacing? Marantz audio recorders Point & shoot camerasConsumer-priced video camerasmartphone kits replacing?
  • Typical gear to improve quality include Mini tripods and monopodsProfessional microphones and pre-ampsSmall lightsStable grips and mounts to reduce camera shakeRode, IK Multimedia, and Vericorder are the key suppliers of some of these solutions. I have brought examples with and can show you in person you would like to see them.
  • We looked at the current crop of phones and apps and defined four areas of concentration.Video productionAudio reportingPhoto + GPS reportingSocial media
  • Video production apps BambuserVineFilmicVoddioiMovieAndrovid ProVideo MakerVideo RotateDV PrompterTeleprompt+
  • Audio reportingFiRe 2 RecorderTape Machine ProSoundcloudAudio evolutionGarage Band
  • Photo + GPS 360 PanoramaMixelFotorusEvertrail ProCamera +
  • Social Media Facebook Twitter Tumblr Vine
  • Once you have the right tech, it ’ s time to learn how to tell stories with these tools. Train reporters in the fundamental building blocks for producing compelling multimedia story packages with the rights app, tech and story approaches.
  • Training is split between smartphone and laptop tasks. Mobile = Smartphone + Laptop
  • Your smartphone can do a lot more than send Tweets, Instagram photos and status updates.What you needThe right kitThe right appsImmersive trainingWorkflow consulting
  • Robb Montgomery - Smartfon w newsroomie, newsroom w smartfonie

    1. 1. Your smartphone is your newsroom Robb Montgomery
    2. 2. Going mobile Lessons from the S.M.A.R.T. Media Lab
    3. 3. S M A R T Scalable, Social, Multimedia, Mobile Active, Agile Resourceful, Responsive Trusted, Technology
    4. 4. Radio Free Europe is providing reporters in the field with smartphone kits and training that allow correspondents to produce and deliver high quality multimedia from just about anywhere in the world.
    5. 5. Digital journalism requires reporters with a mobile skill set Mobile-driven reporting Outfit reporters with the right gear and apps. Design solutions for the smartphone workflow. Train everyone to create rich media reports from mobile devices.
    6. 6. What are the Smartphone kits replace • Marantz audio recorders • Point & shoot cameras • Consumer-priced video cameras
    7. 7. Not photo journalists
    8. 8. Video examples
    9. 9. 
    10. 10. Our focus for MOJO • Video production • Audio reporting • Photo + GPS reporting • Social media
    11. 11. Bambuser Vine Filmic Voddio iMovie Androvid Pro Video Maker Video production
    12. 12. FiRe 2 Field Recorder Tape Machine Pro Soundcloud Audio Evolution Garage Band Audio reporting
    13. 13. 360 Panorama Mixel Fotorus Everytrail Pro Camera + Thinglink Photo + GPS reporting
    14. 14. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Vine Social Media
    15. 15. Unlock your multimedia mind Mastering the elements of multimedia story forms takes training
    16. 16. A training plan that challenges you Smartphone Smartphone Phone + Laptop Laptop Phone + Laptop Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Morning 10:00- 13:30 CLASSROOM •Video reporting •Visual sequences •Natural sound CLASSROOM •Interviewing •Audio stories •Telepromptr •Scripts •Voice overs •Live video streaming CLASSROOM •Photo+GPS story, •Panoramas, collages •and photo stories •Fast images to social media CLASSROOM •Data and visualizations •Maps •Charts FIELD EXERCISE Team Project: Small groups will plan a story package and make reporting assignments Go into the field to gather original reporting Afternoon 14:30- 16:00 FIELD EXERCISES LAB: Log, edit and assemble a video sequence FIELD EXERCISES LAB: Build an interview audio package and a new video sequence FIELD EXERCISES LAB: Produce a photo + GPS story, panoramas, photo essay, and a two video sequences CLASSROOM •Surveys/ polls •Interactive Images •Timelines CLASSROOM Students return from their reporting and edit final packages into a comprehensive package. Presentations and Final review Progressive lectures and labs guide reporters to build their mobile skills
    17. 17. The right kit The right apps Immersive training Workflow consulting Your smartphone can do a lot more than send Tweets, Instagram photos and status updates.
    18. 18. Robb Montgomery Berlin, Germany Web: Facebook: robbmontgomery Twitter: @robbmontgomery