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You Only Lend Twice (Or so it seems): Spying into the future of interlending
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You Only Lend Twice (Or so it seems): Spying into the future of interlending



Slides from the presentation given at the NWLIP interlending workshop in Manchester 13th May 2011.

Slides from the presentation given at the NWLIP interlending workshop in Manchester 13th May 2011.



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  • The aim of this talk is to take stock of the current interlending scene in the UK – to consider the challenges and possible opportunities solutions that exist.The aim of this talk is to give an overview of the UK interlending scene as it stands and explore just what steps that we can take to evolve the service
  • About the award winning DWL LibraryXXX staffFocus on research collections and support, although considerable
  • “The asbestos problem at BL is having the effect of causing a marked increase in outgoing loans and article supply.”“I think the extended curtailment of availability of BLDCS stock will impact ILL and potential for alternative document supply solutions.”
  • Used to be called IRMDS – changed name
  • Challenges – DRM and Rights
  • Priorities: The things we need/must do as essentialThreats: What may or is going to stop youNo more than 5 ideally
  • Ackowledgements

You Only Lend Twice (Or so it seems): Spying into the future of interlending You Only Lend Twice (Or so it seems): Spying into the future of interlending Presentation Transcript

  • You Only Lend Twice (or so it seems)Spying into the future of interlending
    Gareth J Johnson
    Document Supply & Repository Manager
    David Wilson Library
    University of Leicester
    13 May 2011
    Slides: www.slideshare.net/GazJJohnson/
  • DWL Facts
    • Multi-award winning
    • 1500 User spaces
    • 38km shelving
    • 1M+ volumes on shelves
    • 350 PCs + wireless network
    • 13 Group study rooms
    • Graduate Media Zoo
    • 2 IT training suites
    • Also houses Careers, Accessibility & Student Learning Depts
  • From a View to a Kill
    Difficult times for libraries as well as ILL services
    Increasing patron demands for instant access
    Increasing electronic resource adding complexity
    Global and local financial budgetary issues
    Decrease in patron demands across the country
    BL service levels dropping during refurbishment
  • For Your Eyes Only
    Poll of the interlending community
    Not rigorous but substantive
    Take the temperature of the community
    Asked for input on current and future trends
    Looked at requesting and lending
    How can we meet them?
    Are there opportunities as well as issues
  • Patron Request Levels
    Source: ILL Trends Survey (2011)
  • Interlending Requests Levels
    Source: ILL Trends Survey (2011)
  • Goldfinger
    Reducing interlending services and staff
    Perceived as a soft target for “savings”?
    Loss of staff expertise overlooked
    Loss of unique revenue recovery/generation
    Budgets reduction means acquisitions decrease
    But this increases the need for interlending
    Introducing or raising patron charges for ILL
    Increases cost recovery but harms service image
    Unis charge much more than Public libraries
  • GoldenEye
    Offsets a portion of ILL costs
    University of Edinburgh reportedly cost neutral for ILL
    Knock on from BL asbestos work
    Temporary but sustained through to 2012
    Helps reinforce key organisational role of interlending
    Highlights often rare or unusual collections
    Local studies material and genealogical resources especially valuable
    Interlending should be an attractive proposition for a library
  • On Her Majesty’s Interlending Service
    British Library not immune to budget cuts
    Strategic aims to do “more with less”
    Cuts in acquisitions budgets
    Decline in supply
    Charges not expected to rise in 2011/12
    But seeking to increase revenue streams elsewhere
    New ILL Management system rolling out this month aiming to make ILL with them easier
    Competition from Publishers and other Suppliers
    More electronic document supply
  • Dr(m) No!
    DRM – one of the biggest pains for end users
    Software woes and time limits use for patrons
    FileOpen an improvement for electronic documents
    Digital objects not readily lonable
    Confusion over licenses and rights
    Use of ERM or local databases but nothing central
    Frustration over lack of supply from interlenders
    Aware of time and staff constraints
    Encouragement to check licenses loan
    Involvement in big deal discussions?
  • Too Hot to Handle
    Copyright rules being reviewed
    But aim is to help business grow not enhance interlending
    Lobbying role for professional organisations (e.g. FIL, CILIP, NWLIP etc)
    Digital signatures for document supply
    Policy and technology challenges
    Major boost to end users satisfaction
    Saves storing extensive paper records
  • And It strikes, like Thunderball
    EThOS a curate’s egg of a service
    Helps access to theses but reduces DS work
    Service not actively marketed by the BL
    Questions over the future sustainability post-review
    Open access repositories and journals
    Not clear how well these are being used by patrons or interlenders for supply
    Speed and ease of access advantage over concerns over validity of content
    Location of items for free supply to users a benefit
  • The World is Not Enough
    Role in support and exchange of best practice
    Outside of “public” or “educational” silos
    Lobbying & advocacy to senior decision makers
    An external voice can be a powerful persuader
    Conarls, FIL, BL etc can all provide input
    The power of the IFLA scheme to supply
    Local collaborations agreements to reduce costs
    Provision of benchmarks and standards
    Your organisation must have these services because…
  • The Man with the Golden Gun?
    Threats an opportunity to bring change
    Can we take more risks if there’s less to lose?
    Doing nothing or more of the same is not a viable option
    The golden shot
    Revisiting tired/redundant workflows or procedures
    If it isn’t essential why are you still doing it?
    Advocating what we do whenever, wherever possible
    Essentially for proving the interlending case
    Demonstrating ROI, bang for the buck or USP
  • Think Tank
    In small groups discuss and agree the following points
    Your current interlending service priorities
    The main threats or challenges you face today
    The opportunities that this allows
    Rank the top 5
  • My Answers
    Increased staff time to deal with outgoing loans (£)
    Decreasing patron requests
    Uncertain/reduced library budgets
    Increasing patron service level expectations
    Competing library staffing/service demands
    Maintain or increase current service standards
    Increase materials supplied electronically
    Provide electronic signatures
    Manage integration of Clinical interlending
    Remove paper based workflows where possible
    Eliminate non-core activities, focus on major priorities, embrace change
    Use evidence to demonstrate to management how we meet & exceed targets
    Demonstrate flexibility of my team across the library service
  • A Quantum of Solace
    There are major challenges to overcome
    Embrace the challenges as an opportunities to evolve our services
    Must be honest about out limitations
    But evangelistic about our unique service strengths
    Have to be able to demonstrate the ROI and VFM we offer
    ILL delivers what your local collections can’t afford
    Backed with facts and figures
    The interlending community itself is a major resource
    Provision of training and experience sharing is crucial
    Reduce costs through collaboration and even emotional support
  • "Give me the old firing range any day quartermaster“
    "Well, it is called the future. Get used to it!“
  • You Know My Name
    Gareth J Johnson, DS&R Manager
    Vice Chair FIL, Chair UKCoRR, CILIP Councillor, HEA Fellow
    Email: gjj6@le.ac.uk
    Tel: 0116-252-2039
    Web 2/Twitter: llordllama
    Slides: www.slideshare.net/GazJJohnson/